The eighth annual Alzheimer’s Music Fest will celebrate its last year in Woodstock before moving to a bigger venue on Sept. 21 with the Rev. Horton Heat, Gurufish and 20 other popular musical acts, all to benefit the Dementia Spotlight Foundation.

The Alzheimer’s Music Fest is about bringing the community together to educate, raise money for and inspire people in the midst of dementia related diseases. All money raised at the music fest goes toward the Dementia Spotlight Foundation which works to bring help to families and caregivers caring for someone with diseases related to dementia.

“What people don’t realize is that when you are dealing with anything under the dementia umbrella, insurance considers it a ‘mental illness’ and they don’t cover any of the care,” Vince Zangaro, founder of the Alzheimer’s Music Fest shared. “We seek to meet these families where they are and provide respite, support, education and funds.”

Before the fest even begins, Dementia Spotlight Foundation will be hosting an education event from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sept. 20 at Woodstock Community Church, 237 Rope Mill Road. It will be a day full of free education, sharing of stories and resources to help attendees better understand and care for the dementia community.

Because of the popularity of the event, the Alzheimer’s Music Fest will be moving on from MadLife and Woodstock next year so people are encouraged to get their tickets and enjoy this great venue.

“The fest is great because I get to use all my passions and put on a great day for my favorite cause,” Zangaro said. “Next year we are really stepping it up so get ready.”

They have already expanded to Florida, hosting the first Tampa Alzheimer’s Music Fest in March of this year, and it is nothing but up from here.

“Rev. Horton Heat is a big deal and we are so excited to have him,” Zangaro said. “We will have the outside stage along with raffles, tents for sponsors outside and then the inside stage will start their performances around 6.”

The 2019 Woodstock Alzheimer’s Music Fest will feature:

♦ Rev. Horton Heat

♦ Gurufish

♦ Zangaro

♦ Donna Hopkins, Lefty Williams, Ralph Roddenbery and Mikail Peterson

♦ The Manly Hero

♦ Payphone Poets

♦ Kurt Wheeler

♦ Morgan Rowe

♦ Barons of Saturn

♦ Anne- Marie Perry

♦ Lianne Hutcherson

♦ Dallas McGee

♦ 7 Licks

♦ Chris Connelly

♦ My Rebel Episode

♦ Papa Jack Couch

♦ Funk Cake

♦ Lost Boys


Tickets are $50 to $75 and can be purchased online at

This year’s event is being held in honor of Pam Van Ahn, a pioneer for dementia in Georgia who died suddenly this year.

“It was important to us to honor her in this way,” Zangaro said. “She was always there for me and always feeding me ideas for the music fest and the foundation in general.”

For more information about the Alzheimer’s Music Fest, visit

For more information on the Dementia Spotlight Foundation, visit

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