Those who know him say Arthur “Art” Mosley stands out for his servant heart, love of basketball and salt of the earth disposition. A longtime garlic and basil grower, Mosley decided to use his hobby to raise money for a greater good.

When Mosley’s wife, Hilary, started a little 8-foot by 8-foot garden in their backyard, he knew they could do better. With gardening in his genes, Mosley was motivated to fail until he succeeded. His first success was with a garlic plant in 2011 and it has been his main plant ever since.

The family originally planted basil for their own use, but Mosley said it soon overran their backyard so he decided to sell it. Now he sells homegrown varieties of basil including traditional Genovese (sweet basil), cinnamon basil, lemon basil, Red Freddy (Red Genovese sweet basil), and Emily (a compact version of sweet Genovese) as well as Georgian Crystal, Chesnook Red, Inchellium Red and Music garlic.

As a father of two boys ages 10 and 12, Mosley knows the importance of mentoring young men and has dedicated his life to doing just that. As a basketball coach at Sequoyah High School and a small group leader of middle school aged boys at Woodstock City Church, Mosley has a heart for pouring into the lives of young people in his community.

“When I was younger, I used to think I could change the world,” Mosley said. “Then I realized that it’s not what you can do for everybody but what you can do for one person at a time.”

Combining his passion for farming and mentoring, Mosley is using all the proceeds from his basil sales to raise money for a mission trip to Uganda he will be attending in July with Northpoint Ministries and their youth program, Inside Out.

“I felt a calling to do something out of my comfort zone,” Mosley said. “I was told there was a need for a leader to go to Uganda. I’m not extremely adventurous when it comes to traveling, but I felt a calling on my heart and I agreed to go.”

Mosley explained that the trip is focused on mentoring young men through sports; combining two of Mosley’s greatest passions. He immediately knew that the trip would be a great way for him to influence not only the lives of young men in Uganda, but also the young men and women going with him on the trip.

“Anytime I volunteer, I have this idea that I am going to give my all to the people I’m serving,” Mosley said. “But in reality, I always end up feeling like I get so much more in return.”

Due to his vast support system and an outpouring of support from the community, Mosley has raised enough money to cover the expense of his own trip, now he is raising money for the students who have not met their goal.

“We have students that need around $5,000 for them to be fully funded. I am selling $2,500 worth of basil plants ($2.50 each) and I am hoping to sell them all by the end of June,” Mosley said.

“I live a charmed life,” Mosley said. “I feel incredibly blessed and I love finding opportunities to give back to my community.”

You can buy Mosley’s homegrown basil and garlic from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on June 8 and June 15 at the Hickory Flat Garlic Company booth at the Canton Farmers Market in Cannon Park.

To donate to the 2019 Inside Out Uganda Trip, visit

For more information about the Hickory Flat Garlic Company,

Born and raised in the Canton/ Woodstock area, a graduate of Reinhardt University and a lover of life.

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