One of the common phrases we hear in conversation these days goes something like this: “I’ve got your back!”

I’m assuming most of us would understand that to mean the person who spoke those words would guard us from an unexpected attack from behind. A reporter described one of the president’s lawyers as saying he would “take a bullet” for the president. That’s an amazing commitment. It turned out not to be true!

It caused me to ask myself who might have my back. I’m blessed to have a wife of 62 years. I know I can count on her! But I also have some very special friends I know I can count on, too. I would include my three golf buddies who have become very special friends. I would also include a large number of people called the Pathfinders with whom I study the Bible on Sunday mornings at the First Methodist Church of Canton.

I pressed myself to think more deeply about the question, “Who’s got your back?” I realized that the most important resource in my life is one that Jesus promised — not just to me, of course, but to all who trust Him. When He was facing death and gathered for the final time with His disciples, Jesus said, “I will not leave you alone. I will send you an Advocate (another name for the Holy Spirit) who will be with you.” That is the most reassuring word Jesus spoke to His disciples, and it becomes true for all who truly believe and trust in Him.

So Who’s got my back? The Advocate! He is the gift of the Presence of Christ, the peace of God and the power to serve. When Jesus promised the Holy Spirit, He said, “Don’t let your heart be troubled and don’t be afraid!” He could have said, “I’ve got your back!”

Last Sunday, many churches celebrated Pentecost Sunday, the day we honor the coming of the Holy Spirit to begin the church on the 50th day after the resurrection of Jesus. I think next year I’m going to ask my pastor to call it “Got Your Back” Sunday!

Dr. James E. Kilgore retired as president of the International Family Foundation Inc. and is a resident of Canton.

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