A number of years ago, another writer came up with the phrase “chicken soup for the soul.” Of course, it was a play on one of the most useful things used to heal us when we are physically sick — chicken soup.

I think Truett Cathy must have learned that secret before he created his now famous Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. There’s something about the sandwich and the soup that for many of us will fall into the category of “comfort foods.”

I relate that to a habit I have each morning when I read from friends like Bob and Debbie Gass, David Jeremiah and Charles Stanley. They all write devotional books which are like “comfort food” for my mind and soul. In them, I find meaning and understanding of the Scripture passages I read. Very often the ideas shared in the Bible passage and the comments from these dear friends are just what I need for an issue I may be facing that day.

Many times, especially in moments that challenge my faith and sometimes cause me to stumble on the paths to my best in life, it is a word of Scripture or from one of these devotionals that gives me just the insight I need. Although I’ve read the Bible through a number of times, I almost always find new help the next time I read a passage with which I am already familiar.

I mentioned to another 80-year-old how helpful my Bible reading habit was. He looked at me skeptically and said, almost sneeringly, “Yeah, right, Jim!” Although I was a bit taken aback by his rudeness, I asked him simply, “Well, what is your chicken soup for your soul?”

You might guess that he stared back at me, somewhat blankly, and said, “I don’t have one.” So I said, “When you discover a better one than mine, please let me know.”

So, my question for today, friend, is this. Do you have some chicken soup for your soul? If not, today would be a good day to discover it!

Dr. James E. Kilgore retired as the president of the International Family Foundation Inc. and is a Canton resident.

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