♦ Want to help make 2021 a better year? Then let’s all follow the counsel found in James 1:19. Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger. For the anger of man does not work the righteousness of God. Happy New Year!

♦ The eye doctor is finally going to be able to put a Cadillac lens in my first eye this week. She said I will be able to see 2020 before the year is over. Just made it after joking about it all year — and what a year it has been!

♦ All those big party goers ignoring the virus didn’t have to send out a surge party to find it.

♦ I haven’t heard “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” a single time this year. Maybe I haven’t been listening to the right station — or maybe I have.

♦ Big Pharma loves to package a couple of common and inexpensive ingredients and charge more for it; e.g; Excedrin for Migraines is just Tylenol and caffeine. You already have that for pennies a dose by taking Tylenol and drinking coffee. Such merchandising takes advantage of our unwillingness to slow down and read labels. We pay for it.

♦ Our next door neighbors have the sweetest little dog that greets me every morning when I leave the newspaper at their door. Before Christmas I left him his own card and some treats. The next day they met me at the door and let me give him the first treat, which he smilingly accepted with a happy woof. Thank the Good Lord for little pleasures like this in these dark times.

♦ To the person in Soapbox who thinks people not wearing a mask are trying to kill said person: I wore a mask, washed my hands, used hand sanitizer, and didn’t go out except to the grocery store. Nonetheless, I was hospitalized with COVID-19. The doctor said I cannot get it again and am not contagious. Wearing a mask now makes me feel like I can’t breathe. Unless you’ve experienced COVID-19 yourself, maybe you shouldn’t comment on it. Not trying to kill anyone.

♦ I read the recent “Man School” article all the way to the end, hoping to find some trace of self-deprecating sarcasm to redeem the text: Found none. The husband’s issues listed in the article are no doubt genuine. I would suggest to any wife struggling with similar issues to take positive action: pray, talk to a friend, talk with your husband, attend counseling together. Nowhere on that list of positive actions is “Write an article to air it out in the local paper.”

♦ Why don’t people read the directions and the list of ingredients on their over-the-counter medications? Just a brief line or two may make the difference in treating a condition or doing damage to your body and/or mind. If you can’t read the small print, you can get a pair of reading glasses at Dollar Tree for a buck. Being too busy (lazy?) is no excuse. It just takes a few seconds and giving a rat’s patootie.

♦ I said I wasn’t getting bald and my wife showed me the top of my head in her hand mirror. Bummer.

♦ Turned on our Comcast TV Saturday morning trying to catch up on all the bad news and couldn’t fight my way through the commercials and political announcements on every station. And we are paying big bucks for this? It’s highway robbery. For shame, Comcast. Don’t be so greedy. Put a limit on commercials versus content time we are paying you for. Grrr.

♦ Re Mensa: I agree it is kind of like a club for people who test in roughly the top 1 percent of the population. Mensans are brainy, of course, but they are not all arrogant and out of touch. Many choose to not bring up their certification because so many people resent them and expect them to do tricks. I’m a pretty ordinary guy, ex-military, longtime family man, usually smiling — but I don’t do tricks.

♦ Diversity degrees, Social Justice degrees, Equality degrees, and Gender studies are gradually losing their appeal as longterm career paths. I suggest that colleges add to their curriculum courses and studies and degree programs, the subject, “How to Get Wealthy Being a Congressman, an Administration member, or a Top Level Bureaucrat.” Maybe Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Hillary, and Obama could become guest lecturers.

♦ If you want to go back to your grandfather’s Republican party you will never win another national election.

♦ We can only imagine the impact an additional stimulus of hundreds of millions of dollars would mean for our schools … unfortunately that money is desperately needed for political ads.

♦ This second stimulus will be a shot in the arm — so will the vaccine, if it ever gets to us.

♦ I wonder how long it will take the Democrats to finish the wall once they realize entrepreneurs are leaving this country at a greater rate than they are now leaving California and New York.

♦ Trickle Up economics is working with billionaires taking the rewards and demolishing the myth of Trickle Down economics. The excess disposable income provided by trickle down went to investments in rapid growth emerging overseas economies, providing the capital for state of art manufacturing that undercut domestic producers.

♦ Democrats aren’t socialists no matter how much the Republican leaders claim that they are. It’s clear Republicans have no idea what socialism even means and they sound ignorant or uneducated every time they state that Democrats want to turn the U.S. into a socialist country.

♦ I am seriously beginning to wonder when and if Trump is going to give up the Oval Office. Ironic that the Georgia election has been in the center of the controversy since the state had multiple contenders for the Governor’s office in the 1940s and the Secretary of State hid the official seal in his wheelchair so no business could be conducted. Does Washington have such a seal? No? Too bad.

♦ I would rather be an anti-facist than a facist, but apparently Republicans prefer the latter.

♦ For the reader who wondered if the public option for health insurance was a fancy term for government option, it’s a government or state-funded health insurance program that would be available as an optional alternative to a private plan. Just another radical liberal idea like Medicare.

♦ The reader who doesn’t want the socialists to destroy Social Security before they get their money back is apparently oblivious to the fact that the Democrats are the ones who implemented Social Security and have been fighting the Republicans to keep it ever since.

♦ Donald Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. His approval rating has never exceeded 49%. Why is it so hard to believe that over 81 million people voted to remove him from office? Trump will go down in history as one of the worst presidents; hanging out at the bottom with Buchanan and Pierce.

♦ In reading this week’s Soapbox I see that some Republicans are not going to vote in the senate election because they think the system is fraudulent while others are calling Democrats communist. It’s easy to see why people are turning away from the Republican Party.

♦ Who is Jon Ossoff? His TV ads show him to be another Democratic/Leftist party hack, no original programs or policies just criticism of Trump and team. Especially galling is his comment that Trump and Washington have done nothing to fight the Chinese virus. Where has he been? Launch of the vaccine to hundreds of thousands of citizens in the U.S. is a vaccine miracle due to lots of hard work and skill on the part of some pharmaceutical companies and Trump and his administration.

♦ I am puzzled how someone could conclude that President Trump is really filling his bank account when asking for donations to fight election fraud. It must be from experience in watching the Democrat politicians.

♦ I may be bellyaching now but not for long. Once Biden takes office and gets removed by the socialist activists in the Democratic Party, the Ever Anti-Trumpers will be bellyaching for years. Not to worry, your bellyaching will be over in 2024.

♦ Ossoff and Warnock signs on East Cherokee? Are you kidding me? Has the Republican Party of Cherokee County not woken up yet? I don’t see any Republican signs out here.

♦ Remember all the so-called scientists who said there was no way there could be a vaccine for two years? Donald Trump cut all the red tape and the vaccine is out in the first year. Thank you Donald Trump.

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