Inspections are provided by the Cherokee County Health Department. Violations are divided into two categories: Risk Factors/Public Health Interventions (RF/PHI) categories and Good Retail Practices (GRP) Categories. Grades of C or U will require a follow up inspection. To contact the health department, call 770-479-0444.

Perrotta’s Pizza

149 Reinhardt College Parkway Suite 1, Canton

April 8, 2019 Score: 95, Grade: A

Provino’s Italian Restaurant

1365 Riverstone Parkway, Canton

April 5, 2019 Score: 89, Grade: B

Observed food-contact surfaces (lettuce chopper) stored as clean while visible food debris is present. Observed dented cans stored along with cans to be later used for food service. Observed wet wiping cloths stored in improper sanitizer solution concentration. Observed fiberboard being used line can storage rack. Inside of ice cream cooler is very dirty.

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