The Dennys were chosen as the Canton Tree Commission’s June Yard of the Month because of their ornate yard, beautiful greenery and wide-ranging love for all things botanical.

For homeowners Ron and Cornelia “Neely” Denny, yard beautification is an art. After moving into Soleil Laurel Canyon, they found themselves with an odd shaped yard that needed a lot of work. As artists themselves, they planned out the perfect front and back yards that would make their new home and yard an oasis. As longtime lovers of gardening, a lot of their plants have traveled with them from house to house and some have come as far as Neely’s mother’s home in Mississippi.

The front yard contains a variety of trees, including arborvitaes, magnolias and a dwarf Japanese maples, to name a few. The front porch features a lovely fountain surrounded by palms, and the front door is flanked by two large fern-filled urns.

Follow the rock path through an arbor of clematis and down a plant-laden pathway where there is a tropical backyard oasis, including banana trees, hibiscus, elephant ears as well as hardscapes such as a fire pit crafted from rock and a pondless waterfall, all carefully planned by the couple.

Ron and Neely did get help with the heavy lifting, but when it comes to the planning, planting, organizing, season changes and maintenance, it is all done by this artistic couple.

“You need to like what you do,” Ron said. “It takes time but if you choose flowers you like and put in the work, it will feel good in the end.”

The couple enjoys sitting on their porch that overlooks the backyard to take in the beauty of it all. Neely said their covered porch even allows them to sit and enjoy the view in the rain, which they frequently do.

Between their traveling plants, extraordinary waterfall and flowers galore, the Dennys’ yard is truly a plant lover’s oasis.

The Canton Tree Commission and tree commissions across Georgia work to maintain the natural beauty of the state, encourage good landscaping practices, empower citizens to respect nature, outline problems regarding community maintenance and create events encouraging citizens to get involved with the beautification of their city.

Born and raised in the Canton/ Woodstock area, a graduate of Reinhardt University and a lover of life.

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