♦ Raising the speed limit on I-575 to 70 mph is not good. It will only get people driving 80 and 90 mph. Please don’t do it.

♦ It is a ridiculous notion for GDOT to raise the posted speed limit on I-575 from 65 to 70 mph. They should change it to 55 mph and people will go 70 mph. At a 70 mph speed limit, people will go 85-90 mph and people will die because of excessive speed. It makes absolutely no sense at all.

♦ East Cherokee Drive, going east, east of Johnston Elementary needs an additional lane. The people turning left into Copper Ridge are backing up traffic all the way to Old Highway 5.

♦ We love our workplace, yet on the eighth day of work our boss told us all to stop complaining and he’d help us transfer to a new job so we could be happy. Now on the 18th day of work we are still waiting for him to get a transfer so that we can all be happy.

♦ That monster apartment project next to Home Depot at Highway 5 and Sixes Road doesn’t seem to be filling up very fast. When it does, it will dump hundreds of cars on the road, children in the schools, and a drain on electricity, water, and sewage systems. Renters pay no property tax, but we homeowners do. I observed this kind of development in DeKalb County and it totally changed the quality of life. City and county planners, please don’t do that to us.

♦ I think the flashing yellow turn light is the worst thing ever. People think the light is red in the other direction and they turn in front of people and cause accidents.

♦ To the lady pumping gas at the Kroger in Macedonia, thank you for assisting me when I tripped. I didn’t get your name, but it must be Guardian Angel. Thank you and God bless.

♦ My what good friends Bill Grant has. Now that his friends on the city council have postponed the election to fill his old council seat for seven months, if he loses the mayoral election, he can run for his old seat in March.

♦ A huge thank you to the wonderful person who returned our lost gift card at Holly Springs Walmart. This shows there are some great, honest people out there. May God bless you and yours.

♦ My wife, bless her heart, is not a barber, but she trimmed my hair this morning with the electric clippers. I am now like Sheldon Cooper without the high IQ. Breezy back there.

♦ I have been wondering if an arborist was consulted before the city of Woodstock decimated the trees along Ridgewalk Parkway and Woodstock Parkway. I’ve never seen such severe pruning! They look awful!

♦ Dear Dr. Fein, I sure am going to miss you, your vigorous opinions, and the lively debates you inspired. Thank you for sharing with us while you could. You will be sorely missed.

♦ I am deeply saddened by the passing of Melvyn Fein and offer my most sincere condolences to his family and friends. Having said that, I am not going to miss his slanted and often uninformed vitriol one bit.

♦ Why do I need a flashing yellow left turn signal to tell me what I already knew just by having a green light with no turn signal?

♦ The nice thing about the Soapbox is no one knows who you are or where you live — it’s like being in the Witless Protection Program.

♦ I just watched an angry rhinoceros flipping a safari car on the morning TV news. It was as big as the car. If the passengers were looking for an unusual thrill, they got their money’s worth. Some time ago I wrote a poem entitled “FUN WITH A RHINOCEROS”

♦ If you are bored, and on the Dark Continent / You can have some fun if you are truly confident / Drive into the wilds in your armored Rover / When you spot a rhino, try to tip him over / If you bump him fairly, he will jump up and flee / But stay inside if you just nudged him in the knee.

♦ I am trying hard to understand the Old Testament. In Judges 13 Samson’s mother is not named, merely being referred to as Manoah’s wife. At that time men could have as many wives and concubines as they could afford, a gender disrespect only rarely reversed as in the cases of women like Esther and Ruth. In the New Testament Jesus corrects this by showing his respect and love for women as well as men, one of the reasons it is called the Good News.

♦ Since last year when Cherokee County worked on Wrights Mill Road there has been standing water on both sides of the road at the creek. Now the standing water hides a crater. Not a pothole, a wheel breaking, tie-rod snapping crater. Someone is going to crash and die on Wrights Mill Road.

♦ That yellow job johnny on the side of Hickory Road is beginning to look like a permanent fixture. Is it a redneck rest stop?

♦ DIY yard care tip: If your grass gets high enough, it’s easy to forget you didn’t put up the hose and sprinkler before running over it with the riding mower. CLANGOh yeah, now I remember ...

♦ Mass shootings are not merely the result of mental illnesses, as other perhaps more civilized countries also deal with mental illness. Mass shootings in the U.S. are also the result of easy access to weapons capable of these mass killings.

♦ So AOC thinks this millennial generation is the most caring, the most involved? Someone needs to tell her about the sacrifices of the founding fathers and the men who died in the revolutionary war. Or how about those men and women whose lives were given or altered defending America during WWII so she could have her freedom to run her mouth against this great country?

♦ I declare no weapon formed against President Trump shall prosper. Every tongue that rises against him in judgement I condemn. This is my heritage and my righteousness is from the Lord Jesus Christ.

♦ To the person who wrote that the Democrats will hurt your 401-K’s. What alternate reality are you living in? Maybe you forgot already that it was George Bush who destroyed the retirement plans of the Baby Boomer generation and nearly bankrupted the entire country. Why do you think that you see so many of us working at the grocery stores and home improvement stores?

♦ While the world is both on fire and melting, Trump is busy locking children in cages, killing farmers with his trade war, lying with every breath, insulting everyone and causing crises. Meanwhile buddies Putin and Kim fire missiles. So what does Trump do? Complain about crowd size reporting for Elizabeth Warren.

♦ Can you point to any specific lies President Trump has told, much less 12,000? Didn’t think so. However, do you remember, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?”

♦ Because U.S. soybeans sit unbought in silos as a result of Trump’s trade war with China, Brazilian farmers are burning the Amazon to grow more soybeans to feed China’s need. Are you happy now?

♦ People stopped counting the liberal lies after they hit 6 digits a long time ago. And “committing” a lie makes no sense, which is in true keeping with all that comes out of their mouths. I guess liberals think that wishing a dying man extreme pain (David Koch) is much more noble.

♦ Like many Americans, I am not willing to “accept the pain” (as Lindsey Graham says) of Trump’s incompetent bullying and economic terrorism against China and the world.

♦ Can the Democrats actually not see the problems with no borders, illegal voters, Medicaid and Medicare for all, and protesting law enforcement and the military? If not, I too fear for our democratic republic, or whatever the heck it is these days.

♦ Trump demands that American businesses cease trading with China. Does that Include Princess Ivanka and her businesses?

♦ So Hurricane Dorene [sic] has changed direction again since yesterday. These climate scientists can’t tell us what a hurricane is going to do tomorrow, but we’re supposed to trust them on what the climate is going to be like in 20 or 30 or 50 years? I don’t think so.

♦ One thing I have learned is that anyone who doesn’t like the president takes him literally and not seriously. Any of us who do like the president take him seriously, but not literally.

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Holly Springs bringing in more and more people and cutting back their funding to the library system. Let someone else pay for it, right Holly Springs.

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