♦ I want to know why parents in Cherokee County have to provide a laptop with camera for social distancing to hold back your child for the first semester when they are already being provided by middle schools and high schools.

♦ When you print the Ledger you need to print it darker. It’s gotten lighter lately. So, buy some ink or fix your printer, okay.

♦ On Bells Ferry Road just prior to the curve with a 35 mph sign approaching the very busy area of the Little River Marina and JD’s Restaurant; there is a 45 mph sign. This 45 mph sign needs to be changed to 35 mph.

♦ When the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, the public deserves accurate and reliable information about it from a totally honest source. We should not have to sort through nonsense from politicians, network news actors, the “Expert” of the week, celebrities, social media psychos, or self-serving propagandists. Accurate, helpful information from someone who really cares about us folks out here would be a welcome change.

♦ Thank you Moon and Lance for going out of your way to help me, like you always do. — Peggy

♦ As to the beaches reopening: Too bad sharks don’t practice social distancing.

♦ Seen posted in a local store: “You can’t have it both ways... You are free to make a choice, but that means accepting the consequences of your actions... “

♦ Suggestion: Don’t let your toenail fungus get a foothold. Or two.

♦ I would like to request that the July 8th Letter To The Editor, written so eloquently by Eric Wacaster of Waleska be included in each and every edition of the Cherokee Ledger through the end of this year. This is a must read for everyone. It is a serious eye-opener. We need to take a stand now before it is too late for our great country. Thank you, Mr. Wacaster for this fantastic article.

♦ According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, I am a weightlifter. I can lift a finger. At least I could when I wrote this.

♦ I was laboriously pedaling my wife’s Wallymart Peleton and breathlessly yelled out to her, “Help, Honey! Get me off this infernal contraption!” To which she replied, “Good try. I’m not taking your place.”

♦ I hate to keep harping on potholes on Hickory Road, but there is one that is getting too deep for safety near those new homes at Stringer Road. Pretty soon we may have more than front ends knocked out of alignment. Got a few pounds of extra asphalt, anyone? Maybe the road maintenance folks?

♦ I held a banana peel in my hand for a little while and it started to turn dark and mushy. Aging from body heat? If we could figure out what chemical reaction causes that process could it be cancelled or even reversed and applied elsewhere? Any bioengineers out there? If so, get to work, guys. I’m turning dark and mushy.

♦ Bible trivia: What woman led Israel’s army to defeat an oppressor? In Judges 4 you can read about Deborah, a prophetess, leading the army of Israel to victory over King Jabin of Hazor and his commander-in-chief Sisera, whose army with 900 iron chariots had made life unbearable for the Israelis for twenty years.

♦ “Cancel culture” does exist, but you cannot expand it to include criticism of your opinion.

♦ Biden called one of his potential voters fat, a “damned liar,” and “you’re too old,” or how about classics such as: “you ain’t black” or “put y’all in chains” or when trying mumble and bumble through the Declaration of Independence: “men and women created by, you know, you know, the thing” or the other doozie: “we choose truth over facts.” So how exactly do these make him a gentleman, intelligent, decent and caring?

♦ To the person who kindly tried to educate all the readers about what it means when a Republican does not wear a mask. Just wondering if they could tell us what it means when a Democrat doesn’t wear a mask. I don’t think they have had time to travel the entire United States and ask each person they see without a mask what their political affiliation is.‘

♦ My wife has a T-shirt that says “Hurray for the red, white, and blue.” I pointed out that Russia’s flag is also red, white, and blue, as is the flag for Britain, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Iceland, and others. I think red, white, and blue may be the most common combination for flags.

♦ Look at the much lower infection and death rates for the “panicdemic” in Southeast Asia and explain to us why our treatment programs are so far behind them. Is it possible that their use of breathable corticosteroids used for asthma to directly treat inflammation in the lungs actually works? If so, why aren’t we on top of that?

♦ Trump is now trying to discredit the messenger Dr. Fauci, highly respected for decades, because he cannot deal with the truth of the message. Trump has failed miserably yet again.

♦ Any Republican still trying to question Joe Biden’s mental sharpness after Trump’s straitjacket-worthy, incoherent “press conference” in the Rose Garden the other day has no credibility. Your guy is batty.

♦ Russia’s oil and gas revenue tanked when demand went down. Trump has been a cheerleader for Putin since before he was elected POTUS. And the reporting on the Russian bounties is not dubious at all, unless you get all your “news” from the right-wing propaganda machine.

♦ “No shoes, no shirt, no service” is no problem, but “no shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service” is government overreach. Really? It’s probably going to take a Very Stable Genius to explain that one.

♦ Radical socialists have not taken over the Democratic party. As far as supporting data, this is the Soapbox — no room. Get your head out of Fox News, OANN, Rush and Breitbart if you want to know what’s really going on.

♦ Mayor Bottoms is an accomplished attorney and mayor of a major U.S. city. “Nice-looking and articulate lady?” Your condescending description is noted and may say a lot about you — none of it good.

♦ Former slaves paid dearly for the end of slavery. Ever heard of Jim Crow?

♦ I’m entertained by the suggestion in a previous Soapbox that blacks should pay reparations for those “courageous men” that fought in the Civil War. As suggested, it was because of these 350,000 white men that led us to a better America. Only white men? The Union had over 40,000 black soldiers die and approximately 180,000 black men enlist during the Civil War. Black or white, they fought for the Union. Stop the comparison game. Humans are humans. Death is death.

♦ I’m willing to bet that more than 350,000 black people died before we eliminated slavery in America.

♦ Never vote for a personality? That’s exactly what you did in 2016 — you voted for a reality TV star’s personality.

♦ For the President to pose with Goya products in the Oval Office to promote the company is not only a violation of Federal law, but an indication of how petty and low-class this insecure man-child is.

♦ Thank you Governor Kemp for caring so much about the people of Georgia that you say no mask, no lockdown, everyone back to school. Just hope you can go to all the funerals and tell the families how sorry you are.

♦ Trump said a section of his border wall is defective, and was done “to make me look bad”. Nobody ever has to do anything to make Trump look bad. He does it all by himself.

♦ So Trump isn’t perfect. We didn’t expect him to be Mr. Nice Guy with clean kilts. He is trying to do the big things he promised to do and we elected him to do. Manage immigration, balance our trade with China, resist communism, and maintain law and order. The Democratic liberals have fought him on every front for four years, using every trick in the political playbook, and promise to keep it up until they can take over again. They hate him for being a bull in their china shop.

♦ A few years ago a poll said that about 80 percent of Americans believed in God. I don’t believe God could win an election today, especially if he ran as a Republican.

♦ Again yesterday I watched Hiden/Biden give a position speech in front of no one, with no questions asked. What a phony, copying Trumps economic message as if it were his own. I am so embarrassed for our country to have Biden as a potential President.

♦ I am still waiting for explanations regarding how Biden’s son got a $50,000 per month Board seat and how his son got millions of dollars of investment money from the Chinese government. Also, never saw the Obama promised audit by Biden of the almost trillion dollars in stimulus bailout money in 2008/2009 to allegedly help with the Bush Recession. What Unions did it go to, how much was returned to the Democrats?

♦ History trivia: When the Arab nations attacked Israel in the 1972 Yom Kippur War, the Israelis were using British Centurion tanks. The Israeli army was losing the war but Britain refused to resupply them with parts to repair the tanks or anything else. Who saved Golda Meier’s Israel? Richard Nixon, with over three billion dollars in military support. Then Henry Kissinger had to call the Israelis off the Arabs with shuttle diplomacy before they took Damascus and Cairo because the Russians were threatening to intervene with troops. Chalk one up for poor disgraced Nixon.

♦ That police chief in New York city that knelt with the protestors is now in the hospital after being hit in the head with a baton by the protestors. That’s what you get for trying to give a little — they take a yard.


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