♦ Appalled at all of the garbage lining the grassy median and shoulder of I-575 southbound from Ellijay/Jasper area. It goes on for miles. Disappointed in my fellow man for trashing our land. How about getting some teenagers out there who need service hours?

♦ What does one of those flashing yellow left turn signals tell you that as solid green light doesn’t. For both, left turn traffic has to yield to oncoming traffic. In fact, left turning traffic always has to yield to oncoming traffic even if there is no traffic light at all. What it tells me is that someone is selling unneeded traffic lights to government officials.

♦ The whole issue for city of Canton Councilman Nick Estes is that he does not want anyone to see the contents of that (DUI arrest) video.

♦ Thank you, Professor Fein, for leading us through the gang warfare that is our Congress today. You have been a teacher to the end and I will miss your contributions to The Ledger.

♦ Dr. Fein, thank you for your service! You will be dearly missed. I’ve enjoyed reading your opinions for years. You’ve definitely been a blessing to many people. Jesus loves you so much He died for you. I implore you with all my heart to put your trust in Him for your salvation.

♦ Being a car afficionado I can’t help but notice all the cars trending with black alloy wheels. Today I saw a car with bright blue alloy wheels. What’s next? Rainbow wheels? Rhinestones?

♦ I like the blinds open for natural light and to see the outdoors; my wife is afraid of someone peeping in. I took her outside to show her you can’t see inside through the reflections, dust, rain streaks, etc on the windows with the lights off inside. She still closes the blinds for privacy, and I open them when I’m the only one in a room.

♦ Melvyn Fein will be missed. Knowing we all will face the same fate one day, some, like yourself, unfortunately, know more accurately, when that time will be. If it’s any consolation at all, you did make a mark with us here locally. Everyone has their differences in life, but when it’s all said and done, can you ask yourself, “ Did I make a difference?” I think you have Melvyn. Godspeed.

♦ I just read that half of millennials don’t think a degree is important anymore. Is that the ones living in their parents’ basements?

♦ Our national symbol is an eagle — an ill eagle.

♦ It’s sad to think that so many in our voting population can only understand and think at the elementary school level. Have our education and economic systems really failed so badly?

♦ Re clear communication: Even the holy prophet Elisha failed when he told his son, King Joash, to shoot one arrow and strike the others on the floor. Joash fired the one arrow and struck the others on the floor three times, but Elisha reproved him for not doing it at least five or six times, saying he would only be victorious against Syria three times and then fail. Say what? (Kings 13).

♦ Melvyn, in your closing days and hours, I hope your pain can be adequately controlled. You have no need to fear death, for as Herman Melville said, “...already have we been that which we fear to be.”

♦ Happy birthday Joseph Banks. Good to see you at the library.

♦ We still use postage stamps. Recently I have been requesting the American flag stamp and applying them upside down on envelopes to signify this country has an emergency like a runaway ship with a fight for control on the bridge.

♦ I’m so deeply saddened by the news that Melvyn Fein shared with us in this week’s Ledger. I look forward to his column every week with its thoughtful observations on our American life. He has contributed important and balanced dialogue to today’s noisy media chatter. I am so sorry he is “running out of road” but comforted by the fact that his writings will be his legacy.

♦ Dr. Fein, we just learned of your coming loss to us. Please allow us to express our condolences in advance, and thank you so much for your contributions to our education and enlightenment. You will be sorely missed by those of us who really appreciated you. You are courageous and inspirational, and you will leave a world much better than you found it. I know you must be familiar with “Thanatopsis.” I believe there is a heaven, and I pray that you will see it.

♦ I was stunned by the news of Dr. Fein’s impending death. I admire him greatly and thank him for trying to educate people in the direction this great country should go. I regret that writers to the Soapbox have made his last year so miserable. Please let him know there are people like me who are praying for him. May God bless him.

♦ I’ll bet there is no traffic in heaven — no wrecks, no roadwork. Another strong incentive to get there.

♦ Although politically I am an adversary of Prof. Fein’s views I am terribly saddened to read of his imminent death. I do not know him, but wish him the best, most gentle transition possible, given his circumstances, and my thoughts go to him and his family.

♦ After frustrating hours of searching for a 7-year-old Windows 7 retail product key so I could reactivate my upgraded Windows 10 on my home PC, and talking to Microsoft techs here and in India several times and being rebuffed repeatedly and heatedly, I finally located the key and activated Windows 10, so — nyaah, nyaah, Microsoft.

♦ Melvyn Fein, you have been a worthy adversary and a good man. May you find peace.

♦ If degrees are no longer important, why do so many people still talk about Kevin Bacon’s six degrees?

♦ All other things aside, the Democrats must be amazed at the President’s energy. The man is a dynamo. He is driving them crazy and getting more media coverage than all of them put together.

♦ The liberal left is quick to blame Trump and the gun for the El Paso shootings, but are almost silent on the Dayton shootings by an individual with liberal left leanings. Mass shootings have occurred at an increasing rate with handguns, shotguns, and semiautomatic rifles since University of Texas in 1966, even over the federal assault weapon ban decade. Democrats should join with Republicans in determining what is causing this increase in shootings, and then take proper corrective action.

♦ Trump brought in people he believed were the best for his administration. Someone may disagree but that is a matter of opinion not a lie on Trump’s part.

♦ The Confederacy was not racist; it was a way of life at that time in our nation’s history. Our nation disagreed, thousands died, and the Confederacy was defeated. Our nation has corrected, slavery was abolished, end of story.

♦ “Next the Republicans will be telling us with a straight face that the confederacy was not racist “ This person apparently doesn’t know that the Confederates were Democrats. What’s true then , is true now.

♦ I am a middle class voter, and I have benefited from the Trump tax cuts and Fed moves. I ask the anti-Trump supporters to stop speaking for me.

♦ Someone listed all the investigations on the Trump team. I am impressed on the thoroughness, but disappointed you did not include a comparison of these findings to similar statistics on the Hillary team and/or Obama administration.

♦ So “telling it like it is” means I act like an 11-year old kid, possess limited control of the English language, exhibit temper tantrums, and behave like a bully? Now I understand why the anti-Trump folks are “telling it like it’s not”; AKA “telling lies”.

♦ Someone sent an open message from the citizens to the NRA and “our” elected politicians regarding what to do about the recent shootings. I am a citizen, and no one consulted me to endorse the open message, which I do not. What to do? First we must agree on what the problem is. I say the problem is evil people due to the deterioration of family values. My opponents say the problem is guns due to lack of gun control, and there lies the dilemma.

♦ On Trump and how much he respects the military. He respects the military by using their retirement funds to build his useless wal. He respects the military so much that he has made worse what little bit of dignity our Veterans Administration leaves to our wounded and disabled veterans. He respects the military by trying to put his conmen friends in charge of civilian controlled military departments.

♦ Trump’s tariffs are destroying the Maine lobster industry, the logging industry, the truckers who haul the lumber, the farmers and ranchers in the heartland and the vegetable and fruit growers of the west. The cost of everything from oil to appliances to electronics to food and clothing has risen sharply. Trump worshippers — are you tired of losing, yet?

♦ Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Liberals get that in the abstract. Sort of. What they do not get is why is it so important to us Republicans and Evangelicals that mentally ill people be allowed [sic] unrestricted access to the tools they need to kill people with swift efficiency.

♦ To quote Churchill: “Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.”

♦ Elizabeth Warren says she will tax the rich and large corporations to pay for all the free stuff she wants to give away. Uh, Elizabeth, corporations don’t pay taxes — they pass that along to consumers, your constituents.

♦ Trump recently attacked Baltimore as vermin infested but failed to call out his son-in-law slumlord, Kushner, who has 9000 rental units in that city. And he failed to mention that “Blue State” Maryland actually has the second-lowest poverty rate in the country.

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