♦ Aggressive driving, passing in the right emergency lane, not using turn signals. I think we need to worry more about safe driving than running radar on speeders on our interstates.

♦ Our neighborhood social network is abuzz about snake sightings, especially copperheads, a venomous viper. Several transmitted pictures were positively identified as copperheads, but one was a picture of a rat snake, or black racer. People are pleading for the life of this nonvenomous, harmless snake that helps keep rodents away. Remember, it’s against the law to kill nonvenomous snakes in Georgia.

♦ Soapbox contributors frequently speak of traffic congestion problems or more housing developments coming into their neighborhood. The root of those problems, as well as many other problems on this planet, is population growth. Unless population growth is addressed, nothing else matters much as far as human survival is concerned.

♦ We had the first fly of summer and hung a couple of fly traps on the trees out back. Traps are inexpensive, disposable, and catch thousands of flies in no time. A fly tried to get into mine while I was preparing to hang it.

♦ Trivia: What is the Third Fold? Traditionally, the third fold in United States military funeral flag-folding ceremonies honors and remembers veterans who gave their lives in defending their country and promoting peace. The U.S. armed forces honor guard folding the flag recite to themselves the meaning of each fold as they respectfully fold up the flag, which is then presented to a grieving family member. May God bless our service men and women, dead and alive, all veterans, and the millions of loved ones who support them or mourn for them.

♦ Note to the Road folks: A stop sign is missing at the exit from Prominence Point shopping center into the parkway from Publix. Thanks for what you folks do!

♦ I would like to nominate the city of Woodstock for the cobblestone street of the month award. That way people will think the roads are supposed to be in bad shape.

♦ Holly Springs, wake up. Vote out every incumbent politician every chance you get.

♦ Everyone in the house has flu or a bad virus. Be careful, folks — use hand sanitizer after each contact with public doors or shopping cart handles. You can get little bottles of it that fit in a purse or pocket. Well worth the trouble. ATCHOO!

♦ When I’m plotzing isn’t the time to tell me I’m a plotz.

♦ As a Bible newbie, I read about algum wood being a beautiful wood shipped from King Hiram to Solomon (Kings 10) for use in building the Temple, so I Googled it. I may never unravel the mysteries of the Old Testament. but Google helps — it’s like a modern version of the storied library of Alexandria, and available everywhere. Algum wood — huh.

♦ Transplanted Northerners complain about our heat and humidity. If they will go back, we will turn it down. Just joking. We love you weird-talking guys and gals with fat wallets. It’s like having permanent tourists.

♦ They’re already adding a new building to Northside Hospital. I guess we are sicker than they thought — or is it expansion due to the influx of incomers? Our little village is changing, folks. Wait, what’s that bunch of bulldozers clearing over there?

♦ Am I the only one who thinks that it’s more than a little inappropriate to “celebrate” on Memorial Day? It’s a somber holiday, not a festive one.

♦ Reading paper today, I see where a teenager was given a slap on the wrist for killing a grandmother with a car. Instead of a prison sentence of several years, she got 90 to 120 days in a detention center, a fine and community service. A couple of months ago, almost the same thing happened with the person who killed the three people in Woodstock. What is going on in our Cherokee County courtrooms?

♦ Has anyone considered changing the name of one our high school sports teams to the Bulldozers?

♦ The national news reported a “possible” tornado in the Midwest that destroyed dozens of homes and vehicles. If that wasn’t a tornado, it was history’s biggest dust devil, or Godzilla trampled through there. Such caution, when so much TV news reporting is so hasty and inaccurate.

♦ How can one man in a robe override the will of the majority. Is this what you call democracy. I am referring to the wall.

♦ Question: How can you tell when Trump is lying? Answer: When he opens his round mouth.

♦ It’s amazing how the Democrats are going to save the world and the planet. Look at the cities the Democrats run, they are trashed.

♦ Stacy Abrams is now being investigated for ethics violations during the last election. Well, well, who would have thought that? We all knew she was crooked.

♦ I’d bet good money that those who wish women “took more control of their bodies” are the same who wish for less government presence in their life.

Men, if you choose to be sexually active don’t be surprised if you get a woman pregnant. Seems like all this talk about pregnancies always puts the blame on women. Men need to grow up and stop thinking that women are self-impregnating.♦ Without your contribution to this issue there would be no issue.

♦ Some people speak of abortion, at any stage of development, as “murdering innocent babies.” Look up “baby” in a dictionary and you’ll find it means “newborn” with respect to human development.

♦ “We, who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the Cosmos, are starstuff contemplating the evolution of matter as we trace that long path by which it arrived at consciousness. We, and other living things on the planet, carry a legacy of cosmic evolution spanning billions of years.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

♦ What’s with all the congratulating of high school graduates? Isn’t it just expected that our kids graduate high school?

♦ You asked, “Aren’t you glad your Mother didn’t abort you?” For things to “matter,” a functioning brain is necessary. Embryos and fetuses younger than about six months show no sign of brain activity, so it wouldn’t have mattered to me. Do you have memories of anything at all before you were about 3 or 4 years old?

♦ Georgia is the Peach State and California is the Impeach state.

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