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Morgan’s Ace Hardware, currently at 109 E. Main St., will relocate over the next year to a location farther down Main Street between Ridgewalk Parkway and Brook Boulevard.

WOODSTOCK – The first steps of the relocation of a well-known Woodstock business were completed on Monday, as Woodstock City Council gave the okay for the annexation and rezoning of the new location between Ridgewalk Parkway and Brook Boulevard.

Morgan’s Ace Hardware, which has been a landmark in downtown Woodstock since 1961, received final approval of plans for a new location, sharing 24.5 acres with another tract for neighborhood commercial uses and green space for a future park.

The front 8.35 acres will hold the Morgan’s and currently unknown neighborhood commercial businesses, while a passive park will fill the rear of the property, which falls on the east side of Main Street. Public input sessions on the park will be scheduled.

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Morgan’s Ace Hardware, currently at 109 E. Main St., will relocate over the next year to this location between Ridgewalk Parkway and Brook Boulevard.

David Echols, manager of Morgan’s Ace, said on Wednesday that he and other employees are excited about their upcoming move. Echols said the new location will be more accessible to customers and will alleviate parking concerns.

“We have had real issue with parking, because there’s just not enough parking in downtown Woodstock. Every restaurant customer around us has used our parking lot forever, and on weekends, it’s really horrible,” he said.

Mike Morgan, owner of Morgan’s, echoed Echols’s comments on the accessibility of the new property, adding that the addition of a traffic light at the entrance to the business will simplify traffic flow. Morgan said the move will allow the business to expand in ways that it was not able to in its current location at 109 E. Main St.

“We’ll be able to accomplish some of the things in building a new building that we didn’t have at the other location, just because we kind of evolved over the last number of years,” he said on Wednesday. “We didn’t know what our business would be at this point when we were building it.”

But still, Morgan said, the move is bittersweet.

“My dad and I picked out that piece of property and built the building in 1978, so I’ve got a lot of memories there,” he said.

Morgan’s Hardware was founded by the Morgan family in Canton in 1939 and moved to Woodstock in 1961. The first Morgan’s building in Woodstock was located at the corner of Main Street and Church Street, now known as Towne Lake Parkway. The current building on East Main Street was constructed in 1978, after the widening of Towne Lake Parkway forced the demolition of the Morgan’s buildings along that road.

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A portrait of O.E. Morgan, operator of the first Morgan’s Hardware location in downtown Woodstock, rests at the front of the store.

The newly annexed Morgan’s property falls along Main Street, just north of the Woodstock Knoll subdivision.

At Monday’s meeting, Robert Pavsner, a nearby resident who said he represented the Woodstock Knoll homeowners association during the case’s public hearing, said the neighborhood is excited to have the Woodstock staple and future park site nearby, but requested the council further restrict hours of delivery and trash pickup to limit the noise that neighbors could hear. The current hours allow delivery or pickups from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Council members unanimously approved the annexation and rezoning request but did not change delivery hours, citing enforcement concerns. City Manager Jeff Moon explained at the meeting that other businesses in the area have the same delivery hours, and changing one business’s would make it difficult for code enforcement officers to determine whether a business was in violation.

Woodstock city officials said Wednesday that the business’s move will likely be completed in about a year.

The relocation will make room for Woodstock’s city center project, which will add a hotel and boutique; a parking deck; retail, office and restaurant space; and street and pedestrian improvements in the Arnold Mill Road corridor.

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