♦ Bad guys need to watch out, I counted eight police cars parked on both sides of Interstate 575 at noon on Wednesday. They must have been trying to ensure citizens did not jump the gun on the speed limit increase.

♦ It doesn’t matter how they set the speed limit on I-575, people are going to go as fast as they can. Which most mornings is about 30 mph.

♦ Of course renters pay property tax. It’s included in their rent. Do you think the owner just pays it and doesn’t pass it on? That’s true of any tax paid by any business.

♦ I find it disrespectful that Melvyn Fein’s last column wasn’t published in the paper today. Editor’s note: All columns he completed were published.

♦ A word of wisdom for young folks before you enter or walk around in a parking lot — stop, look and listen.

♦ I was so sad to read about Dr. Fein’s passing. He will truly be missed by many of us in Cherokee County. He was a great columnist.

♦ In 2017, farm income was $75 billion. Of that, 15.3%, or $11.5 billion, was subsidies from the federal government. We are not killing the farmers.

♦ Thank you to the people who work in grocery and home improvement stores. We need you.

♦ Apartment renters and single-family home renters do pay property taxes in their monthly payments.

♦ There needs to be more cows in Cherokee County. I just love to see cows.

♦ I hate it when someone dings my car, or as has happened, I accidentally ding theirs and they jump on me. Why are cars so dingable, and parking spaces so narrow that you can’t swing your door open wide enough for a non-contortionist entrance or exit without touching (banging? ouch) the car next to you?

♦ Everybody needs to know there are scammers out there calling and saying they are from Social Security and your identity has been stolen. They tell you to go buy gift certificates to protect your money and send them the numbers. Please be careful.

♦ If you are going to criticize the meteorologists, get the name of the hurricane right. It’s not Doreen, it’s Dorian.

♦ People who choose to live well away from coastal waters, major earthquake faults, muddy hillsides, huge dry forests, volcanos, etc. have a better chance of living to receive the Darwin Award. Thanks be to God for Cherokee County, although it didn’t work out to well out too well for the original inhabitants. They deserve our prayers for forgiveness as a nation.

♦ It isn’t easy being green — heck, it isn’t easy just being.

♦ The burn ban is in effect until Oct. 1 and you are required to have a burn permit before each and every burn for open burning. Obey the rules (laws) and be a good considerate neighbor.

♦ The column in this week’s Ledger is a far cry from Dr. Fein’s columns. Who cares about chicken sandwiches? Is this what we’re going to have now?

♦ I suggest finding someone like-minded to Dr. Fein to take over the Opinion spot in the paper. In my view there are too many fearful and thoughtless writers in our midst. The Ledger needs someone with bold, commonsense solutions to the issues of today.

♦ We just made a small donation at Publix for those pitiful people suffering from Hurricane Dorian. Wish it could have been more. Please give something — even a little means a lot when we all do it together.

♦ Will the person who thinks those flashing yellow left turn arrows are so intelligent please tell me what they do that a solid round green light does not do. For either one left turning traffic has to yield. In most cases they do not replace the red turn arrow, they are in addition to the round green light.

♦ As a car lover, I am really gratified to see so many nice, upscale, often sporty cars around here. Yesterday I saw two Porsche four doors and a Maserati four door, plus lots of Audis, Mercedes, Cadillacs, and luxury SUVs. Is it an indication of the diverse Cherokee County automotive culture that there are also loads of huge luxury pickup trucks? There were very few pickups sighted in Buckhead — you do know where that is, don’t you?

♦ Who needs a skateboard when I have a “nonslip” mat in my shower? slideWhee! Oops! CRASH! Thump! Tinkle! “Honey! Honey!”

♦ Politicians are like diapers and they both need to be changed for the same reason.

♦ Since most cars today are built by robots, why does the price keep going up every year? Robots don’t have an hourly wage or benefits.

♦ Not that college football has started, please tell me that the Dr. Pepper commercials are going to get better.

♦ Some people need to have more respect for the school buses, instead of blowing at them and then speeding on by them.

♦ The more I study my Bible the more liberal I become.

♦ Since we the American taxpayers are paying for the Carribean to be rebuilt following the hurricane, shouldn’t we get some kind of discount for visiting?

♦ My insurance premium went up 800% per month. I don’t know who can beat that one.

♦ NOAA to build ark in Alabama based on report from chief meteorologist Donald J. Trump.

♦ Only a government single payer system will force hospitals to reduce prices and stop price gouging and profiteering off of the 27th best medical system on earth.

♦ All these companies are touting their meat-free burgers and then they are grilling it over charcoal, which is carcinogenic. Is it really any better for you?

♦ Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, is “National Flush The Toilet Day.”

♦ To elect a Democrat as president, is like electing Obama to a third term.

♦ Quoting scripture and Trump in the same paragraph is the epitome of ignorance.

♦ I don’t see how anything so complex and perfect as the human eye could have evolved by pure blind chance. Neither do I see how a Blue-Tick Coon Hound, and all of the other breeds of dogs, could have evolved by pure blind chance.

♦ The U.S., with 4% of the world’s population, is responsible for 67% of all mass shootings. What is wrong here?

♦ The right to bear arms should pertain to only those arms that were available when the Second Amendment was written.

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