♦ Beware of people pretending to be your neighbors. They come up to your door with a bunch of mail in hand. They are casing your property to rob you.

♦ My car was damaged by the pothole on Wrights Mill Road that had two orange cones in it last week, and I have pictures. Is there a reason we just putting BandAids on this problem? Is Cherokee County responsible for this road?

♦ I got excited when I heard they were going to raise the speed limit on I-575. Then I got depressed when I found out I was going to have to slow down.

♦ To every Vietnam veteran: Welcome home, soldier!

♦ I was just wondering if there is any place in Cherokee County that adults can go to and play table tennis or ping pong.

♦ It’ll be good to see the new 70 mph speed limit on I-575 to get people home and off the road faster. Now if we can just get law enforcement to concentrate on the people going under the speed limit in the left lane, we’ll get this traffic moving better.

♦ Somebody with a trailer hitch ball punched a hole in my wife’s bumper. I wish I had caught you. It takes a sorry individual to drive off.

♦ I can’t wait for the Fall fashion line-up at Goodwill.

♦ Dr. Fein is a good guy. He was a fine person. Ms. Johnston’s article about chicken and the Burger Chief brought about good memories. What’s wrong in having pleasant thoughts?

♦ How about some of you smart DOT people post some signs on I-575 that say “Big trucks keep right.” Seems like in the past year all the professional truck drivers have retired and the yahoos who took their place drive in the left lane holding up traffic.

♦ We’re very fortunate in Cherokee County to have such great workers in the probate and magistrate courts.

♦ The median price of a home in Cherokee County is about $260,000. Lot sizes for single family residences range from very small to large acreage. Apartment developers typically cram hundreds of units into a few acres of land, making the pro-rata property tax paid per rental unit and passed on to renters almost negligible. The impact on support services, i.e., roads, traffic, sewerage, power, gas, schools, etc. of such dense building in a small area is significant.

♦ I ate dinner in Canton last night and felt completely out of place. I was the only guy in there who was not wearing shower shoes, or had tattoos, or was wearing a cutoff T-shirt, or had an earring, or was wearing a ball cap.

♦ Mothers, please don’t dress your preteen daughter in skin-tight yoga pants that look like they were spray painted on and then take them out shopping in crowds. There are some bad people out there just trolling for such targets. Isn’t there a short skirt that goes over that?

♦ We took a day trip to Dahlonega. The leaves may not be ready, but the crowds of tourists sure are.

♦ We had to cancel plans to go to Florida because of Dorian. Like true members of the Optimist Club, we have made reservations again. We hope to win the hurricane lottery and get to Florida before the warm weather is gone for good. Gambling again, and one eye on the weather news all the time.

♦ We have the heaviest morning dew here that I’ve seen anywhere. It doesn’t dry until the sun has been up for hours. Too wet to mow in the morning, too hot to mow in the afternoon. I can punish the grass in the morning or myself in the afternoon — Hobson’s choice.

♦ Can wait until another 40 years goes by. Real curious what all you tattooed folks look like then with your “sleeves.”

♦ Hey GDOT, I just got off I-575 at exit 20 — Riverstone — and hit a [large] hole. I realize you don’t send anybody out looking for problems like this, but rely on people like me to report it. That’s not good customer service or acceptable. Clean up your act or we will clean up GDOT.

♦ If you don’t like the condition of the roads around here you should make a day trip into Atlanta. I suggest you rent a car to brave it. Make sure it has a spare tire and some Fix-A-Flat. And don’t forget to buy the insurance.

♦ I’ll swear, driving into Atlanta is getting to be just like driving into New York City or Los Angeles. And Metro Atlanta is working hard at becoming bigger and badder, sucking up suburbs, ranches, and farm land. Is Metro Atlanta becoming a de facto city, enveloping all of us? Heavens to Murgatroyd!

♦ Juvenile spelling: There is p-o-o in pool when you are talking about our community pool, thanks to mothers with infants and no swimming diapers. Poo on swimming there. It closes several times every summer because of this. Shoulda provided a baby poo-l.

♦ Restaurants don’t cook with charcoal for any of their burgers or meat-free burgers. They use gas grills. Any charcoal taste you detect is pure flavoring.

If the more you study the Bi♦ ble, the more liberal you become — it’s not working.

♦ If God created man in His image, then which image? The God in Leviticus is very different from the Jesus Christ/God as presented in the Gospels. Has God changed? If the Bible is inconsistent, how can it be irrefutable?

♦ While watching an old movie, “Hud,” the following line was spoken, “Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire.” This holds so true today and not in a good way.

♦ When the Twin Towers came down on 9/11, Trump famously bragged that he now had the tallest building in New York. He didn’t, it’s a lie, just one of the 12,000, and a pathetic self-centered one at that.

♦ Any time Trump denies anything, you can be sure he’s lying. You believe he never paid hush money to those women he never knew? Several thousand more lies to go.

♦ Please don’t replace [Dr.] Fein with another partisan. Please don’t publish anything, even in the opinion and the Soapbox section that is untrue. The duty of a newspaper is to print the facts. The Ledger can add to the problem or be part of the solution.

♦ Aren’t you liberals tired of being lied to by these news stations that you’re watching? They told you: Trump is going to be impeached; Trump is a Russian. None of that’s true. They are just making it up, but you are dumb enough to keep following them and keep hoping.

♦ What’s wrong with the 67 percent of all mass shootings in the world in the U.S. [statistic] is that the media counts murder-suicides as a mass shooting. That skews the actual number times four. Domestic violence is a totally different issue.

♦ Please tell me you’re not going to have a weekly Rebecca Johnston column.

♦ Mr. Tanner’s column didn’t mention the most obvious crooks finding creative new ways to take our money. They are called politicians.

♦ In the last Democratic debate, I think they sealed their fate. They want to make everybody a citizen and ban assault weapons. Anything is an assault weapon if it’s used in an assault.

♦ Beto wants to take our ARs and AK-47s. Thank God I have an M4.

♦ The Democrats are unashamedly trying to buy votes by shoveling out taxpayer dollars through liberal social programs and inviting foreign cultures to take over. This is how great civilizations eventually fail. If you don’t study history it will bite your gluteus maximus.

♦ Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a liberal in conservative clothes.

♦ Hey, conservatives — maybe liberals look “far left” to you because you’re creeping so close to the cliff that is “far right” that you can barely see the middle anymore?

♦ So Felicity Huffman gets only one roll of toilet paper for 14 days in jail? Based on what I have witnessed on how women use toilet paper this is going to be cruel and unusual punishment for her. More than her career will be hitting bottom. I hope her shrink is waiting for her when she walks out — with a king-size hand sanitizer.

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