♦ In Georgia with your mail-in ballot you must turn it into the elections office, mail it in or put it in a drop box. Polling sites on election day do not accept them.

♦ My wife and I went to our grandson’s baseball game at Richard Mauldin Sports Complex. There were 1,500 to 2,000 people there. My wife and I were the only people there wearing a protective mask. And people wonder why this virus continues to spread. Gov. Kemp needs to send his task force out to local parks to take notes.

♦ I read where one health official said you shouldn’t be able to blow out birthday candles through your mask. No kidding.

♦ No problem. No problem. What happened to thank you, and you’re welcome?

♦ Saw a beautiful Maserati convertible on the road yesterday. Then when I stopped for a light, a riding lawn mower threw a piece of scrap metal into the front fender and door on the passenger side of my old Toyota and left dents. Sure was glad I wasn’t driving my Maserati.

♦ Now that our president has also been diagnosed with coronavirus as well as several of our senators, I would like for our grocery stores that were wonderful to have someone cleaning the shopping carts during what we thought was the height of the virus to start doing that again.

♦ My doctor told me to lie on the floor and then get up without using my hands and he could estimate how long I would live. I tried, and he said, “I hope your affairs are in order.”

♦ Since Pensacola was canceled our new destination is the Destin nation (Sorry, my wife tries to restrain me).

♦ My least favorite yoga pose is the blankety-blank plank. Oof.

♦ Just got your absentee ballot for the November election? Why don’t you just fill it out, put your name and address on it and take it to the elections office. I can assure you they are very diligent and it is not a black hole there.

♦ To the lady who approached my 14-year-old daughter at Hi Caliber just to steal the $40 I dropped while we were there to celebrate good news from my son’s leukemia, either I hope you needed it more than us or to remind you that Karma is real!

♦ I have found that there is one positive thing about the pandemic. You don’t have to worry about other people’s bad breath.

♦ Thousands died in Iraq because of Biden’s and Obama’s incompetence. One of Joe’s crowning “achievements” as senator 18 years ago was a yes vote for the Iraq war. The Obama/Biden administration had eight years to get us out of Iraq, but did nothing. It took President Trump to withdraw troops from the region and also ratify the Middle East Peace accords, which earned him three Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Stop pretending you care about human life when 10x that amount of infants are aborted, and no one says a word.

♦ On Nov. 3 when Jon is defeated, I will be laughing my Ossoff.

♦ Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of the TV channels weren’t so money hungry and they would do a fact finder before they let these candidates run their commercials?

♦ Trump has been contemptible of science and government. Well, science has him in the hospital, and government by the people will soon send him packing and probably put in prison.

♦ How about a 50% tax on all political advertisements. Proceeds must be used to fund health care!

♦ An old saying: “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing”. Modern day Republicans, please wipe the froth from your mouth and lighten up. America will do just fine when we love and respect each other a little more and hate a little less.

♦ No despot in history has killed 225,000 of his own countrymen, women and children in under one year. Trump has done it. He values the stock market, job numbers, big corporations and money more than your life. America was founded “of, for and by the people,” not “of for and by corporations.” He should be prosecuted for murder because the numbers will only rise. Ditto some of his henchmen state governors.

♦ Someone said wearing a mask protects others. Wrong; the purpose for wearing a mask is to control the spreading of the virus from the mouth; only a vaccine can protect. Also, how does the writer know these people, who were raised in a barn, are sick? So condescending!

♦ Christians for Trump: You cannot be a devout Christian and also be a supporter of Trump. Every single day he breaks every tenet and commandment and ideal that Christianity holds dear. Make your choice: Denounce your religion or denounce Trump; you cannot sincerely pronounce both.

♦ So communist threat lives in the imagination of Trumpists. The first phase of socialism/communism is indoctrination, and it appears to be working.

♦ After downplaying the COVID-19 virus from the beginning, your genius President is the laughingstock of the world and rightfully so after mocking Biden for being smart and wearing a mask.

♦ Every four years the same negative comments are blasted out over mainstream media and by Democrats, the same fear mongering comments that healthcare will be canceled, that Social Security will be canceled, that all Republicans are racist, that wealth inequality will grow, that lower income workers will be left behind, that all immigrants will be deported, that black Americans have no place in society. It never stops. I expect to see the TV ad of “grandma being pushed over the cliff” very soon.

♦ If you want to see Democrats in the wild, tune into the confirmation hearings of Judge Barrett. There will be a feeding frenzy.

♦ I live on xxxxx xxxx road Canton, Ga., and my flags and yard signs are being stolen. I can’t afford to keep buying more, I’m on a fixed income, I have cancer and just want to support President Trump.

♦ Trump is the first president since Herbert Hoover to have a negative jobs report after his first term; and the only president to build up a $7 trillion debt in less than four years. He bankrupted six businesses, and now he has bankrupted America, all while paying only $750 in taxes yet paying off millions and millions of dollars to foreign countries.

♦ I watched the debate that Trump trashed, precluding any intelligent discussion. I saw Trump bully, lie, interrupt constantly and throw tantrums when any attention was given to Biden. Do you really want this disruptive divisive man-child doing the same as President for the next four years?

♦ Help me understand why all hate groups are not being called out for their activity of destruction and hurting others including BLM. Racism goes both ways and should be treated equally.

♦ Does anyone want to be drug out of their vehicle and beaten to death by criminal pedestrians blocking the road? Then ask Gov. Kemp to propose state legislation similar to Florida Gov. DeSantis’ “Combatting Violence, Disorder and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act.” DeSantis’ position is that drivers should not be held liable, if their car strikes violent rioters while trying to avoid being assaulted.

♦ Au contraire you naïve, Souther♦ n, country boy. Parents can teach their kids not to take any “expletive” off of anybody, and they too might become President.

♦ Rand Paul has a great idea about trap doors to keep debaters from interrupting each other. I would prefer that the trap door lower a little bit each time that one debater interrupts the other. It would be fun watching them slowly disappear behind the dais.

♦ When a debater tries to steal the allotted time of the other debater, Maxwell Smart should lower the “Get Smart” TV series’ cone-of-silence over that person.

♦ I am not interested in how much taxes a President pays. I want a President who can help America by improving the economy, get us out of bad deals with countries like Iran, keep us safe, reduce our taxes, etc.

♦ Soapbox article of 10/7 calls Trump dishonest, morally corrupt. a pathological liar, a bigot, a divider of states, a dictator, a tax evader, etc. Facts please, not a repeat of mainstream drivel aimed at emotional “Democratic Kool-Aid” drinkers. What a joke. Recent declassified documents show Hillary, Brennan, Obama, Biden, many FBI agents all colluded on the Russian/Mueller farce. Please get your facts straight and stop deceiving the American voter.

♦ To my new Democatic neighbor, nice comments about “sharing ties’’ and how we can “accomplish things.” Sounded good until I realized your comments and eventual criticisms were the same platitudes, lies, and deceptive statements I hear from all Democrats. I was president/CEO/owner of a mid-sized company, and my most effective and successful employees were so because “they got things done.” Personalities mean very little when compared to results. Trump gets things done. Biden and Obama got very little done.

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If you are blaming the President for all the Covid deaths, you are truly too stupid to vote. Provide some kind of proof or shut up and go back in the basement.

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