Woodstock-based PLAE recently installed about 250 square yards of flooring at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, Wales.

Woodstock-based sports flooring manufacturer PLAE has opened a new European division in London, the company announced this week.

“With the continued success of PLAE’s Australia division, we could see that the UK was an opportunity to build on the foundations of our brand as a global presence by operating direct and providing our customers with a local team,” said Shane Goooneratne, vice president of international business at PLAE.

The new office will represent the company throughout Europe and will be called PLAE Europa. The international division currently has a business manager, operations director, estimator, two project managers and three sales directors operating in regions outside of the United States, the company said in a news release announcing the creation of the London office.

As part of its launch of PLAE Europa, the company is hosting a lab for strength and conditioning coaches on Saturday at Loughborough University. PLAE reported it recently equipped Loughborough University’s Powerbase facility with almost 900 square yards of performance flooring of various types.

In addition, the University of South Wales in Cardiff, Wales, recently selected PLAE for its training center, purchasing about 250 square yards of performance flooring. “Elite athletes, professional international teams, students and staff utilize the premium facility,” PLAE officials said in their release.

The company marked its 10th anniversary in February and reported completing more than 1,500 projects in 19 countries during 2018. It is headquartered in downtown Woodstock and employs more than 50 people at its main office. PLAE manufactures 10 high-performance systems, including recycled rubber, indoor and outdoor turf, track and multipurpose. In addition to flooring, PLAE is involved in athletic performance education and training.

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