♦ I was looking at a new sofa at the furniture store and the salesman came up and said, “That would be a great choice for you, sir, not only is it beautiful and comfy, that sofa will seat five people without any problems.” I said, “That’s great, sir, but I don’t know five people without any problems.”

♦ I’m afraid that all the cheese has slid off of Joe Biden’s cracker.

♦ When does the daily “Garage Sale” on Bells Ferry Road become a business that needs a license, pay taxes, etc.

♦ The policies of the Biden Administration are upside down. They have stated refugees arriving by boats from Communist Cuba will not be allowed into the country. The Biden Administration is making clear there is a protocol for entering our country illegally and that is through our southern border via Central America. No illegal entry by boats allowed. Illegal entry allowed only for those making the treacherous trek under Cartel management.

♦ All you.ever-Trumpers that grouse about everything President Biden does are probably the same group of knowledgeable people that refuse to get vaccinated and are leading to a new surge in cases.

♦ Has anyone noticed that Bells Ferry Road backs up every evening going north, all the way into Cobb County, just to get through the Bells Ferry and Highway 92 traffic light? The northbound green light only lasts a few seconds and only a handful of cars make it through the light. It would be nice if more time was allowed, especially during the evening, and the same going south in the mornings. Someone please give us tired workers a break and change the timing on the light. It would be greatly appreciated and would alleviate some of the traffic jam.

♦ It’s amazing to me that knowing we have a lot of PTSD soldiers living in our subdivisions, you idiots who shoot fireworks continuously don’t consider how it affects our brave soldiers, elderly and many animals. Shame on you and shame on our Georgia elected officials for approving the sale of these incredibly loud nuisances. I feel only approved locations should be able to do fireworks on July 4 and New Year’s, and the set time to stop should be..12 a.m. on these two days. Show respect and grow up.

♦ Is this the government control of healthcare they warned us about? Republican legislators control healthcare access, just as they do the polls.

♦ ♦ I spent a year in a foreign country listening to loud bangs and bright flashes so that the people in this country would not have to listen to them.

♦ The reason gas prices in the US are so high is because of Trump and his administration’s response to the pandemic. When you can’t get out of your house, OPEC doesn’t drill and produce oil, and now that they’re producing it at a lower rate, it costs more.

♦ The TV news reported that there is a Georgia law against loud vehicles or no mufflers. However, the enforcement of that law is left to the discretion of police officers.

♦ I’m here in Hickory Flat at East Cherokee and Highway 140, and they’re building concrete walls on both sides. We don’t have enough developments to widen 140, and people are burning a lot of gas sitting there in traffic for 10, 15, 20 years, but we’ve got enough money to build concrete walls at the intersection of East Cherokee and 140. They’ll probably have to tear those down someday and widen the road.

♦ I frequently hear bad behavior excused because “they were raised that way.” Racists are not born, they are taught. Frankly, I don’t trust many parents to deliver the right message about the systemic racism built in our society. I believe there are QUALIFIED people to develop a syllabus with appropriate facts and the resulting consequences, to help us understand and do better going forward.

♦ In older folks who remember reading the Atlanta newspapers in the 30’s-50’s, reading the Ledger News may stir some warm memories. In those days the papers were printed on broadsheet-size paper. The Ledger-News is printed on paper that has the same proportions though the right margins of the paper are not folded evenly, perhaps to allow for the mechanized insertion of ads. If you take two of the four sheets and refold them so the margins are even, you can fold a Pressman’s Cap — find instructions on the internet. In the days of broadsheet printing, Pressmen folded and wore the caps to protect their hair from the oils and inks of the printing press. The Ledger-News sheet will give you a smaller cap which may be just right for a child.

♦ (Olympic hopeful) won third place - / Showed no humility nor grace / And turned her rear toward the flag / While our National Anthem played./ Of hammer throws and sports and such / I’ll admit I don’t know much / But when she warms up for her throw / I hope she drops it on her toe!

♦ Major League Baseball took the 2021 All-Star game away from the city of Atlanta, costing Atlanta businesses approximately $100 million dollars in lost revenue simply because the ownership felt the need to pander to the Far Left and to the BLM movement. Similar to decisions for funding BLM by certain banks (Bank of America for one). I am disappointed with Freddie Freeman, Ossie Albies, and Ronald Acuna for even considering to play in the All-Star game. How about supporting the people who support you?

♦ Trump doesn’t have to get through a job interview — he’s the boss who creates jobs, unlike liberals who kill jobs. Biden sucks period. No one can make anyone hate another.

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