♦ To all the Brandons out there, I apologize on behalf of all the mean spirited people that took the name your parents gave you and turned it into an insult.

♦ Our politics have gotten so hateful and divisive this past year I suggest one change that might improve Party positions slightly toward each other. Trade Liz Cheney for Joe Manchin. With twenty plus Dems. resigning office this year they could use Liz who could potentially replace Schummer, he is getting old and senile like Biden.

♦ Those two dudes, those Lewis and Clark dudes, they paddled out to the first reservation and clearly asked for a sack of good weed. What did they get?

♦ I didn’t plan it, but I was talking to a friend today and as we parted company I said, “May you have a better life than the Democrats want you to.”

♦ NFL Antonio Brown needs to fade away into the list of has-been and losers, such as Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, Tiger Woods, Octo-mom, oh and did I mention Donald Trump?

♦ To the person who inferred Ivermectin is a horse dewormer: You obviously don’t know that its creators won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for its use as a malaria control drug and is used around the world (on humans). Do you ever take Tylenol, Benadryl, Pepto-Bismol, Prednisone? (My list could go on.) If so, you are a hypocrite because some animals can also take these. So in your book, Prednisone would be a “horse anti-inflammatory”. Yep, you prove there’s no fixing stupid.

♦ Florida Republican Matt Gaetz is an idiot. He says that he’s proud of the work Republicans did Jan. 6, and that the pro-Trump rioters are patriotic Americans.

♦ Sean Hannity is not a news journalist when caught participating in political rallies. He’s just an entertainer, a talk show host. But, when summoned by investigations he claims the Constitutional rights of a journalist. Which is it, Sean? Fact is, Hannity is no journalist and Fox is not real news.

♦ Georgians, let’s support President Trump’s candidates for office which support election integrity, law enforcement, and America First, not RINO losers only out for their own agenda. I’ll vote for candidates who correctly REJECTED the fraudulent election results based on bogus recounts, which Kemp has already admitted.

♦ The letter to the editor in the Jan. 5 edition of the Ledger proves to me that the Republicans are still going by the concept that if you tell a lie enough times, people will believe it’s the truth!

♦ You can’t run for Governor with ads saying you’re riding around in your pickup truck rounding up brown people to sent them back to Mexico while claiming you had nothing to do with grown men saying they were just taking the law into their own hands by killing a jogger from their pickup, then take credit for ridding the State of laws which allow for this type of vigilante activity.

♦ On Jan. 6, CNN devoted an entire day to the insurrection at the Capitol. What they failed to mention was the 170 riots we had that summer where thousands of police officers were injured, several were killed, banks, stations, capitols, courthouses all burned. But Jan. 6 was worse, according to them.

♦ We often pledge allegiance to our country, which of course, is our people and land as well as the flag. But many are not supporting that pledge by refusing vaccines and not wearing a mask in public and thus put the rest of us in peril of Covid. They only think of themselves and not of their responsibilities to do no harm to others,

♦ I think it’s ironic that Donald Trump has not given any of those people that were at the Capitol Jan. 6 any money to defend themselves. He raised $200 million after he left office that he can keep. Good luck with that.

♦ Yet another insane LTE by Paul Lampru. He should move to East Atlanta Village. He would fit in perfectly.

♦ Here it comes, there it goes: a white, jacked up, Ford pickup truck with a radio so loud you can hear it 500 feet away. Where’s the marshal’s department?

♦ Mr. Lampru, before talking about the Paris Climate Accord, try reading and understand the document and what every country that signed it agreed to do. My guess is you, nor anyone else on the left, have no understanding of the agreement yet want to talk about how it’s going to save the planet. Let me clue you in. The USA is not in a bubble. We share the planet with China which you must know is the single worst country for carbon emissions. So until you get China to agree to curb their carbon emissions, let’s not bankrupt the USA just so liberals can feel good, hug trees and continue to use plastics and act like you’re the planet’s saviors.

♦ Looks like the socialist sheep are still going baa, baa, Biden in the Soapbox.

♦ Based on all the stop-and-go tractor trailer traffic the last time that I drove into Atlanta, I’m glad that we have a shortage of truck drivers.

♦ Talk about racial discrimination — what’s this all-Black BET channel?

♦ It’s all you transplants, not us Southerners who don’t turn on headlights when it’s raining and when it’s dark. Also you don’t know how to use turn signals either.


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