♦ Friends, it looks like they are trying to put more apartments at Exit 14 where the Whispering Pines mobile home park is. They meeting is Aug. 6 at the county building. If you don’t want apartments, show up and speak out. No more apartments in Cherokee County and cities. No more growth. Enough is enough.

♦ Canton voters, before you vote, check your moral compass.

♦ I think police should check driver licenses on people who are driving crazy, just to see if they have a legal license.

♦ Here’s my problem. The drivers front and past your front windows need to be clear enough that I can see the intent and direction of the drivers. Why have we quit enforcing that law. In a parking lot you can’t always tell what direction the driver intends to go.

♦ I got quite a shock on my longterm insurance premium. It went up 130 percent. Where is the Georgia insurance people to make sure this doesn’t happen? Did anyone else get a 130 percent insurance premium?

♦ If you think the world is dangerous now, just think if God had told Noah to load the ark with dinosaurs. Yikes!

♦ With all the negativity in the soapbox, I would like to see us come together as Americans first, not left or right or in between. There are classes being offered on the U.S. Constitution at three locations in Cherokee County. They are fun, informative and inspiring. Checkout Papa’s Pantry, Woodstock Baptist Church and St. Michael’s Catholic Church. We can all learn more about the founding of this country. We have a rich history.

♦ I see where Marietta is playing the con game and dressing police officers as construction workers and surveyors. Guess what, little Marietta — Holly Springs — will probably be doing it next week so everybody look out. Whatever Marietta does, Holly Springs wants to do.

♦ The Old Testament continues to perplex and surprise me, a Bible noob. Just read about King Ahab in Kings 22, and wondered if Captain Ahab in Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” was taken from his story. Sure enough, it was. As Spock liked to say, “Fascinating.”

♦ If there’s one thing I’m tired of it’s partisan politics holding our country hostage. And, there’s enough blame to go around — both parties.

♦ I believe people with common sense know the president was talking about go back to your districts. Come on people, y’all are getting riled up over nothing. You only hate because somebody’s telling you to.

♦ The liberals are going crazy about Donald Trump’s tweet about racist tweets about the four minority women going back to the country they came from. But the news reports all drop it off and down show the last part of his quote, “then come back and show us how you did it.”

♦ Bernie Sanders is demanding that we pass a law saying that $15 an hour is our federal minimum wage. But then, Bernie’s staffers speak up and they he’s not even paying them $15 an hour. What a bunch of lying people these Democrats are. You can’t believe nothing they say.

♦ I wonder if Joe Biden’s health care plan is going to cover hair plug replacements like he’s got on top of his head.

♦ I’m so perplexed by our youth in this culture. I feel like that’s all I can say without hurting someone’s feelings.

♦ The people telling Americans that, if they don’t like their government, they should leave are the same people telling asylum seekers that, if they don’t like their government, they should stay and fix it.

♦ To think clearly and concisely then make statements with substance, a good vocabulary is necessary. Analyses of Trump’s active vocabulary indicate that he thinks and speaks at an elementary school level.

♦ Religion tries to prove itself right. Science tries to prove itself wrong.

♦ Aren’t you happy that we now have an infomercial with Joe Namath explaining our Medicare benefits? Wow!

♦ Just sitting here watching the Mueller report. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. That poor old man needs medical help.

♦ The great and powerful Robert Mueller. Watching him testify before the Senate [actually House] committee, he’s nothing but a feeble old man.

♦ Democrats were concerned about foreign influence in our elections, yet they push for illegal foreign immigrants to vote in our elections. That makes about as much sense as some of the other pollutants coming from Democrats such as banning air travel and glass buildings.

♦ The Democrats are upset about Russia interfering in our elections. Where were they went Obama sent his top advisers to Israel to help get Netanyahu defeated?

♦ Trump committing acts of fascism and racism are thrown around freely by the far left anti-Trumpers. No concrete evidence, just marching to the battle rhythm of the mainstream media.

♦ The Republican Party is not promoting deportation of American citizens; however, its supporters are tired of the Congresswoman trashing the country and chanted “send her back.” This has nothing to do with fascism; it has everything to do with Trump supporters venting patriotic frustration.

♦ Someone wrote “Go back to where you came from” said in a workplace is against the law per EEOC rules. OK, so it is. What was the writer’s point?

♦ Someone wrote in detail how far one goes by taking one large step for every lie Trump told. I believe the writer was trying to impress us with his/her math expertise and geography knowledge while baffling us with fake news lies?

♦ Sen. Lindsey Graham has the same right to change his tune about President Trump as the Democratic senators did on building the wall. Few years ago, key Democratic senators voted to build the wall, now they are against it.

♦ John McCain and Robert Mueller need to be on the next ticket. Both are GREAT AMERICAN HEROES. Too late for John.

♦ These congresswomen have made hateful and vile comments about our country, a country that has been very good to them. The president said go back where you came from and then come back here and show us how it’s done. It is wrong to leave out part of what the president said.

♦ Puerto Rico has been a problem for an awful lot of years. Why don’t we just give it back to Spain?

♦ Sixteen Marines arrested for drug and human trafficking. No problem. Trump will pardon them all. Marines are like gods to him. They can do no wrong. Unless they are captured by the enemy. Then they are scum of the earth.

♦ Every week, there is at least one Soapbox item asserting Trump lies without addressing any specific claimed lie much less the impact of these claimed lies to Americans. Obama led the Democrats with lies such as “You can keep your doctor” and a family of four will save $2,000 a year in selling Obamacare knowing full well these were false claims. Thus, the challenge for all those who submit these Soapbox items about Trump lies is to submit specific claimed lies which truly impact Americans, if any claimed lie does.

♦ Collusion, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, hate, open racism, bigotry, campaign with over 100 contacts with Russian agents, and now doing nothing to stop Russia from hacking into and affecting our voting system. It’s past time to impeach Trump and rid the country of his malignant crime family, and to hold Barr and McConnell in contempt.

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