The Wingard home was chosen as the July Yard of the Month by the Canton Tree Commission for the variety of flowers, use of decorations and exquisite upkeep.

Rhonda Wingard has been at her home in Canton since 2015 which she has been updating and keeping beautiful ever since. She began with trimming back the bushes, pulling up unwanted plants and adding borders to hold the flowers she would plant.

“I just started planting and figured out what lasted and what didn’t,” Rhonda said. “I have kept adding and updating as the years have gone on.”

When she moved in, Rhonda said that the yard wasn’t kept up as well as she preferred, so she decided to add as much color as she could and organize the yard in an eye-pleasing way. She inherited her green thumb from her mother and after she passed away a few years ago, Rhonda decided to keep her yard fresh and lush in her mother’s honor.

“My mom’s thing was, mix everything. Nothing is off limits, the more color the better,” Rhonda said.

The Tree Commission was attracted to Rhonda’s yard specifically for the placement of hosta, petunia, marigold, zinnia, salvia and lantana throughout the front yard, along with the many different statues and decorations throughout her yard that she takes pride in changing seasonally.

“Just by nature I am a bigger decorator,” Rhonda said. “Like for Christmas and other holidays I do everything big.”

Rhonda’s gardening tip is to invest in watering globes to place in pots with flowers. She said the Georgia heat can get the best of potted plants, but if water globes are slowly watering them it will help them a lot. They only need to be refilled every two weeks and are a decorative addition to the pot of plants.

The Canton Tree Commission and tree commissions across Georgia work to maintain the natural beauty of the state, encourage good landscaping practices, empower citizens to respect nature, outline problems regarding community maintenance and create events encouraging citizens to get involved with the beautification of their city.

Born and raised in the Canton/ Woodstock area, a graduate of Reinhardt University and a lover of life.

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