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Josh Weekly, owner of Weekly Games, will be hosting his business’s grand opening celebration at Reformation Brewery on Tuesday, formally introducing the partnership between the two businesses.

A local business that aims to bring people together through board games will host its grand opening at Reformation Brewery next week.

Josh Weekly, owner of Weekly Games, said on Monday that his business has been operating in partnership with Reformation Brewery and sharing space since November, but the grand opening, planned for Feb. 12 at 6 p.m., will formally introduce the partnership to the public, as well as introduce a new pricing model.

Previously, games were rented on a variable price scale, ranging from $3 - $7. Now, Weekly said, a group of friends can visit Reformation, head up to the Weekly Games hub and buy a rental pass for the whole visit. The experience, he said, is similar to board game cafes that charge a per-person admission.

“This is the same type of model, except that instead of it being $5 per person, it’s just $5. So you and I would go to Reformation Brewery, we’d pay $5, and then we could play all the games that we wanted to for the evening,” he said. “We basically are running a very curated, boutique retail experience inside the brewery, while also providing rental games.”

Weekly Games stocks its inventory on shelves in Reformation’s study bar on the Oak Street level of the building. Weekly said the games stocked on the top shelves are rentals, and those on the bottom are for sale. Examples of popular in-stock games include Catan and Ticket to Ride.

The grand opening will also introduce a weekly deal.

“We’re moving to a Tuesday night recurring Weekly Games event, where every $5 rental pass that you purchase you get a free 8-ounce beer. That’ll be on the books every Tuesday,” Weekly said.

The long-term goal for the business, Weekly said, is to morph into a board game cafe model. He said once Queenie’s has permanently set up shop in its nearby location, Woodstock residents and visitors will be able to “grab dinner, grab a beer, grab a game and be good to go.”

Attendees of the event will be able to participate in giveaways and play games with game creators and industry influencers.

Reformation Brewery is located at 105 Elm St. in downtown Wood-stock.

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