♦ Happy Christmas and may we have an end to COVID-19 in the new year.

♦ Why does a Reese’s peanut butter cup taste so much better when it is frozen?

♦ Why are the TV stations showing one vaccine needle after the other going into arms? This is ridiculous overkill of what is an unpleasant sight for many who dread shots. Children seeing this onslaught must be shocked and running screaming to Mommy. Cut the shot shots back, please, before we decide to not get one.

♦ I’ve been to Georgia Tech football games and have seen many of their references to “The Gold Standard of Sportsmanship.” After watching the mid-field handshake (sort of) between Pitt Head Coach Pat Narduzzi and GT Head Coach Geoff Collins it appears the Gold Standard does not apply to him.

♦ We were trying to watch the news but it was constantly interrupted by political messages. I suggested we record it for an hour and then come back to it, cutting out the messages, mansplaining that it was only impatience and the need for instant gratification that argued against that solution. My wife agreed to the plan, but not the mansplaining. I’m gonna learn one of these days.

♦ I attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts in Newark N.J. and learned that black and white are hues therefore we are all hue mans.

♦ A lawyer stole $400,000 from his client and “disappeared.” I find it difficult to believe that our legal system and FBI that are primarily run by lawyers can’t find and bring to justice their fellow lawyer.

♦ Want to get shot or arrested for Christmas? Go caroling. Merry Christmas.

♦ Can the police or legislators do anything about extremely loud cars and immature males who intentionally harass families with them?

♦ Boy oh boy. Once again. When vehicles meet at a traffic light, the driver going straight or to the right has the right-of-way and not the driver taking a left. So, direct the horn blowing and single-digit salutes to yourself. Does this just happen in Canton?

♦ Try to get tested for Covid if you don’t have symptoms. Ha.

♦ Just when we have the tantalizing hope of getting a vaccine shot someday the virus is spreading like a California forest fire. Talk about stepping up the pressure. We will probably see reactions all the way from locked down isolation to wild Christmas travel exposures. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Interesting — but scary.

♦ I don’t see too well but I think I read that Columbus’ ships only got 15 miles to the galleon.

♦ Trying to get in the Christmas spirit, we watched the “Great Christmas Light Fight.” Then we experienced our own battle putting up our tree. Whew! Merry Christmas, everyone! CHRISTMAS RAP / Christmas is a’comin’ / an’ th’ goose is gittin’ fat. / Th’ drumsticks is a’drummin’ / an’ this is where it’s at. / So don’t go sayin’ “Bah humbug” / or “Christmas is a joke” / Or th’ Grinch ul’ give you a hug / an’ you’ll wish you’d never spoke.

♦ I knew we had trouble when Brian Kemp ignored President Trump’s support of Doug Collins and instead pulled Kelly Loeffler from the swamp to be Senator. As long as Kemp remains Governor I will refuse to vote for any Republican and I expect real Republican patriots to do the same.

♦ In reply to the reader’s comment about the irony of those against socialism being the closest to collecting social security — we are against and not looking for “government money” we are getting back our contributions since we began working. Do you not understand the difference?

♦ There was no fraud. Our election was free and fair, as reputable elections officials and law enforcement officials have attested. If you have made the decision to parrot the lies of sore losers, please make the decision to snap back to reality. Democrats aren’t socialists or communists as you will see. Trump and Trumpism have been a disaster.

♦ I pray that the people who are trying to kill the rest of us by not wearing a mask are the same people who are too intelligent to get the coronavirus flu vaccine.

♦ Are “conservatives” still whining about their imaginary war on Christmas?

♦ Gov. Cuomo said he believes this is the weapon (vaccine) that will win the war. Isn’t he the smart one, though? Who else woulda thunk it?

♦ How much more of the mainstream/social media biased actions can the public tolerate? They got it wrong on the Russian collusion hoax and the failed impeachment; purposely ignored or suppressed the Joe and Hunter Biden pay-to-play business dealings; and politicized COVID-19.

♦ Since Trump has checked out of doing the President-ing thing since Nov. 3, I’m just going to go ahead and call the incoming leader President Biden now.

♦ It took rigging by the mainstream and the big tech social media, unexpected economic downturn caused by COVID-19, and uncontrolled mail-in ballots for Biden to defeat President Trump. The Trump supporters will remember these to ensure President Trump wins by a landslide in the 2024 election.

♦ Here’s more Biden trashing as promised by the “more to come” writer. Watching Biden introduce his nominee for the Health and Human Services secretary was a complete disaster; it was embarrassing to watch.

♦ As a moderate, I am not big into firearms and would support limitations on AR’s, require background checks and establish a minimum age, but your reader who compared the outcomes of Pro-Choice supporters to gun supporters, needs to check his/her facts. In the latest CDC data (from 2018), there were 619,591 legal induced abortions in U.S. This compares to 39,740 firearm deaths, of which 13,958 were classified as homicides.

♦ The socialist activists in the Democratic Party have an “Insurance Plan” in place (tactics learned from the FBI) to remove Biden should the 25th Amendment scheme fail. The Plan involves impeaching Biden for his role in the China pay-to-play scandal. They have already kicked in this Plan by allowing the mainstream media to report Hunter is under DOJ investigation.

♦ Very disappointed and concerned about our election process and the obvious fraud that has canceled my vote. I have voted in Presidential elections now 15 times over the years, I have always been a strong “history buff” dating back to my school years. I have always believed in and supported our Constitution and laws. What a current disappointment, we are now just another “ banana republic” where power and corruption reign.

♦ Any hope Republicans would return to their senses after their cult leader was soundly defeated is gone. If anything, their lies and outrageous conspiracy fantasies have gotten worse.

♦ Santa Trump brought us a vaccine for Christmas. He knew some of us would get the virus no matter what, and that most who did would survive, like him — that the only real and final protection lay in developing an effective vaccine ASAP, and he got that done while keeping the economy afloat. Like Churchill, he was the man for the time. Vade ad Deum, Mr. President. We will miss you.

♦ Republicans: Your Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is so far and away above the likes of our miserable Gov Kemp. Hogan is pro-GOP, pro-(all) MD citizens, pro-(all) America, pro-constitution, pro-truth. He is not a fool for anyone, even if it costs him his job, and he is a statesman for America, not a politician for a party. He has always been the first to call out Trump’s bad ideas.

♦ Say Merry Christmas all you can this year. With Democrats in the White House we will be back to saying Happy Holidays again next year.

♦ A whole confederacy of dunces joined Texas’s lawsuit to try to invalidate our votes and overturn our election. This is the definition of sedition, and their names need to be taken down and they need to be confronted.

♦ Our current President lacks a lot of things, including empathy, but is a man of action. As a healthcare professional for 40 years, I don’t know what anyone could have done differently to stave off the health crisis without totally destroying our economy. Despite his shortcomings, I suggest we give him credit for shepherding the vaccine through the investigative, review and approval process with breakneck speed.

♦ Logo on a blue baseball cap for Biden supporters: “Make America Grate Again.”

♦ “Joe Biden has won this election so many times he is now the 67th president of the United States.” -Randy Rainbow, Twitter.

♦ I’ve no idea what kind of law Katie Stamper practices, but she’s apparently forgotten the concepts of burden of proof and hearsay.

♦ We are losing focus on God and Country, and half of us don’t care — they are enjoying protesting and bringing change. We send our sons and daughters to universities and they lose whatever morals they have while swooning to their liberal professors about fighting for social justice and the welfare state. At the same time Chinese students are busy learning how to join in their nation’s quest to weaken our influence in the world and increase theirs.

♦ Keep sending Trump money for “Stop the Steal” and “Trump 2024” so he can continue to divert the money to help his failing golf courses and hotels.

♦ People believe conspiracy theories because they offer a reason, however unhinged, for the existential fear that many people feel. Yes, facts are scary too, but are real, while your willful ignorance will harm you.

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