♦ To the reader who was concerned about textbooks. As a teacher who has served on numerous adoption committees, we are always trying to recruit community members to serve and give input. Sounds like it’s time for YOU to get involved.

♦ As a Woodstock resident who travels daily to other parts of metro Atlanta I notice that a lot fewer people wear masks here than in other parts of the metro area. Is this due to politics? Or maybe it’s just the education level. I dunno.

♦ I’m gonna git me one a’ them self-driving cars and name it “James,” so I can git in and just say, “Home, James.”

♦ All you banks planning to permanently close your brick-and-mortar branches should keep in mind that seniors have most of the wealth, and we don’t like online banking. We like friendly, trustworthy, face-to-face financial assistance when we plunk all our savings down with someone. So keep ‘em open, and keep those checks, paper statements, and smiles coming.

♦ Well quite honestly I don’t know an Englebert Humperdink song from a hole in the ground, but after reading the beautiful thoughts he expressed concerning his wife’s passing I want to know more about him. I urge y’all to find that recent story and read it, it’ll change you.

♦ Our beds have toppers made out of a resilient foam that keeps its shape. Can’t remember what they call it.

♦ My Pop also said “Chinamen,” which cracked up his granddaughter. His education was cut short by WWII, fighting in the Pacific.

♦ Someone just wrote on the neighbor website that they got a ticket for not stopping fully twice, once at the white line, and once again at the stop sign. Man, I have failed to do that so many times — just didn’t know you had to do that. Didn’t get that in the driver test. Did anyone?

♦ I duct taped a portable TV/DVD to the handlebars of our Wallymart recumbent bike and now it’s just like one of those expensive models. My wife just shouted, “No it isn’t!” Women.

♦ Why is no one talking about the low income apartment complexes going up all over downtown Ball Ground. All the work that everyone’s doing to make sure we’re preserving our downtown and this is what you invite into the community. Take notice residents, if you think we need more police now, just you wait.

♦ We eat at Family Tradition regularly, a great meat and two restaurant. Our sole complaint is the high percentage of customers who enter and exit without wearing masks. I hope they read this and give it up for all of us living a while longer. Masks are now readily available and cheap, so there is no longer an excuse other than stubbornness. You’ll still look mean and tough in a mask.

♦ As far as I’m concerned, the everybody-has-to-have-one kitchen sink disposal is a bust. The small small drain pipe is the main reason. Those pipes clog in the bath lavatory from only a little constant soap and hair. Putting stuff through the kitchen sink drain pipe is like putting toothpaste back into the tube. Potato peelings — forget it. And we have one of those deluxe 25 horsepower disposals. ROOOAR -clunk- I’m constipated. Call the plumber. Sheesh.

♦ Have you forgotten that Valentine Day is coming up? Husbands/boyfriends, you’d better get busy before all the cards, roses, chocolates, jewelry, new cars, etc. are sold out, because it’s cold out. What I remember about the day: THROWING VALENTINES / When we were small / We giggled and threw / Valentines on porches / Of children we knew. / Then we were older / And had outgrown / The childish thrill / Of valentines thrown. / And now the custom / Itself is long gone / But in my mind / It will live on.

♦ I got up this morning, watched the news, and then decided to go back to bed. I may just hibernate.

♦ I have to laugh at that big bed shown on TV featuring two drawers on the foot. We have low cost steel frame twin beds with four large plastic storage containers under each. They slide out on the carpet just like drawers. Great for storing out of season clothing or anything, and saving space. Inexpensive, too. But hey, if you want to spend a lot of money, don’t let me stop you.

♦ Those cheese grater truck grills have really taken over. Available in two-story high chrome or black. They really look mean. Seem to be selling a lot of new trucks, too. Pedestrians look out.

♦ Be thankful for popular brand names for your prescriptions. For the longest time I have had to ask for diclofenac sodium topical gel and finally it is being called Voltaren. You also wouldn’t like having to call your Unisom doxylamine succinate, would you? The English language is difficult enough without having to take a course in literate chemistry.

♦ I love to watch the wheels spinning backwards while the Honda SUV charges ahead in those TV commercials. Ever heard of synchronization, advertising camera guys?

♦ God and Country are being canceled by attrition.

♦ Where can I find a chapter of Melancholics Anonymous?

♦ Just heard about another acquaintance who died from Covid — and still see people walking around in public without a mask. Clueless.

♦ My wife said if I ever made good on my threat to buy myself a Porsche coupe I would need some Vaseline and a big shoe horn to get in it. That sort of took away from the overall image I had.

♦ When will they choose a color to celebrate Covid survivors, like pink for cancer? Is that so hard?

♦ When developers fill in the lakes at Harmony on the Lakes to build more houses will they change the name to Harmony on the Houses? Or Harmony Where the Lakes Were? Just asking.

♦ Just saw a new two-story pickup truck with a line of cute little LED turn signals that point where you are turning. If you thought a big truck would accentuate your toughness, you picked the wrong one. They would go better on a pink truck with white lacy mud flaps. Sorry.

♦ The downside of my wife getting her cataracts fixed is now she sees every whisker or crumb I miss. However, I do appreciate the XYZ warnings.

♦ I’m still waiting for our brilliant health leaders to give common names to the new virus variants — like Covid 20, 21, 22, etc. What’s taking so long? It’s not like it’s that hard to distribute them. C’mon.

♦ Some Good News: Woodmont neighbors in Canton have started being “Prayer Walkers”! Anyone in the neighborhood out walking with friends or by themselves are lifting up prayers and praying aloud for neighbors in need, along with praying for Canton and Cherokee County and the USA!

♦ The reader who stated that the stock market has gone down since Biden came into office really needs to follow fact-based news instead of MAGA news. And also get a new financial advisor and dump his Trump business stocks.

♦ Marjorie Greene appears to be both a Constitutional hero and a cursed, immature, conspiratorist. She is reprimanded by Congress for making stupid, naive, immature, and thoughtless conspiracy statements primarily in her youth. Statements no worse than the outright lies made by Rep. Pelosi, VP Harris, President Biden, and others who were protected by our media. Greene has pushed the boundaries of the First Amendment, but it was designed to be pushed, that is freedom of speech.

♦ Why is it that conservative values can only be championed by someone as corrupt and unethical as trump? Can they not stand on their own merits?

♦ Trump said he would march to the Capitol with his freedom fighters. Instead he cowered in The White House. Then he left the field without issuing pardons for the hundreds arrested in the aftermath. Trump is a traitor to our cause. Yet most Republicans still refuse to admit our party was hijacked by a con man whose sole mission was to enrich himself and promote his brand. He never cared about anything or anybody but himself. Trump is a loser after all.

♦ As Einstein may have said, everything is relative. I condemn slavery, but I am not ashamed of my Great Grandfather, whose Confederate uniform was soaked with his blood. I’ll bet he said “Damn Yankees” until he died. I am also not ashamed of my Pop, who did say “Japs” until he died. I didn’t approve, but never remonstrated because he suffered through the Pacific war. Thankfully they did not have to live out their long lives being punished for it. Too bad many people today aren’t as understanding of seniors and lives they can’t forget.

♦ Forget Black Lives Matter for just a moment — we should all be equally ashamed that we are on sacred land that the Indians lived on for 10,000 years.

♦ Mr Thomas’s letter to the editor is entertaining if not substantive. It’s always curious that conservatives assume that God is on their side. If anyone is “leading God’s army” it’s probably [Stacey] Abrams who has done a tremendous job in getting out the minority vote in this state and yes that includes Cherokee County!

♦ Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger, here’s a big final “boo” for your decision to cave in and let anyone vote by no excuse mail-in ballot just because of long voting lines, which we have survived before. BOOOO!

♦ The FBI needs to do more to identify and remove paramilitary extremists infiltrating otherwise peaceful protests/demonstrations. If they need help, they can use the ICE people and unfunded police officers, since the Democrats say they are longer needed.

♦ I’m afraid to give a hoot about local politics because I might get dragged into them — and who wants that?

♦ Mr. Thomas says that the radical left is “truly evil.” It was not the radical left who downplayed the pandemic that has killed 450,000 people, it was not the radical left who attacked the Capitol. It will be years before conservatives recover from the fallout from the Trump administration. Bible scriptures will not erase his legacy.

♦ The Keystone XL Pipeline is not even built yet (except for 1.2 miles in Montana). It is an expansion/’shortcut for the existing Keystone Pipeline. It is not at all operational. Canceling the permits for the XL Pipeline has nothing to do with the existing Keystone Pipeline which is operational and will continue to be. The only jobs that will be “lost” are jobs that haven’t even been created yet; i.e., no one will lose an existing job.

♦ Biden, on 2/10, has his first direct call with the Chinese Premier, says he “confronted the Chairman of the Chinese Communist party.” About what, how forcefully? We will never know. So much for transparency. Trump had his call to the Ukrainian leader transcribed and released for all to see, where is this from Biden?

♦ Biden’s decision to allow unlimited illegal immigration across our southern border is and will hurt American citizens and taxpayers in many ways. Is deliberately hurting American citizens an impeachable action?

♦ Shutting down oil pipelines increases our dependence on foreigners for our secure energy and increases the risks of pollution from spills of oil now to be transported by truck and train. Also we will all pay more for our energy. Is stupid, leftist biased decisions, which hurt Americans in many ways, impeachable?

♦ Biden is well on his way toward making the case for impeachment in two years.

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