An interesting historical story comes from Dublin, Ireland. Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a door that tells a story almost 600 years old. Two families – the Butlers and the Fitzgeralds — had begun fighting over a high position in the region. As the fight escalated, the Butlers took refuge in the cathedral. Finally, when the Fitzgeralds came to ask for a truce, the Butlers were afraid to open the door. The Fitzgeralds cut a hole in it, and their leader offered his hand in peace through the opening. The two families then reconciled and adversaries became friends. The door with a hole in it represents the invitation to reconciliation.

As I read the Bible, reconciliation is an important theme. Second Corinthians 5:18 says, “…God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” Two amazing declarations: first, God reconciled us to Himself through Christ; and second, He gave us the ministry of reconciliation!

Personal faith in what Christ accomplished on the cross does away with our spiritual battle! God cut a hole in the door of separation that allows us to be in contact with Him! We, who once were enemies, have now been restored to a relationship with God.

Isn’t it great to be able to share that call to a relationship with God to those we know who need to be reconciled? In a sense we are privileged to be the spiritual midwives, assisting people into the new birth which reconciles them to God!

Being far from God is a place of awful loneliness, but we can be grateful He reached through the door of separation to bring us peace. Then we can share that joy and peace with others on His behalf!

That is the spiritual good news. One of our next steps is not only to share this personal opportunity for reconciliation but also to find a way to offer reconciliation to whatever “opposing” sides we encounter. Perhaps Washington, D.C. would be a good place to start!

Dr. James E Kilgore retired as President of the International Family Foundation and lives in Canton. His most recent book, LIVING WITHOUT LIMITS, was published in late 2019 and is available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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