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♦ I’m going to have to call BS on Tim Mathews’ regional update about the Northwest Corridor saving commuters an hour in time. I have been in the express lane many times and it doesn’t shave an hour off your trip. In fact, there are times I’m in that express lane and come to a complete stop while paying $6 to ride in it.

♦ We used to have a wood burning fireplace. Then got tired of chimney cleanings, finding and storing firewood, tending the fire and getting rid of ashes, storing wood to keep it dry, chasing critters out of it, dropping it on my toes, going out in the cold to get it, etc. Enter a good vented gas log system. Now we flip a switch for a roaring fire. But if it’s worth it to you, keep on doing it the pioneer way.

♦ Please say NO to “drinking while walking” in Canton. Woodstock has already been ruined. Feels like a college party town. Keep Canton’s peaceful small town/family friendly atmosphere. If you can’t manage to walk around without alcohol, Woodstock is just down the road.

♦ Wow! GDOT, Atlanta to Charlotte in two hours. Now can you do something about the eight miles in 30 minutes it takes from my house to Canton on Ga. Highway 20?

♦ Aagh! Thirty degrees after a record high the last time I blinked? Who is minding this thermostat?

♦ We argue about whether everything is predetermined, then wonder why God allows little children to be harmed or die. Just read how God gave David (and Solomon) explicit instructions for building his Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which Solomon followed to the letter, then later God allowed it to be destroyed because the Jews didn’t keep their promise. My take: What you do in this life matters. Don’t blame bad stuff on God, whether you believe or not.

♦ Maybe it was better when we didn’t know every single thing everybody did and the media didn’t scream breathlessly about it 24/7.

♦ There are two potholes developing on Ridge Road between Holly Street and Sixes. It would be nice if they were repaired before someone loses control trying to dodge them.

♦ My boss said to me … “I just want you to be aware, be conscience of your fellow worker, try your best and know if you make an error you’ll be forgiven, to simply just have faith.” Wow , I thought, I must have died and gone to heaven .

♦ Being familiar with our special forces capability, I am glad I’m not being tapped as the new ISIS leader. Be proud of the dedication and sacrifices these men and women give for their country — for all of us.

♦ I read the [letter] by Gene Greathouse, ha, just another liberal … stating views that we all must live by, according to him. Oh, another one. Wow. Are we going downhill or what?

♦ Thank you Gene Greathouse! (Letter to the editor 10/23) You are a beacon of enlightenment and education. If I ever get to meet you, I’ll gladly buy you a drink.

♦ (I’m) not sure what’s going on at East Cherokee (Drive) and Old Highway 5 on the side of the hill. I certainly hope it’s not more apartments. Y’all are ruining this area. I don’t care who it is — if it’s city of Holly Springs or Cherokee County. No more apartments.

♦ The Muddle East has been a cultural and political Gordian knot for at least a millennium, with different Muslim sects clashing with each other and the rest of the world almost nonstop. Remember how Alexander undid the Gordian knot? And the Middle East?

♦ The liberals are so jealous of Trump, you can actually see tears on their comments. Wow.

♦ Democratic Inquisitor-in-Chief Adam Schiff sees himself as the leader of the Democrat’s effort to bring down our President and win the 2020 election. Maybe he wants to be President himself? If he left Congress it would be Schiffless. Oh, that’s right, it’s already shiftless.

♦ It’s a shame the Terminator, former Governor of California, can’t run (for president). Put him with Tulsi and rock the campaign.

♦ Elderly, conservative, Trump supporters are glad that liberals oppose private citizen gun ownership. It makes it easier for them to defend themselves against violent, young, Democratic, socialists’ physical attacks.

♦ Credible witnesses have provided lots of evidence the president of the United States broke the law by asking a foreign government to investigate political rivals and was willing to use extortion to make it happen. These courageous Americans are being slandered for their trouble. If you still support Trump at this point you are brainwashed.

♦ Candidate Trump promised 4% GDP growth and a focus on Main Street income rather than Wall Street gains. GDP growth over the past 12 months averaged 2%, same as before the corporate tax giveaway. Wall Street continues to reap record gains while wages remain flat. Unemployment did drop 0.8% under Trump at the cost of a trillion-dollar deficit, dropped 5.3% under Obama. Facts, not hype.

♦ It is not the person’s color that determines the punishment, it is the offense. The black man shot into a truck which shows intent to harm. The young white girl accidentally ran into the adults and child which shows negligence. The punishment was based on law, not on color.

♦ The homeless situation is not driven by lack of homes or jobs. It is driven by mental illness which our society/government refuse to address.

♦ The planet has been around for billions of years. I doubt seriously it will end in 12 years due to cow, human, and fossil fuel pollutions. It is a hoax; how do I know? When someone in this group said “man-made hurricane.”

♦ I am amazed on how the Democrats keep investigating what was said in President Trump’s telephone call when the call transcript has been made public.

♦ Bill Clinton — “I didn’t have relations with that woman” — Lie.

♦ Joe Biden — “I can’t remember the truth”

♦ Now the liberals all of a sudden care about the national debt? I guess you weren’t paying attention when the Obama administration ran up an all-time record $9 trillion. The debt incurred by this administration was to rebuild the military and space programs, which Obama gutted.

♦ Exactly what are people doing in public that you think is frightening the children? If you told us perhaps we could help you get over it.

♦ Can a person be a Christian if they do not support Trump?

♦ Please don’t let your Windows PC be vulnerable to hackers or viruses due to lack of money. There are some excellent free tools online that are very effective. Some are much better than Windows Defender antivirus which comes built in with the adequate Windows Firewall. Avast is my preferred free antivirus program, supplemented with frequent manual runs of Malwarebytes free and SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition. Older versions of Microsoft Office and Windows that are no longer supported by Microsoft especially need protection. Don’t be a victim.

♦ That new subdivision squeezed in on the hillside across from Sixes elementary looks like it might slide off into Bells Ferry road below. They moved huge amounts of mud to build that precipice. Now there’s a new subdivision started in what looks like a floodplain with a creek on Holly Street. Talk about approving building anywhere. What is the code here besides going after more taxable properties? We used to reject some lots as unbuildable. Is there any such thing anymore?

♦ Can’t help but notice all the Mercedes Benzs around here, some with a standard Mercedes emblem on the grill, some with a kinda in-your-face large one. Couldn’t get the big one hanging on the wall at the dealership? Or the one on the Mercedes Benz stadium in downtown Atlanta? Just joking — got a laugh out of the Hyundai badged Bentley.

♦ The combination of Chicago-style politics (Obama) and the Swamp (Hillary) have equaled a nightmare for the USA. Let’s hope the confrontational rudeness (Trump) will continue to bring them out in the open and that they will continue to keep shooting themselves in the foot. Not surprising, some of the Swamp critters are red rather than blue.

♦ So you voted for Trump and continue to support him? Okay. If you develop appendicitis, be sure to call the nearest plumber to come and remove your appendix.

♦ Panic has set in as the wheels continue to fall off (Trump’s) wagon.

♦ Disgusting and anti-American behavior by Dems/Leftists/and their syncophants in mainstream news by refusing to consider passage of the USMCA trade proposal negotiated by the Trump team last summer. This trade bill would further our economy. provide jobs, and benefit Americans, Mexicans, and Canadians and show another strength to China. Resentful Democrats just can not accept anything positive for our country if it involves Trump.

♦ I can not believe the impeachment hysteria over a phone call that clearly shows the President of the US performing his duties by asking for help from Ukraine to investigate various political corruptions by the Russians, the Clinton cabal, the DNC, Obama and team, Strikeforce, and Biden and kid. Lots of smoke here that we all want exposed for the good of our futures, not for the good of the corrupt media and Democratic party.

♦ Social Security and Medicare benefits are neither welfare nor a right. To give these benefits freely to those who didn’t or don’t contribute is an insult to millions of Americans who paid payroll taxes for decades with the expectation of a return. Would you want your IRA or pension funds given to someone who didn’t contribute to them? Of course not.

♦ Libraries? Really? How are they still around? Blockbuster is gone, but libraries still exist? Your readers want to hear more from Conkey.

♦ Getting in to the new Chick Fil A will be a breeze. Getting out will be a nightmare. Trying to turn left out of the parking lot onto Riverstone Boulevard to access Riverstone Parkway is going to cause untold numbers of accidents. Not worth it for a chicken sandwich.

♦ Woodstock had an opportunity to create a workable street pattern and parking when they developed the area in back of the train station. Instead they chose to cram in a few more buildings. I live in Towne Lake and avoid downtown Woodstock like the plague.

♦ Thanks for the blurry printing of the Sudoku puzzle last week. I don’t have enough problems with my eyes.

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