♦ I’ve been waiting for someone to ask, so I guess I will. Are we done with the roundabout in Holly Springs? It has been unfinished for a good while. Are we just going to leave it like that, or put the finishing touches on it?

♦ I would like to say thank you to the security guard at the Cherokee County Tax Office in Canton for the caring and kindness he shows the customers — especially the elderly and moms with small children.

♦ True to Southern tradition, the roads around here are like quilts. Maybe they would last better if they mixed some of my wife’s grits with that asphalt.

♦ I figured out why Uncle Sam wears such a tall hat. It comes in handy when he passes it around.

♦ The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has.

♦ I have to say the coronavirus protection precautions at the Cherokee High game were followed well. Saw only a few instances of people carrying their masks, but honestly at the time they were doing it were not near others. Good job.

♦ I don’t always agree with everything I read in the Ledger-News, but I sure do appreciate having a local newspaper to keep up with what’s going on.

♦ Well, my tomatoes are played out. It was a good season. I sure will miss them.

♦ Someone complained about the political garbage in the soapbox. Garbage seems harsh but agree, here are some non-political puzzling terms to ponder: American people want to know, affordable prices, true freshman, weather condition, rushing yards all on the ground, 6:00 AM in the morning, real people, live audience, are your relatives getting older, only pay for what you need, speed checked by detection devices, and caution — vehicles entering road. Now, back to politics.

♦ It official, we have presidential nominees and all of the primaries are over. Looking now for my favorite billboard from a couple years ago: Beer … because its election season again.

♦ I suggest a one letter change in all these “Defund Police” signs — change it to “Defend Police.” What a difference one letter can make. Write one to your Representative and make a real difference.

♦ The Democrats are totally for law and order. I believe last November the Democrats impeached lying Trump. What happened to the Republican Senate. Only Mitt Romney had guts enough to exercise the proper vote.

♦ From the beginning President Trump has been denouncing the violence in the cities and has repeatedly offered help to stop it which was refused by city officials. Biden is now calling President Trump “weak” for failing to stop the violence. This is BS….Basement Syndrome.

♦ Well, they ran through my neighbor’s yard and my front yard to knock over Trump signs. They exited on my driveway on Kellogg Creek Rd. Then the guy in Bridgemill Subdivision was caught on a Ring camera, leaping from the car to steal another Trump sign. Those are among the 6 instances that I know of alone. If you want a sign you don’t have to steal them, we will give you one free. Just ask. I know the camera capture was turned over to the Sheriff’s department.

♦ Don’t assume “law and order” always means what you think it means. Sometimes it is a euphemism for “making sure non-white people know their place and stay there.”

♦ Listened to Biden’s speech from Pittsburg when he blamed all of the demonstrating, protesting, looting, and violence in Democratic controlled cities on Trump and he said this would not happen under his leadership. Remember five or six years ago the massive riots in Baltimore and in St. Louis/Ferguson? I think he was VP then, just cannot remember those minor facts. What a farce.

♦ The recent killings of blacks by white cops are indeed tragic; so tragic we need to fix it. The killing is a chain of events (as is with most disasters), starting with the initial encounter in response to some wrongdoing followed by ignoring lawful verbal order, resisting arrest, and force confrontation ending in a tragic killing. Any change along this chain, the ending would have been different. The entire chain is the problem, not just the ending. Until we address the entire chain of events, fixing it is impossible.

♦ Trump makes mistakes like “Old Faithful” erupts: on a regular schedule.

♦ I have a definite opinion on the November election. My mail carrier knows this and has the opposite view. What would prevent him from “pocketing” my mail-in ballot, taking it home and flushing it?

♦ This morning I got trapped on our Wallymart Peloton when one of many Democratic commercials came on the TV, so I guess you could say I pedaled my Ossoff.

♦ Biden and the Dems are now running an ad stating that Trump is responsible for the “shutdown of American football this season.” How stupid and blind do they think we are? Anyone who can read knows that league commissioners make the “play/no play” decisions with some influence from the various state governors. The Dems blame Trump for everything, but typically offer no real solutions or recommended suggestions for a different direction. Despicable Dems. continue to follow the principles of the Resistance movement, partially funded by Soros and other leftists and globalists in hope of killing the American culture. God help us.

♦ Trump’s going to Kenosha just like he went to North Korea and Dayton and the Islands after the hurricane: just for a photo op.

♦ No violence? If you only watch CNN...oh wait, after first saying protests were peaceful and violence was nonexistent, now all of a sudden they say it has to stop...only because it dropped Biden’s poll numbers!

♦ There’s a couple in Mississippi who were going to ride out that hurricane. They had stacks of bottled water, they had food. They didn’t have one or two generators, they had three, just as a backup. They were on the second floor of their house. The water started rising and flooded the lower level. Then the roof blew off their house and they were in the rain and wind, so they sent out an SOS to be rescued. Some things you just can’t make up.

♦ Warren Buffett set the Democrats straight. He said, “Don’t buy no more votes than you need, because I’m not paying for a landslide.”

♦ Until today, I have not been concerned about all the talk about mail delays. Who cares if my junk mail does not come on time? Today (Sept. 1) I received a time-sensitive investment notice that was postmarked on July 14 and needed to be acted upon by me by Aug. 14! The mail delays are now hitting our pocket books. We have riots on our streets, nearly 200,000 citizens have been killed due to the coronavirus, and now we can’t get our mail delivered on time! How much more chaos needs to occur, before we say “enough is enough, and hold Trump accountable?

♦ A recent poll among the military shows that the vast majority will vote for Biden. I’m not surprised because veterans tend to like presidents that are erudite and equanimous. ~ a Viet Vet

♦ America in 2016: “Well, we hate Trump, but we hate Clinton more. What the heck, we’ll try Trump. How bad can it be?” America in 2020: “I want a refund!”

♦ The White House press briefings by “Barbie” are a joke. They’re more like propaganda releases reiterating Trump’s lies, which are over 16,000 and counting.

♦ Trump: “I’m the best liar ever, period.” McEnany: “Right! Here, hold my Bible Donnie.”

♦ Trump supporters and the GOP senators have given the keys to the country to a madman.

♦ Trump visiting Kenosha is like an arsonist revisiting the scene of the crime.

♦ Maybe U.S. soldiers prefer a president who doesn’t allow foreign dictators to place bounties on them, and who didn’t make fun of John McCain, a Vietnam POW in a war where Trump was a 5-time draft dodger. Maybe they prefer a president that didn’t abandon our allies, like the Kurds who helped us defeat ISIS, and allow them (men, women, and children) to be slaughtered by the thousands.

♦ Watching the events of the past few weeks, I have determined: If you want celebration about the goodness of our country followed by awesome fireworks, contact the Republicans. If you want sadness about the wickedness of our country followed by rioting and looting, contact the Democrats.

♦ Just based on what I see on TV and read in the newspapers, these 5 or 6 black men who were shot or killed, should be alive today. It appears that the police used excessive force in every case. I don’t think the police were really threatened. On the other hand , in every case, the black men did not comply with the orders of the police. Bad decisions by all.

♦ Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris smiled and said the riots will continue (I thought the left said these were peaceful protests?). As California AG she sent 11 (!) DOJ agents to raid pro-lifer David Daleiden’s home to seize his evidence showing Planned Parenthood selling aborted fetal parts. Great pick Joe! Her only “qualification” needed was that she met your stated demographic profile.

♦ What a night and day difference between the RNC and DNC. The RNC featured real professional, well-spoken, respectful people, with real, inspiring stories, and positive, uplifting, optimistic messages. Patriotic and honoring true American heroes. The RNC made the DNC look like little leaguers with their non-stop negative bash-fest.

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