♦ Legacy humor: Two men were playing golf when a funeral procession started by on a nearby road. One of them came to attention and put his golf cap over his heart. The other, surprised, said, “I didn’t know you were so respectful, Fred.” Fred replied, “We would have been married 25 years next month.”

Do you suppose if I bungy corded my Lazy Boy recliner to my kayak, people would think I’m local or relocated?♦

♦ Congratulations to Ellie for making the all A honor roll every quarter of middle school. You go girl!

♦ Etowah students, I am going to respect you because you are in the pedestrian crosswalk. But my 90-year-old mother could cross faster than you with her walker. Could you respect the drivers, too?

♦ Though it has been repeated many, many times, what Mahatma Gandhi said many years ago needs to be repeated often: “Live simply so others can simply live.”

♦ A friend had to take a drug test. He said he was told use to use a cup while he was watched, and that it was spelled C-U-P for a reason.

♦ The USDA (202-720-2791 or feedback@oc.usda.gov) is having a comment period for people to give their opinions about the terrible treatment of man’s best friend in puppy mills. I don’t think that the USDA has the resources to discover every instance of this without citizens reporting the suspects. Maybe a law with severe punishment limiting the number of our fellow mammals that can be kept by one owner and on one property is a solution?

♦ Ever try to unfreeze your credit with the three big credit companies (Equifax, Trans-Union, and Experian) when you want to get a loan? They are so frozen with fear at all the hacking of accounts that it’s getting tough to get your credit info unprotected long enough for your mortgage loan officer to jump through the crack.

♦ Beware! If you decide to become scientifically literate and follow the path of rejecting dogma, you will have opened a door to questioning a variety of sources of dogma. This is not a path to be followed if you wish to continue to live in a small universe. When you become a freethinker, you will not be able to go back to your previous mindset.

♦ Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill isn’t about reproductive rights. Women may reproduce as many times as they would like without fear of government regulation. It’s also not about women’s bodies. Women may defile or alter themselves without fear of penalty. The bill prevents abortion from being used as birth control plan.

♦ I have a question and a comment. Question: Do pickup trucks even come with turn signals any more? Comment: Clinical evidence has proven that lift kits and big tires do not enhance testosterone. Is it just me?

♦ With the directions it’s headed, in 20 more years Cherokee County will not be a place I would want to live and raise my family.

♦ I hear women say, “Stop controlling my body.” Well, control it and stop getting pregnant.

♦ Share the road? Not. A four-foot bike lane on Ga. Highway 140 and these Lance Armstrong wannabes with their fake logo Spandex outfits still ride in the road. They can’t understand why people honk at them.

♦ If the legislators, mostly male, feel they have to take control of women’s bodies for whatever reason, doesn’t brain activity make more sense in defining a point in time, for prohibiting the right of a woman to choose to terminate a pregnancy, than the nebulous heartbeat?

♦ I remind myself when I occasionally waste my time and read Melvyn Fein’s column. He is entitled to his opinion even though it is very radical and far-right and sounds like something straight out of Fox “News.” Sad that his commentary and his view are the only ones represented in the Cherokee Ledger as it seems people with more logic would also be given an opportunity to express themselves on this platform.

♦ My mother chose life and so did yours. Aren’t you glad she didn’t have an abortion and kill you?

♦ I’m curious if the people complaining about the Heartbeat Bill have ever heard of the Plan B pill. Take a pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex or rape and there will be no need for an abortion.

♦ Women, if you choose to be sexually active don’t be surprised if you get pregnant. If you get pregnant, don’t be immoral and murder the innocent life through abortion. We’re all endowed by our Creator with the right to life, including the unborn.

♦ After seeing all of Trump’s problems with spelling, perhaps it reveals he is lysdexic?

♦ So U.S. Reps. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff want Attorney General Barr to break the law and release the small amount of redactions in the Mueller report protecting innocent Americans. But now that President Trump is about to release information on the phony Special Counsel investigation and who were behind it, suddenly Schiff is concerned about endangering America and wanting to hide that info. Mr. Schiff, you can’t have it both ways.

♦ So who does Trump think he’s fooling? Anyone with more than half a wit knows “enhanced counterfeiting measures” is a smokescreen for “Harriet Tubman is black and there ain’t gonna be no black people on MAGA currency as long as I am emperor.” Why not just come clean? It’s not like his groupies are going to care.

♦ A liberal judging the President’s conscience? Gee, which liberal should we ask for an expert opinion on conscience: the one who said: “what difference does it make?” (when Americans were tortured and slaughtered in Benghazi), the ones who legalized killing of infants and cheered about it, the ones who were happy when a Republican Congressman was shot, or the ones who cheered when Las Vegas country concert-goers were murdered?

♦ Ever wonder what COVERUPTRUMP doesn’t want you to know?

♦ Sadly, Dr Fein is wrong. This absurd gridlock will continue until the latest version of the Democratic party has reduced this nation to the same level of misery as Argentina today. And even then, it will still be Trump’s fault because liberals are never wrong.

♦ So now Republicans are to blame for the potholes in our roads. I’ll take it because if we elect Democrats, there won’t be any money at all for road maintenance/upgrade due to all the free programs they are proposing.

♦ Vasectomy does not stop unwanted pregnancy, a woman does. The problem with abortion is unwanted pregnancies. Wish women would exercise more control over their bodies in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

♦ Someone stated angry male white supremacists are the real threat to our peace and security. Tell that to the murder victims in downtown Chicago.

♦ Abortion has killed about 50 million unborn babies since Roe versus Wade. Makes one wonder why the liberals are fighting so hard to save the planet, so more unborn babies can be killed?

♦ Someone was delusional about our nation under Trump. Instead of lying about the Trump administration, I say sit back, relax, and holler: “I hate Trump!” Feel better?

♦ Re China tarrifs: We are prospering, and I would prefer to pay a little more for stuff than continue taking advantage of poor laborers, including child labor, in China and elsewhere around the rest of the world. I would also prefer to see “Made in the USA” tags on my purchases, with our neighbors working instead of depending on the government.

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Frank Varljen

I love the soapbox today; sorta covers the field and contains some humor.

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