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♦ The American Express commercial showing the young lady going on an uncontrollable spending spree with her first charge card is sending the wrong message. Is American Express going to follow up with a commercial showing the girl’s shock and despair when she receives the bill and realizes she can’t afford the payments?

♦ There are 2 million opioid patients in Georgia. That’s about one out of every four, man, woman, and child living in the state. If you believe in science instead of religion, please tell me why science hasn’t come up with a cure for pain that is not addictive? Science ain’t perfect yet, is it? Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Alfred Schweitzer knew that, and he leaned on God.

♦ I took an old tube TV to the Canton electronic recycling. They did not accept them and knew nothing about how to recycle them. So Googled it and found out the Best Buy will take them for recycling for a $25 fee. Small price to pay to keep them out of the landfill. Thanks, Best Buy.

♦ The age-old struggle in Hong Kong reminds me of HOAs. The people want democratic rights. But those in authority want to maintain all the power over those under their control.

♦ I really liked the Soapbox about the father-in-law presiding over the divorce. That was a good one.

♦ The Atlanta newspaper recently reported that the spokespeople for the VA claimed that the leadership wasn’t aware of the VA problems. I believe that most veterans will tell you that the same problems have existed for decades.

♦ My Mom was a switch hitter. When I wouldn’t mind she would give me a good switching on the back of my legs. But she was a loving and sweet mother, too, and I would call her right now if I could. Call your mama while you can.

♦ As a car lover, I am now tired of counting Mercedes, Audis, Teslas, etc., around Cherokee County and am now only counting Ferraris and Maseratis. Alpharetta must truly be the new Silicon Valley. I read that the average price of a house there is almost a million dollars. No wonder some who work there live in Cherokee.

♦ I♦ f people crave Chick-fil-A and Popeyes chicken sandwiches so much, why don’t they open more franchises? Pretty soon people will be camping out in lines waiting for them to open. Vegans must be astounded.

♦ It’s time for the Christmas Rap: Christmas is a’comin’ / an’ th’ goose is gittin’ fat. / Th’ drumsticks is a’drummin’ / an’ this is where it’s at. / So don’t go sayin’ “Bah humbug” / or “Christmas is a joke” / Or th’ Grinch ul’ give you a hug / an’ you’ll wish you’d never spoke

♦ We need another nice little recession to cool off all this spending, driving, and bulldozing. We have had our seven years of plenty, so look out.

♦ Why did the turkey cross the road? To see what the chicken crossed for.

♦ The frustrated Bible newbie discovered the origin of the phrase “... kill the messenger” in Samuel 1. King Saul was mortally wounded and begged to be put out of his misery, so a soldier killed him and took his crown and the news of King Saul’s death to King David, who summarily killed the messenger for killing King Saul. It appears that, like the rest of us, King David was not perfect.

♦ Nice creekbed of mud you guys bulldozed in what looks like a flood zone off Holly Street. Will the new subdivision be called Venice?

♦ I am watching my weight. Every morning I get on the scales and watch it go up.

♦ Isn’t it ironic, and somewhat pathetic, that the people who complain the most about “left lane slowpokes,” are the same people who snivel and whine the most about “speed traps” when they get a ticket?

♦ My wife phoned our 10-year-old granddaughter and asked what she was doing. She said she had been lonesome until she started talking to Alexa, and they talked until neither one had anything else to say. Days later, the name “ALEXA” loomed large on the tag worn by the attendant on the other side of the counter. I felt compelled, and blurted out: “Do people ask you a lot of questions?” Without looking up, she grinned and quietly answered my question: “Yes.”

♦ “Grey’s Anatomy” is getting so complicated we’re getting brain fog, unable to keep up with all the changes in who is married or not married and having sex with who, who is pregnant, and now isn’t, who’s the daddy, that it’s like a cartoon soap opera of a medical drama. They jabber about personal stuff while they are cutting into people’s insides and then are surprised when the monitor says the patient is dying.

♦ We sure could use signs on I-575 reminding the slower drivers of the law that they need to keep right , including the semi trucks.

♦ Trump claims that he doesn’t pay taxes because he is “smart.” Doesn’t that make the Trump supporters, and others who pay taxes, “dumb?”

♦ Would Trump’s income taxes show that he is just an ordinary, home-grown American Tax Cheat or would they possibly show that he has huge loans from the Russians who are pulling the strings of their Presidential Puppet?

♦ Nobody is persecuting Christians or conservatives by name. People are simply speaking out about ignorance, meanness, and bigotry wherever they see it.

♦ The word “dogma” occasionally appears in Soapbox postings. I wonder how many readers know what that word means and how it relates to their thought processes?

♦ Why are Republicans whining about the impeachment process being unfair? Citizens who want justice have to be concerned about judges who determine which witnesses, testimony, and evidence will be allowed based on the judges’ politics and personal biases. “Judicial discretion.”

♦ Hey California: How are those electric cars working out for you now that PG&E has turned off your electricity to prevent more fires? Told to me by a lovely Lowe’s cashier.

♦ Obsequious politicians claiming Trump was “chosen by God” blasphemes religion and evokes the divine right of kings, which this country was founded to eliminate. Keep religion out of politics!

♦ Marijuana is not so much a gateway drug as it is a get-away drug.

♦ I’m afraid our President is being mired down by The Swamp. It must be almost impossible to be an effective business manager and run the Admistrative Branch under a microscope in present-day Washington. As the son of a successful business owner and manager and being a former Federal manager myself I think can understand his motives and feel his pain.

♦ Even after, and perhaps because of, the impeachment hearings, Trump continues to peddle the debunked Ukrainian conspiracy theory. We deserve a mentally healthy person for President, not a pathological liar narcissist.

♦ Let’s get this straight. Adidas opens a plant in Cherokee County and pockets a half-million taxpayer dollars for hiring 150 workers. Then, two years later, lays them off and uses the technology they developed to facilitate plants in Asia. Business as usual in the USA with Republicans fully in charge from the President down to the county level. Make America suckers again!

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