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Update, 11:47 a.m.: A Woodstock Police Department tweet indicates that all traffic lights along Ridgewalk Parkway have been restored to working order.

Update, 11:32 a.m.: According to Woodstock spokeswoman Brittany Page, Georgia Power is on scene and should have power restored within hours.

"Georgia Power (is) advising 1-1.5 hours to repair the Ridgewalk control box and restore power," she said.

Previously reported

Power to area buildings and traffic signals is out after a transformer off Ridgewalk Parkway in Woodstock caught fire earlier today. It is unknown at this point if the fire is still active.

A Woodstock Police Department tweet first reported the incident.

Woodstock police and fire departments are on the scene of the transformer fire at Ridgewalk Parkway and Meridian Drive, where Georgia Power has arrived to take control of the situation, said Brittany Page, a spokeswoman for the city.

“We’re asking people to avoid the area,” she said. “It becomes a Georgia Power (incident) at this point… They’re on scene now.”

A follow-up tweet from the police department indicated that traffic lights "along Ridgewalk Parkway" are out and cautioned motorists to treat those lights as four-way stops.

The total area affected by the power outage is difficult to pinpoint, but Georgia Power will look into those issues as they continue to work on the transformer incident, Page said. It is unknown at this point how the fire started, she said.

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