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♦ When are the Canton Mayor and Council going to call for the special election for Ward 2? It’s up to them to call it. Or are they going to continue to obstruct representation in Ward 2? Maybe they are waiting to hand pick another candidate to their liking.

♦ The cure for Super Bowl Monday flu is to move the game to Saturday night.

♦ I wish the arts were more appreciated. It is insane to me that Cherokee County does not have a community performing arts center with a full stage that is not a high school. Who can I contact to make this happen?

♦ To whomever said that libraries are ghost towns that collect dust: They are neither ghost towns nor dusty. I have been taking my three kids to the library every 7-14 days for the last nine years. It is an invaluable resource to our family. It has facilitated our love for learning through reading, and I am forever grateful for our county’s library system.

♦ Just listened to Josh Groban and the Celtic Woman singing “You Raise Me Up” while pedaling on the Walmart “Peleton” my husband so graciously gave me for Christmas. If you can listen to that album and not get raised up you probably need counseling and medication. Seriously.

♦ The hearing aid stores are advertising like crazy to sell expensive higher tech hearing devices mostly to our aging population. This expensive stuff is not covered by Medicare or any of the usual insurance plans I am aware of. My mother called her hearing aids “ear plugs” and I think she had it just about right.

♦ My 10-year-old grandson, he has his own phone, but the battery was dead, so he used my home phone. I said press this button until you hear the dial tone and he said, “What’s a dial tone?” So we dialed the number and there was a busy signal and he says “What’s that noise?”

♦ Garland Mountain Sporting Clays must have gotten their shooting lanes mixed up. I hear the shooting all the time. By the way, I live in Waleska. That’s about two to three miles from Garland Mountain as the crow flies. All the birds and animals have relocated because of all that noise.

♦ Congratulations to the EHS Swim and Dive team for their fourth consecutive county title! All of you did a great job, and you didn’t get the recognition you deserved.

♦ Can Cherokee County please adopt the roundabout concept Alpharetta and Milton have?It works. You can start at Mountain Road and Arnold Mill Road — traffic backs up almost to Ga. Highway 140 in the afternoon because of a four-way stop and two of the directions are never busy.

♦ Come on people, learn how to use a four-way stop. The first person there goes next.

♦ Having some personal experience with Hollywood, I now see it for what it is: A fragile crystal world of money and celebrity, narcissistic egos, an uncaring entertainment grinder preying upon innocents drawn to the flame, feeding outlandish opiate content to the dumbstruck masses swooning to forget life for a little while.

♦ Nancy Pelosi’s public ripping of the President’s speech was beyond childish and unprofessional – and probably qualifies as a high crime and misdemeanor. She, along with so many others in her party, couldn’t define leadership if she were holding a dictionary.

♦ Acquitted? Sure. Vindicated? Exonerated? Not by a longshot. Innocent people do not suppress witnesses and hide evidence. Obama eventually released his birth certificate for public scrutiny. Trump has yet to allow anyone to dig into his tax returns. You can bet there is criminal activity buried in there too.

♦ The Democratic Party Iowa Caucus is another complete debacle. Similar to Obama’s computer glitches with Obamacare and Hilary’s corrupt use of computers. Tell me who is corrupt and interfering with elections?

♦ The State of the Union speech is what it is every year, lots of crowing about accomplishments and upcoming plans and lots of positive and encouraging statements about our country. Yesterdays’ speech was a total embarrassment for the Democrats who showed what “sore losers” are all about.

♦ On Trump’s acquittal in the Senate “trial” with no witnesses or documents: “When you’re a star, they let you do it?” Haven’t we heard that before?

♦ I think Sen. Kelly Loeffler will beat Doug Collins, not because she has more money, but because she is a woman and women are up in arms about politics. I would have preferred she earned her spurs before entering the arena. We have more than enough amateur politicians. Doug Collins is part of a growing minority.

♦ The Democratic party is a chaotic shambles. They seem to be insanely committed to riding shotgun, shooting blanks in all directions. Why would anyone want them to be in the driver’s seat?

♦ Trump and his supporters are authoritarians, who want rigid rules of their own making to be strictly enforced, and bully and persecute those who will not blindly follow. This is the textbook definition of fascism, the exact opposite of democracy and freedom.

♦ To the liberal taking shots at the President’s civility and decency: which liberals do you consider good role models? Joe Biden calling a potential voter fat? Maxine Waters saying “push them, harass them,” or Bernie Sanders telling a rallygoer to shut up? Such a classy group, we can hardly decide!

♦ We watched theSuper Bowl halftime show and felt like we had been thrust into a Buckhead dive in the middle of the night. Shakira and J Lo really put it out there and worked it for all to see, including our teenage grandsons, whose eyes almost popped out. Is this the new progressive morality that is sweeping the nation?

♦ Conservatives create jobs, praise almighty God, respect life and innocent infants, reduce tax burdens on its citizens, promote the safety of its citizens with a strong military and secure borders.They do not apologize for being Americans and show respect, honor and love for the USA.

♦ Liberals love handouts, foodlines, and 90% tax rates, are spotlight-seekers, cheer for aborting infants and support selling their parts, cheer when conservatives get shot, assault conservatives, support the terrorist Antifa group which accosts elderly people, want open borders and allowing gangs, drugs, and disease into the USA, and attack law enforcement.

♦ To the person who submitted that conservatives are selfish and pay taxes reluctantly, but liberals are unselfish and pay taxes willingly, how do you explain that conservatives historically give more to charity? Could it be conservatives prefer to choose where to give and liberals stupidly trust the government to choose?

♦ If I choose to believe in God and I am wrong, I lose nothing. If I choose not to believe in God and I am wrong it costs me everything for eternity.

♦ The Bible in its original form

  • is

inerrant. As in Ecc 1:5, because of the Earth’s rotation, the sun absolutely goes around the earth each day. Depends on the perspective.

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