♦ With all of the new development and increased traffic, when is Toonigh Road going to get an upgrade?

♦ These new-fangled light bulbs from China are more expensive, weird looking, and don’t put out as much light. It’s like turning on less dark. I remember recommendations for 200 watts to read by. Light bulbs use pennies a day, insignificant compared to an electric auto, oven, electric heat, or air conditioning compressors. Fake economy! Where are the Edisons and Teslas when you need them? Sheesh.

♦ Some people excuse young people’s criminal behavior, because their brains are not fully developed. That shouldn’t matter, because they still know the difference between right and wrong. I was taught the difference between right and wrong very early in home, in school, and in church.

♦ How many of you think the Georgia Department of Transportation should have crews out every day looking for holes and problems in these roads? Surprisingly enough, they rely on you and I to call in these reports.

♦ Are we fighting child hunger, or child obesity?

♦ Thankfully the authorities were alerted and the three outdoors folks shook hands and apologized. One can comprehend the validity of each individual involved. Ponder that and realize the liberties often taken or expressed that lead to so much violence and death. My father taught me to mind my own business, I’ve used that more than most things others have tried to teach me.

♦ Note to our grass service company: You left a note saying “No weeds!” You could have also said, ‘No grass!”

♦ People are shopping like they’re trying to escape the imposition — of tariffs.

♦ Twin public water fountains, one high for adults and one low for children. Guess which one had a stream that came up a couple of inches, and which one squirted a foot in the air? Or in your face?

♦ All-electric cars are in our future, for sure, but they will be more expensive until economy of scale kicks in years from now. In the meantime you have to be very secure in yourself to drive a battery powered vehicle on a trip, hoping to find a place to charge it back up before it goes dead. Mr. Musk — where can I find a $40,000 Tesla hybrid — with gasoline engine backup?

♦ What’s this? A presidential campaign debate where the candidates discussed issues and there was no name-calling! What’s our Nation come to? Perhaps, its senses?

♦ Okay, inform me of Trump’s threat to our democracy and his attempts to undermine the rule of law. I ask because I do not watch CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the anti-Trump media.

♦ Melvyn Fein dutifully parrots Republican talking points trying to frame the 2020 election as a choice between socialism and capitalism. Most informed Americans , however, know that 2020 will be a choice between Constitutional democracy and fascism.

♦ Truth, integrity, and knowledge are indeed of concern to Trump supporters. That is why we did not vote for Hillary. We are not aware of the “entertainment” provided by Trump. We are aware, however, of the “fake news entertainment” presented daily by the mainstream media.

♦ Thanks to gerrymandering, the Republicans have illegally rigged local elections and controlled things at the state level, which can have an adverse effect on congress and the senate. We have to vote this time to end this nightmare of a presidency, and all the ugliness that came with it.

♦ Agree, we did leave out a few characteristics about Trump from our Soapbox posts — he is worldly, imaginative, and sincere to true American values.

♦ Religion is BIG business. It’s time for churches and religious institutions to start paying business and property taxes, the same as other businesses, and not be freeloaders on the rest of society.

♦ “Forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases (Ps.103:2-3).” “He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses (Is.53:4).” “By His stripes you were healed (1Pe.2:24).” Believe and receive, or doubt and do without.

♦ Trump needs to start looking over his shoulder as he seeks an escape route. Pocahontas is charting her course eloquently and is sneaking up behind to scalp him.

♦ We are many but seem like one. Nothing to do with Trump University; everything to do with Trump’s accomplishments.

♦ Someone wrote it cost $3.6 million for Trump’s trip to Ireland and playing golf, and all that money went directly into the pocket of the Trump organization and family. Really? And I suspect you have proof.

♦ To the Trump apologist who bragged about his two degrees: I realize my mistake. Putting “educated” and “Trump” in the same sentence was a bit of an oxymoron. They don’t exist! My uncle was president of Southern Mississippi University, and here’s a truism he would often say: “You can take a fool and educate him, and all you’ll get is an educated fool.”

♦ The most notorious lair-in-chief/sexual predator/cheater/adulterer Bill Clinton didn’t even have heel spurs — he just wrote a letter to the military to weasel out of his military service. He wrote that he had great sympathy for those not willing to fight for their country. The Clintons are worth a few hundred million because of this political career, profiting off of those who fought and died for their country instead of him.

♦ Trump, unruffled and unflappable, is getting a grip on Washington and the media, driving them crazy while he is looking more Presidential every day. Shades of Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Meanwhile, the Democrat contenders are split wider than the country.

♦ “She’s not my type”? Does that mean if she were his type he would have assaulted her in a heartbeat? For being the smartest person in the history of Earth, Trump sure says a lot of dumb things.

♦ I’ve been looking for a real job since being laid off during the Obama years. I now have been hired by a major company. Thanks President Trump.

♦ Every one of the Democratic candidates raised their hands and said they were in favor of free medical care for illegal immigrants. I just got out of the hospital after six days and got a bill for $99,000. When are the politicians going to take care of the American people?

♦ Democrats insist on calling illegal aliens undocumented immigrants. Do you think they will want to refer to drug dealers as undocumented pharmacists?

♦ I cannot understand why it’s a problem to ask if you are a citizen or not on a census. What difference does it make?

♦ Did any of you calling President Trump a draft dodger check the military records of Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama? Didn’t think so, because there are none.

♦ I’ve been living in Woodstock for 66 years and the Soapbox on June 26 was absolutely disgusting about Trump. Why can’t these people leave him alone and let him be president and do what he can for this country?

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