♦ The fact that jellyfish have survived for over 650 million years without brains helps me understand people who survive inside the Washington beltway.

♦ City of Canton: do you mean to tell me you built a two-story house for four feral cats? That house looks better than mine.

♦ For the vaccinated to worry about the unvaccinated is a little like those wearing seatbelts worrying about those that don’t.

♦ To the entire Woodstock Police Department- Thank you for your service and commitment to our community.

♦ To the person spouting off about our mistaken energy independence the fact is that we exported more oil in 2019 and 2020 than we imported. 2019 was an all time record high for exports. Don’t be like mainstream media and lie, get your facts straight before spouting off. Thank you Joe, we are once again indebted to our adversaries.

♦ I agree, the GOP is the party of parents. Parents who believe they can demand an a la carte education for their kids. Our public education system does not exist to teach students what parents want them to know — it exists to teach what society NEEDS them to know. To any parents that disagree with the curriculum designed and developed by education professionals, feel free to select an alternative to public education, at your own expense.

♦ Under the Biden administration, it’s currently costing people $175.00 more a month to live and is expected to get worse in 2022. And I’m supposed to get a Social Security increase of $75.00 a month? Thank you, “absentee” Democrat voters.

♦ Folks consider who would support the following: borrow more money to reduce inflation; ban drilling and cancel pipelines to lower prices at the pump; tax people more to improve their well being; and, support open borders for a stronger America....only the brain dead and Democrats apparently — could they be the same?

♦ Do y’all notice that parking lots like Walmart are a good place to get run over? Me too. Here’s what I don’t understand: how come parents, like the one I just saw who has a three-year-old child, get out of the car not holding the child’s hand? Are they idiots? Do they not care? What’s going on in America? Wake up!

♦ The Quagliaroli letter, claiming students are uneducated, demonstrates how incorrect and distorted are his facts. Socialism did not kill 30 million, that was down to insecure despotic leaders in Germany, Japan and Russia. We seem to be breeding such types here in recent times. His example of the tax paid on a car further illustrates his wonky thinking.

♦ Can somebody explain to me why Black Lives Matter are protesting outside the Rittenhouse trial up in Kenosha? There were no Blacks killed.

♦ I can’t understand why some men want to murder a poor innocent deer that’s not bothering them. It makes no sense to me.

♦ It does not matter what “side” you are on, we all must admit our great country is in pretty bad shape. I think we all should take a deep breath, step back for a moment, and pray to God for his guidance. I believe we need it now more than ever.

♦ For those concerned about the school zone speeding violation ticket amounts, when you get a sufficient number of tickets covering several speed ranges, please publish your results.

♦ $8 Trillion spent in the Middle East to secure access to dwindling commodity oil for energy and you falsely attribute a rise in gasoline prices to this President? Your Republican leadership has been picking your pocket for years.

♦ I want to give kudos and a sincere thanks to the county officers who came to our aid of a flat tire. We were so stupid and couldn’t find all the tools needed and AAA left us sitting for hours in the middle of the night? Thank you again Cherokee County Officers! You are soooo appreciated!

♦ The strategy for electric vehicles (EV) should be simple; just produce an EV that is as affordable, reliable, maintainable, and efficient as a gas vehicle and it will sell.

♦ I am an independent. I have not voted for a few presidential elections because I didn’t like either candidate. If Pence runs in 2024 I will vote for him because he did the right thing and put the country first and Trump’s narcissistic, sociopathic ego second.

♦ The reason people blow leaves weekly instead of waiting until all the leaves have fallen is that it would be a nearly impossible task if you have a lot of trees. If I wait a whole week it takes me two hours. If leaf blower noise is the worst of your problems, consider yourself extremely blessed.

♦ President Biden continues to show poor judgement, but his poorest decision occurred before he was elected. His choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate was possibly politically expedient but just plain stupid. This is being confirmed by her abysmal polling numbers, 28% per the recent USA and Suffolk poll, her handling of assignments (the border situation) and her continual gaffes at events and interviews. Unfortunately, she cannot be fired for incompetence and stupidity; she has to commit a crime to get sacked. Oh, poor Joe.

♦ In regards to the Nov. 10 Soapbox item which reads there are things lawyers shouldn’t be able to do, one of them is lie to a jury about what the law reads. Let’s add to that. How about lawyers that represent clients in land use applications to Cherokee County? Lawyers should not be able to lie to the planning commission about the circumstances and the facts surrounding the property they’re representing.


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