♦ I will be so glad when our local businesses open up and we can go in and deal with people we have seen face to face for years. They are almost like family and we miss their smiling faces.

♦ A lot of businesses are doing their best to keep us safe. Masks, hand sanitizer, limiting access, social distancing, etc. So why are all us not doing the same? It seems pretty selfish.

♦ The United States has roughly four times the population of Germany;but,has thirteen times the number of deaths from Covid19. What is wrong with this picture?

♦ Kudos to the people demonstrating for an end to racism and police brutality. Kudos also to the police treating them with respect and assisting as they exercise their First Amendment rights. Cherokee County is a wonderful place.

♦ We appreciate and support our wonderful Ball Ground police.

♦ It’s not being a good neighbor to have a back yard that is a junk yard that attracts rats and snakes that your neighbors have to look at.

♦ Everybody should just wear a mask. Don’t worry about the politics of it. People should be aware that a 10-day hospital stay at Northside Hospital may well cost you over $200,000. I know this personally.

♦ Thank you to Susan Naylor for her “Forgive us our trespasses and accept our love” editorial and to Dr. James Kilgore for “End of Construction: Thanks for Your Patience”. Many thanks as well to Donald Conkey for sounding the alarm “Is American now dealing with the wrath of God?”. This present turmoil may be just that, but add to that the simple invitation of Jesus for us all that Dr. Kilgore cited “Come to Me...and I will give you rest”

♦ Whenever my head starts pounding I take an anvil — I mean, an Advil.

♦ Based on current happenings, maybe the Native-American Indians should demand the removal of the Statue of Liberty — since it initially represented all the white European immigrants that were coming here to overpower them and take their land. And, BTW, it’s still the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians, the Washington Redskins, Cherokee, etc. Where’s the logic? Is it because there are so few of them left that they can’t mount a national protest?

♦ What is it now when you call an 800 number you get a message saying all circuits are busy, try again later?

♦ This morning I listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons while pedaling my wife’s Wallymart Peleton. Why don’t we ever hear music like that when a car pulls up next to us with booming speakers that vibrate your pelvic girdle? I used to think I liked some parts of all music, but I don’t give a rap about rap.

♦ I miss the old folks. My Pappy used to say, “Be careful, or you might learn sump’n.”

♦ This morning I saw a sign that said that fireworks scare horses. There must not be any horses alive around here now because a thunderstorm came through this afternoon. No fireworks I have ever seen could be compared to the lightning and thunder with even a minor thunderstorm.

♦ All this news about the virus, violent protests, and monument destruction must be selling lots of mental health services and products ( read psychiatry, Prosac, etc.) It is throwing gasoline on the flames of stressful mental instability at a time when we need to focus on our country’s future and maintaining harmony and peace. Didn’t our great religious leaders all preach peacefully accepting our lot and being thankful for what we have in this world without violently taking from others?

♦ Legacy humor: Did you hear the one about the prostitute who rode a bicycle? She was pedaling her fanny all over town.

♦ It was hilarious to see that commenter in last week’s Soapbox bragging about the unemployment number that Trump had bragged about — you know, the same one that was still obscenely high and wrong by 3%.

♦ If mental incapacitation could be measured, the entire Democratic party would be removed. And the world would be a much better place. I guess the left considers sleepy Joe as the top of the charts in mental capacity.

♦ I find all this protesting and violence revolting (pun intended). If these protesters/rioters were in the majority our government would be overthrown and replaced by anarchists and we would have another banana dictatorship. I was in dictator-ruled Cuba before Castro and after Castro took over and I don’t want to see our America go either way. Do you?

♦ It’s hard for Atlanta police officers to show their support for officer Rolfe or their frustration for how they are treated by calling in sick. They know that less cops on the job can put their partners in jeopardy if there is not enough backup. There are 2,000+ officers in the APD. They should give their detractors what they want and all go on strike for 2 weeks. Perhaps some organizations can pool their money to pay the officers during this 2 week period. Let their leaders and the city see what life is like without them. As Atlanta burns, maybe the mayor and the DA will rethink things.

♦ What’s Fauci doing? Watch that. He wears a mask. Anonymous keyboard infectious disease “experts” are everywhere. Just wear the darn mask to be a considerate person.

♦ Rayshard Brooks was running away. He was shot in the back. The fact that he wildly threw some non-lethal force toward officer Rolfe is not justification for using lethal force — especially when it was also going toward innocent bystanders. Check your bias, Rolfe defenders. He was wrong.

♦ There’s not enough room in the entire Soapbox to lay out all of Trump’s corruption. But keep your head buried in the sand. You’re going to be very surprised and disappointed come Nov. 3 when he’s soundly defeated.

♦ It’s concerning that so many people think it’s OK to shoot someone in the back because they may have been drunk or they may have been a bad person.

♦ Good for Scot Turner. MLK Jr. should be one of Georgia’s two honorees in Statuary Hall. Bring Confederate traitor Alex Stephens, who should have never been there, home and put him in a museum.

♦ Trump said the Supreme Court doesn’t like him. What’s to like?

♦ I hear “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” used individually. I believe the terms are synonymous because the phrase “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that my life does not.

♦ “Keep America Great”? America is in a shambles by every conceivable metric, and we should keep it this way? With the only major legislation over the past few years being a deficit exploding corporate tax cut? How about a new slogan? “Democracy is Coming.” Take that to the bank.

♦ Reading the soapbox today and seeing all of the negative, hateful, blaming President TRUMP comments makes me wonder if they all returned their $1,200.00 checks or deposits they received from someone that can’t do anything right is a liar and has done nothing for this country.

♦ The DNC will be telling senile Joe who will be his running mate. This way, if he is elected, they can shuffle him off to the looney bin and have their chosen president without having to concern themselves with the will of the voters.

♦ The Republicans have never been able to govern, and this latest stimulus check fiasco is a perfect example. They sent out over a billion (with a B) dollars to dead people. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re being led by a cast of crooks, clowns, and incompetents.

♦ I agree black lives matter but it should be ALL black lives matter including the black lives killed by blacks in our inner cities, not just blacks killed by white cops. I also strongly believe White Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, and Unborn Lives Matter.

♦ Wrong again, the Supreme Court did not decide on Republicans finding another way to ramp up on LGBTQ. The Supreme Court decided on the scope of sex discrimination which needed clarification due to the rise of the LGBTQ Americans in our society.

♦ I did not forget Donald Trump in my biggest liars and cheats list; I just believed Joe Biden is way bigger liar and cheat than President Trump; Biden has been milking and conniving our government for 43 years.

♦ I disagree with the notion our country was built on black slaves’ backs. Sure, they contributed to the building of some states. So many contributed in building our country; here is just a few: our daring founding fathers; pioneers expanding our territories and wealth; inventors such as Tesla, Franklin, Einstein, Wright brothers, Bell, and Edison; industrials such as Ford, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and JP Morgan; and the brave men and women including blacks who fought during the Civil War to end slavery.

♦ To the person who asked what we should call a president that gases and shoots peaceful citizens. Again, fake news from the mainstream media especially describing the protestors as “peaceful citizens.” I would not consider people cursing you in the face, throwing water bottles, and acting like mobs as “peaceful citizens.”

♦ Once again, President Trump did not dodge the draft; the military granted him deferment from the draft. Do not blame President Trump, blame the military.

♦ To the person who indicated President Trump gets to build his wall, around the White House. Right, and it kept the mob out. Another example of wall effectiveness and more reasons for the president to continue building the border wall.

♦ Someone said Trump is officially the most corrupt man in American history. So now we have a “certified” historian in our group.

♦ Someone listed all the attributes of President Trump, from “Billionaire” to “Charlatan”. Good job, now do the same for Joe Biden; yes you can.

♦ I saw today where the Democrats do not want to pass a police reform bill. Is it because they have their own stormtroopers? I believe they’re called Antifa.

♦ Next year this time you will get to see what it looks like when we protest you, the Democrats and socialism. I promise you you will see the difference between the two parties.

♦ Writers, Antifa, Black Lives Matter are tearing this country apart, all to help the Democrats because of their hate for one man.

♦ President Trump is exactly what we need in this day and time. And those of you who want to criticize him and call him racist, homophobic, mysoginistic cannot name one thing he has said against women, black people or homosexuals. He has been so supportive of black people to call him racist is ridiculous. Get your facts straight people.

♦ What an injustice. They let the arsonist who burned down the Wendy’s out on $10,000 bail. I got caught with one little marijuana plant in my garden and they charged me $24,000 bail.

♦ In my lifetime there have been 14 presidents. Not all of them have been good. Not all of them have been from my party. But never in my whole life has a president been treated so disrespectfully by the press and by the public. This is outrageous. We had a president where the interest rate went up to 16 percent. Was he treated like this? No.

♦ Trump says: “I got the impression that the Supreme Court doesn’t appreciate me.” Hey Donald! 99.99% of the people on earth don’t appreciate you!

♦ Slavery was wrong, an abuse of other humans. Tolerance of others’ ideas and beliefs is required in the USA but I am not required to accept or agree with your beliefs. I will not accept responsibility for the sins of others just because you think, believe that I should. You are responsible for your own beliefs and actions and must own that responsibility. I own my own responsibilities and will not, cannot own any of yours.

♦ How about instead of closing businesses and canceling parades and all this nonsense, we allow people to decide for themselves if they want to come out.

♦ It was okay for throngs of Black Lives Matter protesters to go without masks, but not at a Trump rally? What a pathetic double standard.

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