Dr. Fein’s insinuation that Democrats advocate U.S.S.R. styled “socialism” is bizarre. Marxism-Leninism socialism is a highly centralized command-economy where five- year plans are established for industry. The government owns industry and tells industry what to build and how much. This is the opposite of capitalism where the owners of capital make decisions based on potential profit.

Today, the United States economy is based on “democratic socialism” as are virtually all western democracies. As a nation our Constitution, Democrats and Republicans all reject a U.S.S.R.-style government. Instead, all western democracies and the U.S. have forms of capitalism and have enacted socialist laws like Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, health care for uninsured, mass transit, housing assistance, energy initiatives, consumer protections, environmental protections, infrastructure rebuilding, etc. that benefit everyone. In other words, they benefit society and thus are socialist.

In the United States today, there are two political parties— Republicans and Democrats. In simple terms, one party advocates for big business and the wealthy, while the other party advocates for low and middle income individuals. Our Constitution defines a political system whereby a balance between the needs of corporations and the wealthy, and the needs of individuals are determined by enacting laws and regulations as a control mechanism and a fair distribution of wealth. Our democratic political system is like a pendulum that swings too far one way, then swings in the other direction. The fundamental question is, “Has the pendulum swung too far to the ‘left’ or too far to the ‘right?’” We use elections to decide.

One very common way to measure where the pendulum has swung is the “income inequality” measure. It simply shows how much money the lower 50% of all citizens have compared to how much the upper 50% of citizens have. The Federal Reserve has many graphs to show that the wealthy have about 99% of all the money in the U.S. whereas you and I have about 1%. This income inequality measure is the highest of every other major western country in the world. The Trump/Republican tax cut has increased this inequality since most of the benefits went to corporations and the wealthy. Another example is the Trump/Republican attempts to repeal our health care insurance help.

In my opinion, the income inequality gap has swung too far “right.” It is time to vote for the party that supports low and middle income people. Our health and income depend on it.

Paul Lampru


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You are misinformed about what Republicans are. We believe in assisting (educating) the disadvantaged to get them out of their dependency on welfare and other programs. We believe in the “right to life”including the unborn. We believe if you work for what you want, anything is possible. I am not rich nor are any of my Republican friends. I personally appreciate what most wealthy give back to their communities and donate to charities. Wealth is not an enemy.

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