Aislin Davis of Canton has partnered with Kids Boost, a local nonprofit empowering children to make positive change in the world, to hold an open mic night on July 21 to benefit Peachford Mental Health Hospital.

Aislin, an 11-year-old poet and lover of music, has found herself at mental health facilities multiple times because of her fight with depression and anxiety. She found that the experience was made even more uncomfortable because of the haste to receive the treatment and the fact that the first night of her stay she was unable to bring personal items.

She found that during the first night of her stay, she and other kids there were able to wear only a hospital gown or any clothes that happened to be at the location. Aislin noticed the need and it stuck in her head.

“She was playing with her friend outside and she came in and told me that they were playing pretend instruments and raising money for Peachford (a mental health facility that Aislin has stayed at),” Aislin’s mom, Andy, said. “I just said ‘okay’ and moved on not thinking she would actually raise money. Well she came back and she had made $2.”

As a long time listener of 99.7 FM and specifically the morning show “The Bert Show,” Andy had heard about Kids Boost before. When she recognized her daughter’s passion for making a difference, she immediately thought of Kids Boost. Kids Boost is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and equipping kids to make a difference in the world.

Andy described the process as quick and easy, “I went to the website, filled out the application, told Aislin’s story and why she was passionate about Peachford and we heard back within the next few days to get the process started.”

Kids Boost gives kids ages 8-18 $100 to kick start their fundraising efforts. They then provide a coach to help them dream up and facilitate an event that matches their interests to multiply the money. With the help of her mom and her Kids Boost coach, Aislin chose to hold an open mic night at Copper Coin in Woodstock. The event is tailored toward children, but anyone can come and donate to Aislin’s cause — PJs for Peachford.

“I went online and I found $5 pajamas,” Andy said. “I realized that even if we only raised $5, we are still making a difference in one child’s life.”

Aislin’s first fundraising goal was $300, but because of strong community support, her goal was exceeded in the first day and her goal is now $2,000.

“We figured that $2,000 will at least give one child a day, for a year, pajamas to feel comfortable,” Andy said in an interview with the Tribune.

Because of her compassion for kids going through a hard time and her incredible ability to fundraise, Aislin was invited to talk about her event on “The Bert Show” on July 10 along with Kids Boost founder Kristen Witzel.

“She was so excited to meet everyone. We listen to the show every morning,” Andy said about the experience.

They were invited into the studio to record her segment and they were able to hear it later that day on the radio. You can listen to the segment on The Bert Show’s website.

Aislin’s event will be from 4-7 p.m. on July 21 at Copper Coin, 400 Chambers St.

If you want to support Aislin, visit

To learn more about Kids Boost, visit

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