♦ I was looking at a new sofa at the furniture store and the salesman came up and said, “That would be a great choice for you, sir, not only is it beautiful and comfy, that sofa will seat five people without any problems.” I said, “That’s great, sir, but I don’t know five people without any … Read more

♦ Could we PLEASE get some infrastructure to replace 70 year old Knox Bridge and widen, repair and pave Hwy 20 west from Bartow county to Canton? 100+ cars every 10 minutes, no wonder this highway is so dangerous. Read more

♦ The Supreme Court let the air out of the bag for the voter ID law that Stacy Abrams and the government were suing Georgia for. Now, they want to change the Supreme Court to get their way. They’re mad because they didn’t get their way, so now they want to pack the Supreme Court again. It’s … Read more

♦ I agree with the comment about missing the Pet of the Month column, I also miss the county inspections of restaurants. It was informative and made much better reading than all these anti-Biden rants. Read more

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