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Forecasts showing a possibility of winter precipitation for portions of the state including Cherokee County continue, with expectation for a mix of snow and rain most likely for Sunday night and early Monday morning, according to a National Weather Service report.

The NWS released a weather briefing on Wednesday that showed a growing confidence in the forecast for winter weather in a large portion of the state over the weekend.

“The forecast models are coming into a bit better agreement but there are still some discrepancies with the timing, intensity and precipitation type we can expect from this system,” the briefing reads.

The one thing the forecasts tend to agree on is the movement of the storm being watched. The cold front is expected to move in across South Georgia Sunday and move northeast up the eastern seaboard that night and into Monday morning. Rain is expected to move in Sunday night as well, but the National Weather Service warned that “as temperatures continue to cool, most areas across north and central Georgia will see a mix of rain, snow and sleet.”

Mixed precipitation may reach as far south as Macon and Columbus. Far north Georgia and the higher elevations of the state are most likely to see freezing or frozen precipitation, according to the weather report.

Forecasted high temperatures for Sunday in Cherokee County reach the low 40s, and will drop to the mid-to-low 30s overnight. Highs on Monday are expected to be in the low 40s again.

Cherokee County Emergency Management Director Renee Cornelison urged county residents on Wednesday to be prepared for possible winter weather and to pay attention to changing and updating forecasts, as the possible winter weather is still four to five days away.

For more information, visit weather.gov/ffc or www.cherokeega-ema.org. Additional updates from the CCEMA can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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