• Mass vaccination eradicates and prevents the spread of viruses, PERIOD. Polio, measles, smallpox, tetanus, malaria, rubella, hepatitis B, mumps and whooping cough have all but disappeared in America thanks to vaccines and mass vaccination. When you selfishly refuse to be vaccinated, you allow Covid to continue circulating and mutating which makes it more contagious, vaccine evasive and deadly to everyone including yourself.

• We need some politicians in this country from both parties to quit making up emergencies where they can play the hero and just do their job, or be replaced regularly.

• John Gieda’s editorial is spot on. I'll go further that we need more than a two-party system. Today’s GOP has no platform, can’t govern, and weaponizes Christianity. M.Taylor Greene and the rest of the QAnon cabal have turned it into a cult that cares nothing about Americans. The epitome of true RINOs. Here’s hoping for alternatives like the Lincoln project, Libertarian, or Green Parties.

• So they’re telling people you better start your Christmas shopping now because things are in short supply. There are ships backed up in the ports, no truck drivers. I guess this is what Joe Biden calls “build back better.” At least we have toilet paper, for now.

• Really? Football is bullying now because they won by too many points? Let’s all go to our safe places and suck our thumbs.

• I can't stop laughing at the Cheney-Bush fan post! Liz is a do-nothing hack RINO traitor who twice voted to impeach. You don't see Democrats shanking their own in the back. She is a corrupt dinosaur like her horrible dad. George Bush showed his true colors and is a swamp creature. RINOs are done.

• I’d like to give a shout out to John Gieda from Woodstock on his Letter to the Editor. It was very well written and articulate. The power in the history that he provided is scary and thought provoking, and something that all Americans, regardless of party, should take to heart. We are in very dangerous times and our elected officials are doing everything possible to divide us for their own self-serving interests.

• I don't want to offend anyone, but “I's” is not a word. Try “my” or “mine.”

• For years, Bell Industrial Park has been there with no red light for many, many businesses coming and going. Morgan’s Hardware moves to north Woodstock, and they’re the only business in that area, and they get a red light working day one. That doesn’t compute.

• Biden is working very hard to create next major crisis, government shutdown due to failure to increase borrowing limits. Facts indicate plenty of incoming taxes and funds to support most existing programs, we won’t go bankrupt, just won’t be able to pay for all of the handouts and social programs . When will Biden tell the truth, if ever?

• This quote from Winston Churchill "The multitudes remained plunged in ignorance... and their leaders seeking their votes, did not dare to undeceive them" sounds like Republican politicians courting the Big Liers, the anti-mask-anti-vaxxers, and their factless conspiracy theories. What has the Republican Party become?

• The desire for socialism exists when wealth is abundant, wealth produced by the success of capitalism. Once capitalism is destroyed, poverty sets in and socialism collapses.

• I just hope that we can survive the next three years of Biden, because in the last eight or nine months he has ruined this country. The borders are wide open, prices have gone sky-high. I hope he’s happy. I hope the people who voted for him see what they have done to this country.

• The Facebook whistle-blower is testifying before Congress about the dangers to which Facebook knowingly exposes us and our children, a matter important to nearly every American. CNN is covering it live. Meanwhile Fox News and MSNBC are running regular programming, following Facebook's strategy of playing on viewer's biases and feeding them whatever skewed nonsense is needed to keep them tuned in.

• The use of vaccines, the use of masks are a belt and suspenders approach. If they’re thought about that way, it is obvious that it is also a conservative approach. It conserves resources like medical supplies. It conserves healthcare for real emergencies.

• Interesting for a wealthy local Tea Party leader to inject themselves into local School Board meetings and to encourage dissent when they have no children while claiming this is a taxpayer issue?

• I feel like I’m at a funeral for our country. The old-fashioned way of destroying a country was bombing it. The new way is infect the population with a virus, shut down businesses, overrun the border with illegals and drugs, insult our allies, kowtow to our enemies, cause inflation, shut down pipelines and free speech, foment racism, propagandize education, let criminals run amok, overtax, and deprive us of goods. Hire some professional mourners! Play taps!

• I would like the paper to do an article on legitimate, tax deductible opportunities for giving in Canton, Georgia. I would like to support my community financially for perhaps, veterans, homeless, battered women, etc. but I don’t know all the opportunities available or the websites or if they’re legitimate and tax deductible. Thank you.

• This girl actually moved here when she was 48, and I paid less in state taxes in Illinois than I did in Georgia. And I brought my children and grandchildren with me; I didn’t leave them back in Illinois. So you’re kinda wrong on all accounts here. And by the way, Georgia ain’t so cheap anymore 20 years later.


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