♦ To all you hearing aid wearers. Isn’t it fun when most times you remove your mask your hearing aid comes with it?

♦ This virus has been passed around like it has been to so many people because of irresponsible, selfish members of this community who are not willing to experience what is at best a temporary discomfort to help keep their communities safe. To them, because they are convinced this virus is merely a figment of the imagination, cooked up out of nowhere.

♦ Legacy humor: A blacksmith put aside a hot horseshoe that he had just made for a grizzled old farmer. The farmer touched it and jerked his hand back. “Burn yourself?” the blacksmith asked. The farmer replied, “No, it just doesn’t take me long to examine a horseshoe.”

♦ My exercise program has devolved to trying to suck in my stomach when fastening my jeans. The operative word here is “trying.” My personal trainer (wife) is not pleased.

♦ It’s always sad to see the end of a year, but a lot of people will be glad to see the end of this one, and hopefully, the beginning of a better one. FIRST NEW YEAR RESOLUTION / Adam turned over a new leaf / And Eve laughed, much to his grief.

♦ If Van Gogh had lived in the age of modern psychic medication he would have been a candidate for one of these zombie series instead of an artistic genius with mental problems. If we could only put people on the right medication in the correct amount before they hurt themselves or go into semi-comas... I say this at Christmas time in the memory of a fine young man who lost that lottery.

♦ So a developer donated the land for the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton? That’s one very good thing out of many very bad things about developers. Usually when developers donate land it’s because a risky deal or financing turned sour and they end up charging a big loss off their income tax. Still, it’s an admirable deed, so thanks to that developer from an old Veteran with one foot on the proverbial banana peel and the other foot in the Georgia National Cemetery.

♦ Well, city of Holly Springs you have succeeded in destroying the beauty of old Highway 5 from SRCA ball park all the way up to Sixes Road. Those are the ugliest, cheapest apartments and townhouses I have ever seen.

♦ I really enjoyed the article by Chris Collett that he did on Chief Ken Ball. It’s truly amazing what he has done in his lifetime. Appreciate the article. It meant a lot.

♦ Tired of CNN, NPR or Fox? Try One America News, News Max and News Nation — real news worldwide.

♦ I’m a 74-year-old self-employed person, still working, and I pay 12.4 percent of my gross income to Social Security. Why would I support socialism?

♦ I see four years of American agony occurring if Biden accepts the role of President. It will be like the four years under Trump except that the corruption claims are true rather than made up. Time for “Uncle Joe” to politely resign and save us all the pending misery of him being in office. Joe, you have had almost 50 years in office and have accomplished nothing. Do what is honorable, gain some respect and go and live quietly, that you are good at. Resign please.

♦ A local, major newspaper reported in the “Non-Opinion” section that people can get Covid-19 again five weeks after having had it. I know a young couple who had coronavirus and then got it again six weeks later. Trouble breathing is one after effect. See a different doctor – or not. And how do you know that I’ve not had the China flu? It’s not just about you and me.

♦ The top two percent of the population in the United States have a Mensa IQ. Ten to 15% of the population in Japan have a Mensa IQ. We just need more Indians and Asians to move here.

♦ I would love to meet the builder who built my house in Towne Lake in 1992. I would love to tell him how many tens of thousands of dollars we have spent to fix his poor construction.

♦ If you see a driver (in a black SUV) intentionally swerve at a pedestrian walking beside the road, would you please report his license tag number to the police, so that they can put him on their mental list of usual suspects?

♦ Do you remember the Florida wife, Terri Schiavo, who was in an irreversible vegetative state from 1990 to 2005? A friend who worked at that hospital and the nurses said that her husband was dedicated and loving. Why did the media lie about him?

♦ People need to use a little bit of common sense on these election fraud claims. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are called the Blue Wall because these states have only once voted to elect a republican to the presidency in the last 36 years.That was in 2016 when Trump won in these states by a very narrow margin and only because up until a decade ago he was a flashy and loud yet likeable progressive Democrat from the north.

♦ Joseph Goebbels said if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Is that what you are up to Mr. Giuliani?

♦ Remember when Obamacare passed and everybody lost their employer provided healthcare? Remember when Obama was elected and they came and took your guns? Remember when we gave tax breaks to wealthy “job creators” and all of the high paying jobs were created? Right! And still Republican politicians keep peddling this nonsense.

♦ Has anyone noticed how much Joe Biden looks and acts like Jeff Dunhams’ Walter, the grumpy old man. Well Walter is funny and that’s more than you can say for old Joe.

♦ Warning to my Cherokee County neighbors, I received in the mail on 12/24 a piece of political nonsense from “ The Center for Voter Information”, an Atlanta located organization, a 501 C4 non-profit that encourages civic engagement. It is a Democratic/Leftist oriented position paper supporting Warnock and Osshoff using partial and/or distorted facts. Don’t be deceived by this trash and do your own detailed research on the candidates. Also, who paid for this mass mailing?

♦ To those who dislike Mr. Ossoff and Reverend Warnock, what exactly has David Perdue or Kelly Loeffler ever done in office to make you think that they deserve to be there? Nothing.

♦ I may be poor by the Mike Pence measure or even by culture’s gauge, may not have all that money and stuff y’all buy with it but I’m enriched beyond my wildest imagination with Gods’ love and knowledge. Don’t believe you’ll find that in an aisle at the department store or the auto dealer. Don’t need the money, don’t need to worry as God always provides for me , even things I didn’t know I wanted. Imagine that.

♦ Jon Ossoff said he works for an investigative company. He works for his daddy’s company and always has. He’s never held a real job. He’s 33 years old. I’ve got ties older than that. Jon, you need to grow up and start telling the truth.

♦ I know conservatives have a hard time with change, but I feel sorry for you guys who wrongly believe that Trump really won the election, despite the overwhelming numbers and no evidence of fraud. Reality is hard sometimes. Learn to accept it so you can move on.

♦ I would like to suggest that from this day forward that Joe Biden be known only as Hunter Biden’s father.

♦ Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger are one-term people. After hearing Raffensperger talk, I can’t believe I voted for that idiot. Doug Collins will be our next governor. He wants it, he deserves it and we need him.

♦ Why is it only Trump opponents are condemned for voter fraud? Surely, armed Trump supporters who invaded a state building, intimidated other officials, planned a kidnapping, and express loyalty unto death, would not hesitate to participate in losing, stealing, destroying and subverting votes.

♦ Not all Mensans are arrogant and smarter than thou. Many own up to their human shortcomings and try to help others. However, some of us are impatient with mediocre management and offend by making recommendations that don’t suit everyone. My opinion stands regarding the macro mismanagement by the National Republican party regarding their protuberant meddling in the birth control issue. It may have cost them the Presidential election by losing half of suburban women voters. BTW, I vote Republican.

♦ While I did not agree with many of Obama’s strategies, policies, programs, and methods for governing the U.S. I used to respect him for what I thought was a fair degree of honesty and openness and for his moral and ethical values shown as a father and husband. Not so any longer. His Ossoff ads are complete distortions of the truth. He has become a typical “blowhard,” trying to take credit for things he didn’t do.

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Congratulations Georgia! You did it! Good always trumps evil in the end. [thumbup][beam]

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