A Canton man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly threatened a teenager with a bat in an incident described by authorities as a case of road rage.

Michael Anthony Derrico, 48, of Canton was booked into the Cherokee County jail on misdemeanor charges of aggressive driving, criminal trespass, simple assault and passing in a no passing zone.

According to a Cherokee Sheriff’s Office report:

The teenage driver told a deputy he dropped off his sister Tuesday afternoon at a friend’s house in a subdivision between Steels Bridge Road and Bells Ferry Road. After dropping her off, the teen said he went to a cul de sac at the end of the street to turn around.

It was then, Derrico later told a deputy, that the teen was speeding and nearly hit him and his dog who were playing with a Frisbee in his yard. He told the deputy he signaled for the driver to slow down, but instead the driver, while looking straight at him, gunned the engine and sped away.

The teen told a deputy that after he turned around he saw a black pickup speeding up behind him. He said the 2016 black Silverado continued to tailgate his own truck onto Bells Ferry Road and then onto Ridge Road where he maneuvered in front of the teen and stopped.

The teen said to avoid being trapped, he pulled into the entrance of Sixes Elementary School and then out of the exit back onto Ridge Road.

When he reached a traffic light at Sixes Road, the teen described “a shirtless, heavily tattooed older white male got out of the black truck and had a large bat in his hand.”

The teen said the man banged on the window of his truck with his fist and yelled, “You messed with the wrong guy, kid!” The teen said that the man then started walking back toward the black Silverado, but stopped to bash the side of younger man’s truck with the bat.

The deputy documented a six-inch dent in the truck’s body where the teen said it had been hit with the bat.

Derrico would later tell the deputy a similar story, but denied having or using a bat. A witness who dialed 911 when she saw the incident backed up the teen’s story about what happened at the traffic light.

The deputy reported putting two sets of handcuffs on the 5-foot-11, 320 pound Derrico and transporting him to the jail. Court records show no prior criminal charges in Cherokee County.

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