♦ Cherokee County Marshals, why are signs allowed in the right-of-way at East Cherokee Drive and Highway 5? We’ve already had a fatality there because someone couldn’t see a truck coming. We don’t need another one because of real estate sign there blocking the whole view.

♦ In reading the last Ledger News I see two articles where people are breaking into folks’ vehicles while parked right in their own driveways. I would like to suggest they simply lock their cars, even in their own driveways. I always lock my car, and my house, period.

♦ I watched a cat make a litter box out of my flower bed this morning. I tried to shoo it away and it hissed at me. If we’re required to keep dogs on leashes, why is it okay for cats to run free and make a litter box out of flower gardens? Anyone have an answer for me?

♦ Voters in the upcoming Canton city elections need to remember that Canton is not New Orleans, nor is it Washington, D.C.

♦ Come on Georgia, start enforcing the hands-free law and get these dummies using their phones while driving off the road.

♦ Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, famine, hate, you can’t tell what season it is. Come on folks, wake up. Read the books.

♦ When drivers are passing a car on their right, the “safety rule of thumb” is not to pull back in front of that car until the passing driver can see the passed car in the rearview mirror not the side-view mirror.

♦ The children’s playground equipment at Boling Park is falling down. There are major safety issues. It is rotten. Something needs to be done ASAP. We have plenty of money. We have dog parks everywhere with potty stations set up. If we can afford to do that, I think we can afford to do better for our children.

♦ Another hurricane is hitting New Orleans and there’s all these residents saying, “I’m not leaving, I’m staying.” You would think they would have learned from the last time to get the heck out of there.

♦ If you wonder why SunTrust isn’t paying any dividends to its customers, it’s because they let politics get in the way of business.

♦ Legacy humor: To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.

♦ Some people have said that going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a mechanic. However, the laws of association make it much more likely that you will become a Christian if you spend time in a Christian church with other Christians and that your car will get fixed if you spend time in a garage with mechanics.

♦ Why are we surprised by increased youth suicides in the last few years? During this time, many adults have promoted assisted suicide and termination of the unborn, endorsing death and devaluing life. What are they to think?

♦ Many thanks to the highway maintenance folks for repaving the stretch of Hickory Road behind Harmony on the Lakes. It shows you care. Our car thanks you, too.

♦ I’m elated, but sad. I just gave birth to a powerful new desktop personal computer with low-cost used parts. It is scary fast and responsive. I briefly, and whimsically, wondered if it will contribute to The Singularity, when it’s children will be smarter than us, and if it will care at all about me, it’s creator, or more realistically, simply be another cold purveyor of our future.

♦ My wife said when she was a little girl and it was so hot she asked her parents if the chickens were sweating. She worried about the chickens.

♦ Why is it that it takes six men with a cherry picker to service a power pole on Hickory road and we can only have one police officer in a car headed to battle criminals?

♦ Trump has failed to learn one basic lesson: Never tear down a fence until you know why it was built. There might be a bull in the pasture.

♦ Racism seems to be universal and if everybody is universally racist, then racism doesn’t exist.

♦ President Trump was about to profit from a stripper golf outing at his Florida golf course until it became public and all of the parties bailed. “Sexy Caddie Girls” were to be auctioned off. Didn’t hear of this on Fox News? His utter immorality and disrespect for women continues unabated.

♦ The reason the UK ambassador did not call Trump idiotic, ignorant, illiterate, inadequate, ill-tempered, immature, imbecilic, immoral, impertinent, insane, inarticulate, incapable, and impudent is he was reserving those words for the Democratic candidates.

♦ There is no risk in answering (a Census) citizenship question; the answer cannot be used against the individual by any government agency or court. Why the controversy? The Democrats are concerned about revealing the accurate number of non-U.S. citizens.

♦ On the reparation for slavery debate, I say those wicked white (or any color) slave owners should be tracked down, arrested for causing the Civil War, and forced to pay.

♦ There is no reason to fear being arrested if you check not-a-citizen on the census. There are lots of people who are not citizens who are in this country legally.

♦ “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union,” put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

♦ Someone recently wrote that just because someone holds a high office it doesn’t mean they deserve respect. I suggest reading the laws of the land, and maybe even the way kings with some human, sinful failings ruled in the Old Testament. Not respecting duly appointed, or elected, authority leads to nothing but chaos.

♦ Trump’s highly hyped and publicized ICE raids are nothing more than racist red meat for his re-election campaign.

♦ Trump said he wrote his book, “Art of the Deal.” Another lie. It was written by a ghostwriter named Tony Schwartz. You should get on YouTube and watch Schwartz’s questions and answers video at the Oxford student union, called “The Truth about Trump.”

♦ Before Trump was elected he said, “Only I can fix this!” (the border problem) Now he says, “The Democrats in Congress must fix this.” Typical Trump hypocrisy.

♦ Trump is against “Chain Immigration” unless it’s his wife who has just lately brought her mother and father in to this country from Nova Mesto, Slovenia. As hypocrite Trump says about our country: “We’re full up! Go back home!”

♦ Trump and his merry bunch of white henchmen, known as the Republican Party, are a blight on this country and all need to be voted out.

♦ Just remember, it’s not a lie, if you believe it — Democratic/leftist slogan

♦ Saw a bumper sticker recently that said, “ABA GOPER 2020.” Is that another Democratic presidential candidate who had joined the multitude?

♦ Could the stronghold Republicans in the Deep Red Southern states explain why they are at the bottom of every possible list when it comes to poverty, smoking, obesity, education, infant death rates, etc?

♦ To the lady that described all the births going on in the world as miraculous, I have to disagree. Most humans have no problem becoming pregnant and giving birth, it seems as if the world is being overrun by these so called miracles. It would be a miracle if humans stopped reproducing so much at the cost of our Earth, which cannot sustain the rates at which babies are being born.

♦ The Democratic Party demonstrated they have become the Socialist Party at the Miami debates, where the Democratic presidential contenders indicated they want to raise your taxes; take away your company sponsored healthcare; take away your hard-earned Medicare tax dollars to provide free health insurance to illegal immigrants; and make illegally crossing the border a misdemeanor.

♦ The hypocrisy of Democrats is both entertaining and frightening. First, they encourage hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood our country by creating sanctuary cities and promoting open borders. Then, they refuse to acknowledge that we have a humanitarian crisis at the border. And finally, they blame the Trump administration for all the border-retention problems that THEY created in the first place.

♦ Religious and political institutions make it virtuous to believe printed dogma and what you are told. The more strongly you believe, the more virtuous you are.

♦ Donald Trump was right to tell those Congresswomen to go back to where they came from. We all know he meant the country their ancestors are from. If they don’t like this country, tell them to leave.

♦ The cream of the crop is Joe Biden, but the crop is rotten.

♦ Trump is right to put the citizenship question in the census. People would be outraged if they knew the truth of how many illegal aliens we have in this country.

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