Alicia Goodrich won Canton Yard of the Month for the beautiful and careful job she does caring for her daughter’s front and back yards.

Goodrich moved to Canton from Florida nine years ago and currently lives with her daughter, Dawn Webb. When she made the journey from Florida, she brought crape myrtle trees with her to help beautify her daughter’s yard. Since then Goodrich has been keeping Webb’s yard clean, well maintained and adjusts it to her daughter’s liking.

“I spend probably six hours a week in the yard,” Goodrich said. “I move things around and make sure things aren’t getting overgrown.”

She started by putting stones around the planted areas to keep things looking tidy, then she added shrubbery and the plants of her daughter’s choosing.

Goodrich’s advice to people hoping to get into yard maintenance is, “Plant all your shrubbery first. Focus on the foundational plants and then move to carefully adding flowers and plants.”

Goodrich has always loved gardening and beautifying her yard. She said one of her favorite pastimes is working in her yard and making sure everything looks great. But she also holds herself to a high standard and would often say that the yard still has work to be done.

“Beautifully landscaped yard that is consistently well maintained. Owners have designed and maintained the yard themselves,” Don Stafford of the Canton Tree Commission, wrote in nominating the yard.

Throughout Webb and Goodrich’s shared yard you can see large, flowering crape myrtle trees, yellow lilies, flowering hostas, different varieties of shrubbery and more.

The Canton Tree Commission and tree commissions across Georgia work to maintain the natural beauty of the state, encourage good landscaping practices, empower citizens to respect nature, outline problems regarding community maintenance and create events encouraging citizens to get involved with the beautification of their city.

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