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A Cherokee County man convicted on one of two counts of child molestation has been granted a new trial.

Corey Seth Sligh, 30, was convicted by a Cherokee County jury on June 28 on one of two counts of child molestation. Sligh was scheduled to be sentenced on the conviction Tuesday, but instead Judge David L. Cannon Jr. granted a defense request to act as a "thirteenth juror," and set aside the verdict.

On Wednesday, Cannon entered an order granting a new trial. Cannon wrote in his order that he was ordering a new trial because the jury's verdict "was against the weight of the evidence."

Sligh, who was arrested in October 2016 in Cherokee County, was convicted on one count of molesting a child younger than 10 and found not guilty on the other count when the jury returned its verdict in June.

The molestation Sligh was convicted for occurred in March 2016 and was reported to Cherokee Sheriff’s Office detectives in September 2016 by the girl’s parents, according to investigators.

Sligh was charged with molestation in Florida a month after his arrest here, stemming from incidents that allegedly occurred in June and July of that year during a trip he took with his family.

According to the entertainment website, IMDb, Sligh starred in a web series called “All About Lizzie,” a 2012 comedy, and is credited as “creepy party goer No. 2” in the 2008 film “God is Dead.” He is also credited as an executive producer of the 2013 TV movie “Single Shelley,” though there is no information on if the film ever aired. According to TMZ and other entertainment news reports, Sligh appeared as an extra on the long-running CBS soap opera, “The Young and the Restless.”

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2 winners here and everyone else lost.
Big winner #1 Cory's Lawyer. will get 3 paydays. Will now receive another big check and if he win's then and only then will the state of Florida jump back in bringing another big check to the lawyer.
2nd Winner ... the Judge who had to get a fist full of cash to over turn the case when the jury found him Guilty.
Biggest loser. Corey's family and the person financing all of this. Corey may not be innocent but the family is and this I'm sure has totally ripped the family apart and killed them financially. The little girl and her family even if they end up winning which they will ,will be the biggest losers, having their daughter molested and having to have to go after their own family member (corey) for the crime and now they must relive this again and then maybe again in Florida . the jury, community, and the next little girl also lose..


Tidbit, you are right, we did lock up 3 times. I did mention that in my post.

As I stated there, we got stuck because people were relying on their emotions, not on the evidence. It isn't easy to do, and we had several people that didn't have much experience at doing that. Once they were more able to judge by the evidence only, they saw the signs of guilt that we all did. If the judge had dismissed us at one point or another, at least we would have left feeling as though we had tried. This way, we felt that we had succeeded when we left. The judge is saying that we didn't vote the way he sees it. Seems to me that he already had his mind made up, and it was just a guessing game, and we guessed wrong. I don't think that is the way our court system is supposed to work.

Just like in this discussion, emotions are not good point makers. Insulting our heritage does not make what you say more correct. That goes for my fellow juror as well.

Were you in the courtroom?


Just remember which Judge sides with CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTERS when he is up for re-election...It’s easy to fix that problem!


I was on that jury. I was and am proud of what we did. To insult us and say that we did not look at the evidence is beyond insulting. We locked up several times due to jurors have strong emotional responses to the case, which is deserves. Finally, when we could get that under control, the evidence showed his guilt.

I always believed in our court systems, but don't any more. To think that the judge could throw out the decision made by people that he called the best ones to take this case is beyond shocking. I didn't know that there was a right answer that we were supposed to find. I am quite angry.

Let me be said, too, that there was not one juror that found this decision to be fun. We all had our hearts broken for him and his family. That is not how the court system is supposed to work. I guess emotion has taken over everything now.


[thumbup] Judge Cannon did the right thing. He is giving an innocent man a second chance! The character of those involved speaks volumes and the lack of evidence all point in the defendant’s favor. Thankful Judge Cannon is a fair man. His decision is likely to cause an uproar from all sorts of people who truly have no clue about the case or the defendant, and will be voicing their opinions as judge and jury relying solely on things they’ve read in the news or media, and “just because a little girl said was so”. That being said, Corey Sligh you have a mountain of supporters, family and friends who will be here for you until the end of this nightmare!


Ah. another clueless fascist liberal who was probably NOT at the trial as I was as a juror and alongside with 11 other jurors we found him GUILTY. I just hope you dont have any young children and if you do keep them away from this pervert. Cannon I am sure will be brought up on charges by the Judical Qualifications Commission and I hope this "actor" not only gets found guilty AGAIN but also down in Florida. He's a true liar and his "mountain of supporters surely were squirming in their chairs when they found out EXACTLY what the charges were compared to what mr. Truthful actor told them. If you have a "little girl" of your own, no doubt this actor would make a great "uncle"for her to hang around with at 2 Oclock in the morning building tents in his underwear!


Just because you were a juror doesn’t give you reason to be so pompous! Just think for a minute ... that defendant sitting there being charged??? That could very, very easily be your son! Now, imagine someone just like you on the jury! A juror that is counting the minutes and hours being wasted because, after all, “If he is arrested by the police then he must be guilty!” Sound familiar Mr. Foreman?


Pompous? Well first off when I speak with Mr. Foreman I'll pass on your note- OK Ms. "HairDresser"? Secondly this would not be one of our kids, because they were actually taught better than to run around in their boxers/briefs then jump on a small child and coming behind then pinning then down-so I would think that maybe the majority of folks in Cherokee County who have children would think thats a bad thing for a grown up man to do- but you would not know that right? As to the "quote" is that something someone actually in the jury room said-and you wrote down or just another Lie? Give my regards to "Uncle Cory" when you cut his hair for the new trial.


I was a juror. I deeply resent the implication you are making. We certainly have not counted one minute as wasted until our verdict was tossed out.

If my son was arrested for molesting my grand daughter, I would not just dismiss my granddaughter. I can only imagine what an awful experience is for their family. Not one of us in the jury ever stopped thinking about that. We knew that it was not evidence to use on making a verdict. If it were my son, I would be on him like white on rice to own up to it, get help, and I would be working my buns off to restore my family, instead of supporting the one whose actions caused this rift. Corey was the adult. He knew he had gone too far.

We were not judging Corey as a person. We are sure that he is a likable guy, and it sounds like he has done many good things. However, this was not a scale balancing exercise where we weigh the good against the bad. It was looking at one moment in his life where he crossed the line.

I was there. I barely slept or ate. I went home feeling like I did something good for our community. I was happy with our judicial system that lets the people of the community decide when a line has been crossed. I am still proud of what we did, but I no longer respect our courts. I have fibromyalgia and could have gotten out of serving. I never wanted to do that, until now. Why should I spend my time when a judge can come along and tell us that we did the wrong thing? This is beyond a huge let down.


To the “jurors” here commenting— you fail to mention that the jury went to the judge THREE times asking to be released. THREE. So had he granted that request one of those three times, guess what? It would have resulted in this exact result. So basically you got what you asked for three times. Also— there were obviously people on the jury who didn’t feel as strongly in favor of convicting him as you did, given these facts and the split verdict. So calm down. The case is not as cut and dry as you make it seem here in your comments which begs me to question if you were even in the courtroom.

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