♦ To those gas merchants who advertise a cheap price to get you there and then jack it up 10 cents a gallon for using a credit card, I just want you to know the results. I don’t stop and trade with you a second time.

♦ Tomorrow morning the eye doctor installs my second and final Cadillac lens. She will have enough to buy another Cadillac after this one. Today I am juggling two pairs of reading glasses and sometimes a magnifying glass to read, my favorite thing to do during the pandemic. My amber cataracts were like built-in sunglasses, and there is really a lot of glare where the missing one was. I may have to wear sunglasses indoors like those cool dudes do.

♦ My jeans were hanging on my hips and my wife told me it looked like I was trying for the Nobelt Prize.

♦ I loved Ronald Reagan. He had a great sense of humor, too. They say when he was shot and lying on an operating table, he looked up at the surgeon about to work on him and said, “I hope you’re a Republican!” Today he wouldn’t take that chance.

♦ Nuts and coconut aren’t all bad ... some people actually like them, you know.

♦ I said when the virus first hit that we would have to just ride it out to keep from ruining the economy. We are riding it out, but unfortunately only about half of our riders are wearing masks. The rest of us should be protesting, but as someone said, we are a nation of sheep, except when we think our rights are being violated.

♦ There is a push to rename some squares in Savannah that were named after Colonial heroes who had slaves. If this trend continues we will have to go back into ancient history and rename everything. Political correctness is spreading faster than the virus, and there is no vaccine in sight.

♦ Our vacuum cleaner has two kinds of filters. One is a fine filter that you use if you ever feel like spending half the day cleaning the house. The other one is for those other days when you are in a hurry, tired, or just don’t feel like it. That one just picks up rocks, leaves, and dead birds.

♦ My wife and I have been married a long time. This morning I told her that if she ran from me now I wouldn’t be able to catch her. She just nodded and smiled.

♦ The good thing about a small shower is that it’s like having training wheels — you don’t lose your balance.

♦ The “check engine” light came on in our car. I checked, and the engine was still there. So was the “check engine” light.

♦ 2020 wasn’t so bad — if you were tired of living.

♦ I was just notified of the raise in my Social Security this year. I plan to buy a Hershey bar with it.

♦ Isn’t it about time all the Christmas decorations came down? A POST CHRISTMAS PLEA / We’ve had it, by gosh, by golly / Everything’s covered with holly / Would all those who showed us how / Help us now by taking a bough?

♦ Thanks to the highway folks for putting those noise-making strips on some crucial highway borders. They really help in maintaining the lanes. My wife hates the vibration they make and it keeps her from straying to the edge of the road as much — and helps us avoid marriage counseling.

♦ Another sports aggravation: During critical moments in the Citrus Bowl game Glenn Burns interrupted to give several lengthy and detailed reports on possible tornado watches in middle Georgia. Unaffected audiences in the Metro area had to listen to him drone on while touchdowns were being scored. He could have at least been more concise and to the point. Must not have had any money on the game.

♦ A person who refuses to wear a mask got COVID-19. He was supposed to quarantine for 10 days. He was very sick for three or four days. But then he started going in public again without a mask.

♦ Amen, Eileen! You are so right, there is nothing more toxic than an angry, bitter, man-loathing feminist!

♦ Just how much do hospitals charge the patient for that donated plasma? If I donate plasma I don’t want the individual who receives it to have to pay a dime. This is a pertinent question.

♦ Does anyone else find that that plastic king’s head on those Burger King commercials is kind of creepy?

♦ In future political campaigns, please don’t make any donations. I’ve seen and heard all the election advertisements that I would want to for a lifetime.

♦ Agree, I’ll rather be anti-fascist than a fascist. However, who exactly are these fascists that the anti-fascists are against?

♦ Political Action Committees spent $833 million dollars on a senate race. Maybe they could kick in a couple million to get vaccines in people’s arms.

♦ Barry Loudermilk is an inconsequential follower. Too bad he decided to follow those seeking to throw out votes and install a king.

♦ True, we are not saying Democrats want to turn the U.S. into a socialist country. We are saying, however, the socialist activists infiltrating the Democratic Party will and sadly, the grassroots Democrats are ignoring it.

♦ So the public option is indeed a fancy term for a government option as I suspected. The reader confirmed this by saying: “It’s a government or state funded health insurance program that would be available as an optional alternative to a private plan.” Thanks for the clarification.

♦ So 81 million Americans voted to remove Trump; this confirms the American voters were really not for Biden.

♦ God Bless Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Legal Team Leader Jenna Ellis.They have more talent, knowledge and virtue in their pinky fingernails than the entire criminal democrat establishment combined.

♦ So very sick of listening to and reading all forms of media, TV and its talking heads, print and its biased reporting, social media and its avoidance of real facts, TV political ads full of lies and distortions. It is no wonder that the youth of our country and the millennials of this country have no idea what success and patriotism and honest governance is all about. It is certainly not about Facebook or Twitter or celebrity or talking points.

♦ I think it’s possible that there were some dirty tricks in the Presidential election, but we have always had them and the people just accepted the counts because the Courts made them do so. Trump should just accept this fact of life in our democracy and turn the gavel over. Then he can get about his new hobby of being a thorn in the side of the Democrats from the outside.

♦ To all Trump supporters, stand in front of a mirror and explain to that person you see why the things Trump says are true. And listen to yourself.

♦ I’ll bet that fashionista Pelosi has masks made of damask.

♦ Bravo to the 18 Patriotic states who joined the Texas lawsuit calling out the unconstitutional actions of the rogue battleground states election officials. This is the definition of the rule of law and patriotism.

♦ Wonder if Trump is going to demand that his name appear on the measly $600 checks?

♦ The Cobb County audit of mail in signatures confirmed the security of mail in votes and demolished any argument for restriction of mail in voting. Inclusion of a copy of a driver’s license poses a greater risk of it falling into the wrong hands and increasing identity theft.

♦ We have traded our America, the land of the free and the home of the brave for a welfare society. Welcome to the new socialist Utopia and the paradise of becoming a Third World country.

♦ I can’t believe Hunter Biden’s Daddy thinks he won!

♦ Tired of the Marxist indoctrination of your children in the public schools? At least 50% of your assessment is for edu-doctrination so let’s defund the School District and appeal every tax assessment on the basis of valuation and others. Further, pursuant to the Open Records Act, request all documents which the Assessor has relied upon to manufacture the numbers appearing on your tax statement, and let’s find out where the money is really going.

♦ How sad this generation has to rely on today’s media for facts. It’s like watching a blind man try to walk across eight lanes of Interstate.

♦ For those of you who support sports betting, I hope they build a casino next to your house — lights on, traffic, drugs, prostitution. Then we’ll see if you really like sports betting.

♦ I am watching in real time an attempted coup by Trump supporters in Washington, D.C. Very Trump supporter who reads this should be ashamed of themselves for enabling such a vile disgusting human being.

♦ Isn’t it ironic that Nancy Pelosi asks Donald Trump to tell the Capitol protesters to back off when all summer rioters were looting and burning?

♦ Now what’s going to happen to that beautiful border wall that President Trump built?

♦ Those of us who love America are now outnumbered by those who do not. God bless America.

♦ Jimmy Carter travels all over the world watching the voters making sure the elections are fair. My question is where is Jimmy Carter now?

♦ The secretary of state says every vote was counted. Yeah, everybody who has moved out of state and dead people, their votes was counted.

♦ Trump’s antics have turned me into a Democrat. Get ready for Stacey Abrams, Georgia. She’s coming.

♦ Democrats are saying we need change. You voted for Barack Obama and he promised change. How did that work out for you?

♦ The vaccine got created in spite of Trump, not because of him. I think the scientists and big pharma that developed it.

♦ Be aware — only donations over $5,000 are going into the fight the election fraud account. All donations under $5,000 are going into a slush fund to be used at Trump’s discretion. Read the small type.

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