♦♦ When asking for praise and prayer for our medical personnel, please, please, please remember the respiratory therapists, registered, the techs and the aides. Without them it doesn’t matter how many ventilators you have.

♦♦ Since the coronavirus has everybody at home, we’re out in the yard playing a game. I guess I’ve not the cornhole virus.

♦♦ Now that we are well into the COVID 19 pandemic, I am really missing the small blessings I used to take for granted. Going out to eat, going to the gym, and especially going to church. This time of sheltering in place can be used to strengthen our faith. A morning devotional is a great way to start the day with your family. Also, prayers before bed can help children sleep more peacefully. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

♦♦ Ball Ground police rock! Thank you for checking on your mature residents and other people in need. Thank you and stay safe.

♦♦ The coronavirus is more proof that this high impact residential development needs to stop.

♦ When you receive your vote by mail application in the mail, d♦ on’t forget to sign it. Similarly when you receive your ballot, don’t forget to sign it before you mail it back. Every vote counts.

♦♦ Shades of the Lone Ranger. Who are these masked people? Will there be a silver bullet for the virus?

♦♦ We moved from Atlanta five years ago. Our travel plans are to go back on this cheap gas and gawk at all the new buildings, restaurants, and bars while the streets are not crowded. The last time we were in Buckhead we could hardly see around us for the traffic. I just hope they will let us come home.

♦♦ Who needs travel? Watching Atlanta TV is like visiting another country.

♦♦ Violating someone’s personal space just changed from “in your face” to a distance of at least six feet. You can get dirty looks from over 10 feet away — or more.

♦♦ It looks like the virus shutdown is causing a cutback in pothole repair. Just dumping a bag of asphalt in a hole doesn’t do much good. There is a hole at Hickory and Stringer roads that we have memorized and named. We have grown fond of it but would really like to see it properly repaired before cars are damaged. Also, the sign on the corner there has been leaning at about 45 degrees for months since someone tried to drive over it. Makes it hard to read. Wonder what it says?

♦♦ Is there anyone who has a lake that will allow a dad and his son to fish? I have never seen more uptight people with private lakes. Willing to pay and help maintain. It’s just fishing people.

♦♦ Kudos to WLJA radio (FM 101.1) for playing the National Anthem just before the noon news on weekends!

♦♦ I just renewed my vehicle registration. Everyone is requested to renew online because of the coronavirus. Not only was I charged a $1 mailing fee — after renewing online-I was also charged a convenience fee. This convenience fee should be waived if we are expected to renew online.

♦♦ Legacy humor: Comedian Bob Hope once quipped on turning 70, “I still chase women, but only downhill.”

♦♦ I drove by Kroger today and it looked like it was Black Friday! Stay home people! They will deliver the food to your door for free!

♦♦ Bible trivia: Moses parting the Red Sea wasn’t the only such miracle in the Bible. When Joshua led Israel in the Promised Land, they were confronted by the river Jordan. God stopped it like a dam as soon as the priests carrying the Ark stepped into the water, and everyone crossed safely. They built a monument of twelve stones on the dry riverbed and another on the far shore to memorialize the event. This happened on the way to Jericho ( Joshua 3 and 4).

♦♦ Bless the Governor’s heart.. he droned on and on reading in a flat monotone about all the Coronavirus actions while WSB-TV put a red “Live” block on the screen directly over the hands of the signer for the hearing impaired. With closed captions being so unreliable, I really feel for the people who need hearing help.

♦♦ Thanks to the electric companies and the Internet providers for manning their posts and keeping our computers, phones, and TVs working during the panicdemic. Forget hospital beds — we don’t have near enough rubber rooms for those of us addicted to electronics. And who isn’t? Liar.

♦♦ Remember the older sedate looking Camrys with the grill the same color paint as the rest of the car? Noticed how the newer Camrys have aggressive looking black grills? We have a classic old silver one that has always been garaged. Five dollars worth of Krylon Matte Black paint on the grill and our old Camry looks like a mean machine, too. Doing it also helped with the cabin fever. Bazinga!

♦♦ So Washington insiders sold millions in stock after attending secret government meetings about clamping down on the economy. Is it OK for us average Joes to sell our paltry investments now? And vote these crooks out of office? Send them back to Paradise Island?

♦♦ Just finished Brett Baier’s books, “Three Days in Moscow” and “Three Days in January”. Republicans and Democrats, regardless of your politics, both are excellent reads highlighting the attitudes, policies, feelings, and politics of two great Presidents who put America first in all decision making but were still concerned about the opposition. Trump could use some of Eisenhower’s humility and Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff could use some of Eisenhower’s and Reagan’s leadership styles that did not make political party politics No. 1 at the expense of all Americans.

♦♦ I am a Christian. If the Cherokee Ledger published opinions and articles that I felt were anti-Christian, I would simply stop reading it and find another paper. Why do anti-Christians persist, however, in trying to shut down all Christian outlets and push their agenda on everyone, instead of just going somewhere else?

♦♦ Virtual church services? Pastors do not want to cancel in-person services because they want to pass the collection plate, to do God’s work of course.

♦♦ Seems Trump is totally clueless about everything except pushing the anger button and hurling abuse at people who do not worship him unconditionally.

♦♦ Decided to channel surf some yesterday. MSNBC had (an anchor) reading a teleprompter spewing forth negatives about everything the Trump Administration was trying to consider as solutions to this new and unique virus war and crisis. Changed to CNN, it was so negative I almost trashed my TV. The Democratic/Leftist agenda coupled with the biased media is squeezing the intelligent and compassionate life out of America. God help us.

♦♦ Just heard that Pelosi, Schiff, and the mainstream media are planning to launch new Trump investigations with subpoena rights. They whiffed on Russian collusion, wiffed again on Ukraine but on both these farces we all learned about the unscrupulous Democrats in the FBI and learned about the Biden family corruption activity although the media has tried to bury these criminal actions.

♦♦ I love Donald Conkey. His Love for God, People and the USA is highly evident. Those who twist his words through your lying words and vitriolic hatred be assured. His words will live forever, yours words will die forever.

♦♦ I feel bad for Donald Conkey, 91, and afraid of bogeymen who don’t exist. He should be enjoying this time instead of spending it terrified of things that aren’t happening — fellow Americans trying to “destroy” the nation and its freedoms. Silly Fox News brainwashing.

♦♦ “Every state is on their own” the 5-time draft dodger says. Sounds like Trump is “washing his little hands” of this national crisis.

♦♦ CDC two weeks ago: “Only wear masks if you are showing symptoms.” CDC now: “Wearing masks can be done voluntarily.” CDC two weeks from now: “Everyone MUST wear their masks at all times!” What a bunch of clowns. No wonder so many people in this country are dying. We have a bunch of numbskulls calling the shots.

♦♦ The “Stable Genius” put a real estate investor in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Oh, that’s just brilliant, now isn’t it?

♦♦ The US is the only developed country in the world without a national plan for dealing with the virus because we have corrupt, incompetent, and chaotic leadership. The Pentagon has masks and ventilators in stock but they’re waiting for orders from Homeland Security (right across town) to tell them where to deliver them.

♦♦ Republicans are the party that says that government doesn’t work. Then they get elected and prove it!

♦♦ Someone said every time Trump says anything about Coronavirus, someone from his team contradicts him. Every time?

♦ For a socialist, Bernie really knows how to make money. I wonder how much he got paid to drop out of the presidential race this time around.

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