♦ Over the past two years I have applauded the Ledger-News for being an advocate of free speech, for being willing to publish opinions and rants from both Leftists and Rightists regardless of factual accuracy, remembering that they are just that, talking points, emotional rants, indoctrinati… Read more

♦ I think it’s time for Cherokee County to take up the issue of doing away with emissions testing. Only 2 percent of the cars in the county even fail emissions testing. And those that do usually get a waiver. This is not only a waste of time and money for everyone, but it’s not doing anythin… Read more

♦ Georgia is dead last on getting the virus shots out. I can’t believe that after witnessing 30 or 40 million shots shown on local TV. I see needles going into arms in my dreams — and nightmares. Must be slow news elsewhere, huh? Read more

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