♦ Trying to arrange a two-family vacation to Florida amid the pandemic and hurricane season is like walking a tightrope — or the theater, full of drama and comedy. If we can make it, it may be wonderful. Or dreadful. Or both.

♦ On April 1, Gov. Kemp said in his coronavirus speech that I should stay home until April 31st. Well, I’m still home and waiting for April 31st.

♦ Thank you, supermarket, for removing those red and green arrows on the aisles to direct traffic. All they did was cause confusion, as we kept forgetting them when we were trying to find the next item on our list. They reminded me of an old Navy saying, “ All hands forward, go aft; all hands aft, go forward. All hands amidships, stand by to direct traffic.”

♦ If you have black-tinted windows, you need to roll down your windows to see what’s coming! Especially dump trucks!

♦ I must have a brown thumb. Our forever blooming plants are never blooming. The only thing blooming in our flower bed is the blooming ADT sign.

♦ Just watched the moving movie “Thank You For Your Service.” If you can watch this true story about our veterans and not want to help them you have a cold, cold, heart.

♦ It’s a shame losing candidates (House 20, House 21, Dist 3 Commish) can’t find time to remove campaign signs months after the elections are over, but will ask for my vote next time around. If keeping our county clean and sign litter free isn’t important to the candidates, don’t expect me to support you next time you run!

♦ We took a picnic lunch to a park on Lake Allatoona. It was a beautiful day, with a slight breeze and the lake looked pretty. Only problem: Thousands of voracious flies attacked us and we ended up eating in our car. Flies are like an appendix, a tailbone, or a left-handed monkey wrench — of no use. But unlike other useless things, they are very annoying. Someone said that insects will take over the Earth someday. For a while there it seemed they already had. If you are a lover of all wildlife, please look the other way while I put out fly traps.

♦ The RaceTrac at Macedonia is an accident waiting to happen. I won’t be shopping there, I would rather go on to Kroger and get a discount and be safer.

♦ Our favorite pothole on Hickory Road, the little “Let’s see if we can find China” hole, just keeps getting deeper. Does a Tesla come with a pothole warning? We could cash in our retirement.

♦ Tell the truth, now — wouldn’t you rather Grandma and Grandpa smell like Bengay than like old people?

♦ As a reasonably well-educated and moderate person living in this world of extremes, I find it difficult to express opinions on anything without being given a verbal pummeling or being banished. Since I am an independent thinker and am very opinionated I get that a lot.

♦ ABC News last night had a story about a 29-year-old teacher in South Carolina who died from coronavirus. They want you to think she got it at school from one of the children, but it turns out she only taught one virtual class. It’s just how they mislead the American people. It’s disgusting.

♦ I remember a few years back when reading the Soapbox it was nearly all pro-Conservative. Now, unfortunately, it is not. Will all you liberals who moved down here from those highly taxed states run by Democrats please go back there before you make this area like the ones you couldn’t wait to get out of.

♦ Trump’s response to Covid was weak, late, incompetent, and deadly. Now he admits that he tried to “play it down.” Saddam killed over 100,000 Kurds, but … Trump has been responsible for the death of over 185,000 Americans. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” — Martin Luther King

♦ Trump didn’t want us to panic over the coronavirus, but he sure wants you to be scared that non-existent armies of anarchists are coming to take over Ball Ground and Free Home.

♦ Looks like the three crazy Cherokee County liberals are flooding the Soapbox again.

♦ My neighbor just acquired a dog from a deceased friend. Tthe widow claims the dog doesn’t like white supremacists . Don’t know how the dog identifies them. I can’t either, but I guess our other neighbors better be careful.

♦ It wasn’t [Warren] Buffett who made the comment about buying votes, it was Joseph P. Kennedy.

♦ Nancy Pelosi got caught getting a haircut in a salon when she has closed all the salons. Her excuse was she’d been duped by the owner of the salon. Really? She’s third in line for the presidency and got duped by a hairdressing company owner? Come on. What would she do against China or Russia.

♦ I was talking to this lady and she has grown children who think the Black Lives Matter protests were infiltrated by Republicans and Republicans are the ones doing the looting and burning trying to make the protesters look bad. How ridiculous that anyone believes that.

♦ Do you know how wrong it is to hold our Founding Fathers from the 18th and 19th centuries to today’s standards is wrong in any way you can look at it.

♦ Why would we send kindergarteners to school to ensure politicians get re-elected as the illness continues? The GOP has let us down.

♦ America the choice is clear. In November you will be voting for a future of less unemployment, less taxes, more border security, Second Amendment rights, and more prosperity in general. Or more taxes, less home security, plus citizenship and free healthcare for 11 million illegals, which will result in not enough doctors and you will be waiting for five or more months to see one. Please be an informed voter.

♦ I wish Biden and Harris would focus more on Russia and China instead of what Trump says. If we can’t keep ahead of them economically and militarily nothing else really matters.

♦ Just watched the Hiden/Biden speech today from Delaware. All he did was criticize Trump and offer up enormous platitudes with no specific plans himself for any improvements. Does he think we are all ignorant and approving of the “good old Joe routine?” Used an anonymous report from the Atlantic Monthly, the elitist leftist periodical, published yesterday as the reference for his condemnation of Trump and focal point of speech. Collusion, collusion even without Hillary’s payoff money is still collusion and grossly unethical. The “good old Joe routine” is getting as despicable as “the deplorables attitude.”

♦ Unemployment rates moved from 10 percent to 8 percent in just one week. That’s bad news for the Democrats. On the news that’s all you heard when the rate was going up and nothing when it’s going down. Typical liberal bias.

♦ Guess what? The World Health Organization just woke up to the fact that corticosteroids can significantly prevent Covid deaths by reducing inflammation in the lungs. Welcome to the party, guys — even if you are a few thousand (?) deaths too late. We knew this weeks, even months ago. So it’s okay now? Duh. Another FDA.

♦ When the Republicans take power there are four things you can be sure they will do. They will spread fear that the Dems are going to take your guns away. They will tell all women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. They will lead us into a recession or depression. They will lead us into unnecessary wars, usually based on lies, and those wars will be undeclared and unfinanced (Reagan, Bush, Bush), which ruins the economy. Trump has done the first three, and now Russia is buzzing our airplanes in Alaska, and China is firing “Carrier Killer” missiles in the South China Sea. We’ll probably be in a war with China before Trump leaves office in January.

♦ I heard that Las Vegas is betting on herd immunity getting here before the vaccine. Billions of dollars of panicky research and development right out the old wazoo. Sweden didn’t even bother and their economy just buzzed right through it with bearable losses to the virus. Ain’t Monday morning quarterbacking just great?

♦ Don’t fall for culture war issues whatever your opinion is on them. Anyone who makes them a primary issue, whether they’re for something or not, is being played. As James Carville said “it’s the economy stupid”. Everything goes back to economic issues, and even race issues we see are easily explained by realizing that they’re ultimately class issues in the end, not race.

♦ I was going shopping in Atlanta the other day, and I couldn’t decide whether to take a credit card or a brick.

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"Trump has been responsible for the death of over 185,000 Americans."

Look up the definition of "hyperbole." If that's too hard, read the story of "Chicken Little."

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