♦ I wish the state of Georgia could’ve re-purposed an existing empty industrial or retail space instead of ripping out hundreds of trees, next to a park, where multiple hawks nested, for their new building on Univeter Road. I wish the county would’ve encouraged them to do so.

♦ So we’re going on a cruise. The added fees cost more than the cruise. Go figure.

♦ Our old flat screen TV quit working so we bought a new one Then before we unplugged the old one, it started working again. Are they programmed to do that? No wonder they call them “smart TVs.”

♦ “A liveable future will not be created by people who believe that all the really important stuff in life happens after we’re dead.” — John Wolff

♦ It was summer in May and now it’s monsoon season in June?

♦ What did the editor say to the typesetter? What the font?

♦ Those commercials you hear on the radio claiming you can buy a mountain cabin with acreage for $69,000 — don’t believe it. Don’t waste your time driving all the way up to Blue Ridge.

♦ To the one who wrote about the algum tree in the Bible, thanks. I looked it up and it’s beautiful wood.

♦ If Stacey Abrams is going to be investigated on ethics charges, Brian Kemp should be investigated for voter fraud.

♦ Criminals no longer fear punishment. Until we get rid of our bleeding heart judges, crime will only get worse.

♦ I’ve got a solution to the traffic jam on I-575. If y’all would just do the speed limit that would solve the whole problem. Mash the gas and get on down the road.

♦ Residents of Holly Springs, please stop the demolition of the Barrett building. Preserve our history and protect our future. Tell City Hall no. Stop this madness. There are other solutions.

♦ Cargo shorts are great for carrying stuff, but when I’m tired I get worn out emptying all the pockets before throwing them in the wash — and don’t miss a pocket or you might wash your wallet or your phone (guilty).

♦ City of Woodstock, you show your disrespect to your residents by not fixing reported problems in the roads. I really don’t understand why you don’t understand to serve the public and the taxpayers. That’s where your money comes from.

♦ Yes it is just you. Testosterone has nothing to do with driving a lifted truck and having big tires. I’m a woman and I drive a lifted truck. It’s all in what you like. No need in hating on others.... Then again, Haters are gonna hate.

♦ I saw some ads for mattresses and TVs costing a couple thousand dollars each. Who is paying those prices? We just bought a new hybrid mattress — innerspring topped with four inches of memory foam — for $150, and a new name brand 43-inch, 2160p, 4K, ultra high definition TV for $250, both from warranted major retailers online, with free shipping. Read Clark Howard’s book on making thrifty purchases — we did.

♦ We just watched an old episode of Law and Order. Man, I loved that show. Too bad it was only on for 50 or 60 years.

♦ That Hominy on the Lakes subdivision ain’t named right — nobody ‘round here eats hominy. It oughta be called Grits on the Lakes.

♦ God chastises and disciplines us by His Word, not with sickness or infirmities (2Tim.3:16-17).

♦ The saying goes: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” How about instead of that, we trade an eye for an eardrum? Then we would have a world of half-blind and half-deaf people relying on each other and everyone would have to learn to get along.

♦ Regarding Councilman Estes alleged driving while intoxicated, it’s bad enough if the charge is true, but you lied to the officer twice. Why should you be believed? And why should you be trusted in the leadership of our city. Sir, in my opinion, you should resign.

♦ Trump cultists: The President told Mexico to jump and they asked, “How high?”

♦ Meanwhile in the real world: Every item in the “deal” the liar-in-chief claims was negotiated last week — Mexico had agreed to six months ago, long before his phony threat. His dishonesty is bottomless.

♦ It is obvious that Democrats in Congress have no problem with lying because they believe that the end justifies the means. Pelosi, when asked about impeachment, her response was “results” is what they are after. Harry Reid when he lied about Romney not paying taxes, his response was “we won didn’t we?” Now all candidates are talking impeachment for obstruction that never occurred and are never specific about how there was obstruction. It is all about 2020.

♦ As a Korean War veteran, I find it ironic and somewhat disgraceful that the present Commander-in-Chief of our Military Services delivered an address at the 75th Commemoration of D-Day, when he, himself, was a “Draft Dodger.”

♦ It’s sad and embarrassing that Trump, after a meeting with Prince Charles where climate change was discussed, has once again demonstrated that the President of the United States doesn’t understand the differences between climate, weather, and air quality.

♦ I just refinanced my home with no payments required until 12 years from now, at which time a balloon payment is due. I did this betting the climate change activists including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are right.

♦ Outlawing abortion will not stop abortions any more than the war on drugs has stopped drug abuse. Even the revered NRA insists banning guns will not stop gun violence. Given that most anti-choicers are surely intelligent enough to acknowledge this reality, isn’t it much more likely they do not care as much about babies they will never see, as they are about the prospect of being able to self-righteously persecute people who do not share their values?

♦ To the person who wrote how you can tell Trump is lying, by opening his mouth. That saying is really, really old and is no longer funny. Try a newer saying like how can you tell Trump is telling the truth, he is bashing the Democrats and the mainstream media.

♦ Yes, I say if a woman does not want to get pregnant, she will not, regardless how sexually active her partner is. Without the woman losing control to the man’s contribution, there would be no issue.

♦ Someone is debating abortion based on brain function and memory. Sorry that person feels the killing of a person before brain functioning (six months) and memory development (3 or 4 years old) is of no matter.

♦ The Secretary of Treasury selects the person to be displayed on U.S. currency, not the president. The liberals need to get their facts straight before they go on yet another false, race card attack on the President.

♦ Wanted: an honest, coherent, well-spoken, educated Trump supporter to explain to me WHY you support this criminal, this sexual deviant and predator, this mentally unstable man who has told over 11,000 verified public lies, insulted our allies, supported Putin at every turn, and who has embarrassed the office of the presidency and our country.

♦ I read Paul Lampru’s letter and apparently he can’t remember squat. He needs to take a little closer look at the Obama administration and the things he and Biden did.

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