♦ I hope they don’t put in a red light at Univeter and New Light. That would cause a traffic nightmare and the cops would give out lots of tickets. Hopefully they will put in a traffic light instead.

♦ Hooray to the churches who do not use the indoor fogger for the music/worship time. Those of us with copd/asthma are grateful to walk into church and breathe easy. Churches please listen to the congregation and attend to their physical needs.

♦ Hold onto your property. Holly Springs is on an annexation and imminent domain diet. Look out.

♦ Can someone explain to me why impeding the flow of traffic while riding a bicycle would not be illegal?

♦ A lot of inmates aren’t lifers or on death row. So, there are more experienced and knowledgeable people who care about food safety for the inmates in the Cherokee County Detention Center. As a deputy sheriff told me, “You will too when you have a family member or a friend in jail.” I knew a young man who got 30 days in jail for forgetting and missing jury duty. Do you want citizens like that consuming soured milk, moldy bread or tainted meat in a roach-infested cafeteria?

♦ I am applying for a veteran’s home mortgage. They want so much qualifying information that I am having to dig up things I didn’t even remember about myself. Interesting, but like a research project in the National Archives. I’ll never get all those documents I scanned for them back in their rightful places. Whew.

♦ From the wisdom of Solomon: “A friendly discussion is as stimulating as the sparks that fly when iron strikes iron.” Proverbs 27. May you always have someone stimulating to talk to. Too many adults don’t find time to talk to their parents, forgetting that they are the light in their lives.

♦ What is “Game of Thrones”? Is it a toilet seat challenge or something?

♦ My wife told our dinner guests that she was the chef and I was the sous chef, so if they got sick I was the one to sue.

♦ Ball Ground powers that be: Thank you for all your efforts to keep our city beautiful and not allow Cherokee County to dump what they don’t want in their neck-of-the-woods in our historic, serene town. Be North Cherokee strong! We love it here!

♦ I’m tired of seeing the video of the boy in Florida trying to break those boards using karate. Then they have to help him break it. Come on people, he’s too young to be taking those classes.

♦ A pest control company has a commercial showing a cockroad going into a yard drain and then coming out of the bathtub drain — that’s impossible. They aren’t even connected. With that misleading information, I’ll never use their company.

♦ If Windows 10 updates causes you the problem of having to reinstall your Windows 7 games, there is a way out. Kiss Microsoft goodbye and use Linux.

♦ Like Melvyn Fein, I too admire the though-provoking books of Yuval Noah Harari, especially “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus.” In his recent dissertation as to why he thinks men are more genetically prone to leadership than women, Fein quoted a passage from Harari’s book “Species,” which does not exist. I am currently reading another imaginary book, “The Origin of Crackpot Theories.”

♦ I get no pleasure watching Republican motorists dodging and hitting potholes in our roads. I am puzzled as to why they continue to elect the same party. I’ve lived in Cherokee county for thirty years, and the roads are worse now than at any time in that span. The potholes that are patched don’t last long.

♦ I dared to click on one of those offshoots from a legit website and had one of those browser seizing “Your Windows 10 system has been destroyed and unless you call this number...” messages pop up. How annoying. Just hold down your PC’s power button for over eight seconds to shut it down completely, then boot back up, stay away from that spot and run an antivirus scan just in case.

♦ With our increasing population, building, traffic, smartphones and social media we have created a modern society that I call Spamalot. Other names I considered were Chancealot, Dancealot, Prancealot, Glancealot, Enhancealot, Pantsalot and Rantsalot. Phew – So tiring. Where do we go from here?

♦ To the person who claimed Democrats would vote for Satan himself if he was running, that’s blatantly false. Hardly any Democrats voted for Trump.

♦ Twenty five men in Alabama just made a woman who has an abortion after a rape subject to far greater legal punishment than the man who raped her.

♦ Yes, it is interesting. You must be a special kind of stupid to describe a car salesman as ignorant, bullying, narcissistic and a pathological liar and not expect someone to recognize you were referring to Trump. Nice try, but next time do not be so obvious.

♦ How many more shootings of innocent people will it take to admit that angry male white supremacist domestic terrorism is the real threat to our peace and security?

♦ Now that Kemp signed the Heartbeat Bill, I would like to know when he is going to sign the vasectomy bill to stop all these unwanted pregnancies BEFORE they happen? If women have no choice about their reproductive rights then men also need to be restricted.

♦ I would like to be able to give everyone a half dozen reasons to vote for Republicans in the future. Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, Bill Blasio and Elizabeth Warren.

♦ Stacey Abrams says she’s still thinking about running for president. I thought she was still running for governor since she never conceded to Brian Kemp. Can you run for both offices at the same time?

♦ Attorney General Barr has assigned a U.S. Attorney to look into the origins of the Mueller investigation. Look out Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Loretta Lynch. Somebody signed off on the start of this political witch hunt.

♦ Why should I be asked to pay your student loan? Will I be asked to pay your BMW auto loan next? How about that $400,000 house you’re living in, who pays for that?

♦ I’m very proud of Governor Kemp for having the guts to sign the Fetal Heartbeat Bill! I believe this is a monumental moment in the history of Georgia.

♦ The egg and sperm cells, which fuse to form the zygote, are already living. Perhaps the politicians and others really mean the “soul” enters the zygote at the time of conception? If so, then the question follows, “What is the evidence of a ‘soul’ being present?”

♦ I have been living under the delusion that our Nation was a great mass of good, honest people who were concerned about each other and others in the world. It seems now that the Trump administration has revealed a nation that is composed of amoral, lying, selfish, money-grubbers, bigots, white nationalist and “Christian” hypocrites, who are only interested in “more, more, more” of everything and have no thought for the future of mankind and planet Earth.

♦ If my brother needed a blood transfusion to live and I was the only person in the world who could donate blood, no one could legally force me. On the same coin, if he needed a new heart to live, no one could legally take that heart from a corpse who is not a registered donor. To force a woman to sacrifice her bodily autonomy for nine months is terrifyingly unethical. Corpses officially have more control over their bodies than women do. We’ve taken a huge step backward.

♦ Bravo, Justin Amash! I am a Yellow Dog Democrat, and I had given up hope of ANY Republican every having the spine, courage, audacity, or whatever is needed to stand up to Trump, recognize that he is trashing the Constitution of our Nation, and should be impeached. Representative Amash deserves a Medal of Honor.

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To the person who thinks Amash should get the Medal of Honor. Obviously you don't know that the CMH is for military personnel who do extremely heroic and/or dangerous feats in a combat theater. It is not for politicians sitting in an office in a building with armed guards and tight security bloviating about how to get the President. Separate the two.

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