♦ These people cruising 55 mph in the left lane — are they smart enough to realize that the people honking at them aren’t just waving to be nice?

♦ What is the point of a public hearing if the county commissioners already have their minds made up. Steve West, how about you respond to your constituents.

♦ A friend asked to meet me for dinner at Canton Marketplace. We were to meet at 6 p.m. I only live three miles from the restaurant, but I would have to travel on Ga. Highway 20. So I packed a lunch, left at 9 a.m., and barely made it on time. Um, when are they expanding the highway?

♦ It should be illegal to ride a bicycle on Bells Ferry Road. It’s dangerous for the bike rider and it’s dangerous for the driver trying to dodge the bike.

♦ Having been stung before, I tried to stomp a red wasp in the grass — and missed. My retreat was, I fear, somewhat undignified.

♦ Re bladders: You got to know how to hold it/ Until you’ve controlled it/ Know how to unfold it after the battle’s won/ If you just can’t do this you might as well say “I blew this”/ And look for dry pants while you’re on the run.

♦ To my fellow genealogists: “What seest thou else ... in the dark, backward, abysm of time?”

♦ Just returned from a cruise to Nassau. The food was outstanding, the newly renovated ship was a marvel of marble spaciousness, and our redesigned stateroom was like a straitjacket from which we escaped as often as possible to overeat. When we got back to our home I felt like one of those memory foam mattresses that is let out of its little box. Aaaah.

♦ A correction for your academic uncle. “You can take a fool and educate him at SMU, and all you’ll get is another liberal fool.”

♦ When they ask for your ethnicity on the census, just check “Other” and write in “U.S. Citizen.”

♦ If you can serve in an elected public office without delinquent taxes paid in full, why not legislate it okay for felons to vote for you?

♦ A friend of mine said, “Man without religion is like a bird without a cage.”

♦ Just because fabric made into a flag represents a country, it doesn’t mean it should be highly respected. The title of president, prime minister, or dictator doesn’t demand respect. Those in high position of governing must earn the respect of those governed.

♦ The UK ambassador just called Trump: “Inept, Incompetent, and Insecure.” He forgot to mention idiotic, ignorant, illiterate, inadequate, ill-tempered, immature, imbecilic, immoral, impertinent, impatient, insane, inarticulate, incapable, and impudent. We’re hoping that he can soon add these two words to his list — impeached and imprisoned.

♦ I told my doctor the TV said I should lower my AOC. He said, “Let’s not get into politics.”

♦ The fact is that the citizenship question was designed by Republican operatives specifically to “favor Republicans and non-Hispanic whites.” The Constitution says to count “persons.” And non-citizens are surely not going to check the not-a-citizen box and risk arrest, are they?

♦ You shouldn’t blame a Teleprompter problem for errors you make if you don’t think about what you are saying as you are speaking.

♦ Members of the Trump Cult, are you prepared to drink the cup of poison when your leader gives it to you?

♦ I agree when you educate a fool, all you get is an educated fool. Examples are Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O’Rourke, and Congressman Eric Swalwell (this person is more fool than educated).

♦ From what I saw of the Democratic debates, count me in as one of those “educated fools” for supporting Trump.

♦ My win-win 5-year plan: If Trump wins, my happy lifestyle fueled by the Trump awesome economy will continue. If a Democrat wins I will give up my citizenship, become a citizen of a Central America country, return to the U.S. as an illegal immigrant and enjoy all the freebees the Democratic politicians promised.

♦ Georgia Democrats controlled reapportionment, i.e. gerrymandering until 2010. Don’t tell me how unfair Republicans are.

♦ Sorry Democrats but you could take every penny from billionaires and millionaires and it still wouldn’t put a dent in the programs you are proposing.

♦ With the amount of money spent on Trump’s “parade” how many veterans could that have provided health care for?

♦ I don’t care how much President Trump spends on the parade. They ain’t no way he could spend more than President Obama did on throwing money down the drain.

♦ I love how all the Democratic candidates say that asking about citizenship is partisan. They obviously don’t understand democracy. The census is about determining representation of citizens and non-citizens should not get representation.

♦ I just got off the interstate onto a ramp and it was like I hit a brick wall because Georgia Department of Transportation is not doing its job of keeping the roads up.

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