♦ States are not allowing more than 10 people to gather in a private home for Thanksgiving. But funerals are allowed. So we’re going to have a funeral for Tom Turkey on Nov. 24.

♦ Why is it a “Stop on Red” sign has been added to turn right from Trickum to Barnes Road and no one is honoring it and the police, city/county do absolutely nothing about it? Where are they and why does this continue to happen? Reports have been made.

♦ When is it going to occur to the county and the cities that the landscapers blow leaves into the gutters. The gutters stop up and overflow and then the county has to clean them out. Why don’t you make them pick them up like they should instead of clogging up our systems?

♦ Many thanks to the Woodstock Parks and Recreation Department for their recycling event on Nov 7. Very well organized and a great way to get rid of items responsibly.

♦ I just got a phone call telling me that someone had my Social Security number and that someone was stealing my information. The person on the other end intimated they were from the Social Security Administration. It was a scam. The Social Security Administration will not call you on the phone. The police will not call you on the phone. The IRS will not call you. If they need to get ahold of you, they will contact you in writing. If you get these calls just hang up.

♦ I love Apple products but they don’t fit my budget. Worse, their batteries are not customer replaceable. I love Teslas, too, but they don’t fit, either. Waaah.

♦ If Cobb County School district can mandate masks for students, why can’t Cherokee? If teachers and staff wear them so should students!

♦ Just read an esoteric dissertation supporting the vegan view that we are not morally entitled to eat animals. Please, don’t we have enough to worry about? We evolved over time as omnivorous, meaning we can eat both animals and vegetables to survive. Don’t mess with my meat and two. Go eat your kale and hummus and leave the steaks for those of us who only kill what we need to eat.

♦ Kudos to Apple computer owners who give their unwanted Microsoft computers to those who are less fortunate. Steve Jobs must be looking down from Heaven and blessing them.

♦ I would offer to buy one of Boeing’s grounded 737 Max jets cheap but I couldn’t afford the fuel for it. Could it be converted to an all electric version?

♦ Thank you, Ledger, for the story on the Hickory Flat study being started up again after is had been ended by COVID-19. They are having new virtual meetings. I do appreciate you letting people know what is going on in our community.

♦ Just watched all the statistics on the CNN morning news and it looked like the coronavirus was winning the Presidential election.

♦ I want to send a message to people who moved here from outside the South. As a Southern born and raised person, by the grace of God, I welcome you. I’m sure two of the main reasons you moved here are for the great weather and the low taxes. However, I ask that you leave your liberal voting ways back there.

♦ You people who voted for Biden are going to learn the true meaning of the word buyer’s remorse.

♦ The Senate runoffs in January are very important for the future of this country! If all three branches of government wind up being held by one party in our country as we know it will be changed and not for the good.

♦ Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced Saturday (November 7th) that he will be moving to Georgia to help Democrats clinch two crutial Senate runoffs in January”. My fellow Georgians … make no mistake, he is making this move to further HIS agenda, not yours.

♦ After the fraud is prosecuted and if Biden still wins, he could be the first to be indicted before taking office and/or the first to be impeached before inauguration.

♦ After this election where such a huge number of Americans spoke, we now owe it to each other and our country to follow up with dialogue between the parties (i.e. neighbors), and make America America again. Of, for and by the people. All of us in this together.

♦ A conspiracy theory divides and confuses people. Keep putting theories in front of people and they are terminably divided and confused. Perfect scenario for a despot. Mr. Trump please pack all your absurd conspiracy theories and ill-gotten wealth and go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Good riddance.

♦ When Jimmy Carter lost the presidency he accepted defeat with quiet dignity and prepared President-elect Reagan for the challenges ahead. Carter then went on to serve humanity, eventually winning the Nobel Prize, leaving public life as a winner and not a loser. I wish the same for President Trump.

♦ Now that the Presidential Election is over, this reminds me of Super Bowl 51! Falcons vs Patriots ... we had an exceptional lead and watched the game slip through our fingers! The lead points we had didn’t matter, just like our votes didn’t matter!

♦ Please brothers and sisters let us return to being Americans without any label attached like far left or far right. Our delicate democracy cannot survive much longer with such division. Increasingly, crazy people with military weaponry will do crazy things.

♦ Congress: You were hired to get things done on a daily basis. So start working across the aisle every day now and get stuff done. If you stay all about your party and delay the important work, then we’ll fire you next. Negotiating the work to be done is how it has been done for 250 years. Only in the last 12 years has the division gotten unsustainably extreme.

♦ Trump deserves all the credit for rebuilding the Blue Wall and flipping Georgia. Biden, the worst presidential candidate in the history of Earth, certainly couldn’t have pulled that off, right?

♦ People, here’s the deal. Everything out of corrupt Beijing Biden’s mouth is a lie. That makes him a compulsive liar. If you believe him you are as well. I gave Americans way too much credit in the intelligence department. And Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation — nice try!

♦ If elected, Jon Ossoff will have been bought and paid for by California Democrats. His only demonstrated qualification to date is that he takes direction well. His allegiance will be to Democratic Party leadership, not to Georgians, and the only corruption he will root out will cleverly deflect attention away from his socialists schemes and beliefs.

♦ So Joe Biden is now talking about doing a complete shutdown of the country for one month. How many other businesses are going to go bankrupt and never reopen because they can’t afford to be closed? It’s just not right.

Atlanta schools staff went to jail for submitting false answers. Shouldn’t they do the same for submitting false ballots?

♦ To the comment … about Trump’s golfing: Trump built and owns the golf course and is taking 0 salary. Obama played 333 golf games on a public course someone else built, took 328 vacation days, and racked up $97 million in hotel bills while taxpayers paid his salary.

♦ Now the Democrats want us all to unite and accept the election results. You mean like they didn’t do four years ago. They never accepted Donald Trump as a legitimate president. Now they want us to do it. That ain’t going to happen.

♦ In years past the presidential elections have not gone my way, such as when Obama was elected. Never has an election impacted me the way this most recent one has. It has affected my mental state, my sleep and my hope for tomorrow. Somehow I cannot seem to shake it off. Does anyone else have these feelings, or am I alone.

♦ Jan. 5, 2021, let’s all turn out to vote for our Republican Sens. Perdue and Loeffler. Georgians we are the ones who can keep socialism away from our company.

♦ I cannot understand why supposed intelligent people can get so upset over their president’s election loss.

♦ Trump supporters, you are the ones being brainwashed. Even in defeat your president is continuing to spread lies and give you supporters false hope. I say, adios, bye-bye.

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(3) comments


If Oscoff is so dangerous, Perdue should debate him to reveal his socialist intentions. Why won't he??? We all know why.


To the golf comment: trump spent $150 million golfing in 4 years vs. $80 million spent by Obama in 8 years. The fact that trump golfed at his courses (putting money in his own pocket) or donated his measly salary is irrelevant. Look at the bottom line. Jeesh!


People cannot get over trump's loss because they are not intelligent. They are gullible people who have generally been led astray by false prophets, like Sid Roth, Paula White, Franklin Graham, etc., etc.

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